freenode/#devuan/ Sunday, 2019-05-05

JohnDoe2_ says  Veyron/Rockchip Chromebook (chromeveyron) is supported. Where's that image?00:06
cesspithello mates, experience some problems with nvidia opengl 32-bit libraries in ascii, it's of 390.87-8~deb9u1 version while 64bit version is 390.116-1, so 32-bit ones were removes during an update, can't play steam games anymore!!! (my son suffers more to say the truth :) )00:07
cesspitI went to debian forums to learn what's wrong with nvidia in their repos and learned that it's 390.116-1 for both 32 and 64bit there, does anybody know why new packages didn't reach devuan repos till?00:07
gnarfacecesspit: i vaguely recall something went wrong with the build and debian got a "secret" fix for it or something like that.  did you try the backports versions in the meantime?00:09
gnarfaceJohnDoe2_: in that sub-directory, or the one below it, no?00:09
JohnDoe2_that's the embedded system directory readme00:09
JohnDoe2_if you mean that the image should be there, I don't see it :)00:11
gnarfaceoh, another known issue.  it's there in jessie but not ascii.  sorry about that00:11
gnarfacei think the only reason that hasn't been updated was because someone was waiting on hardware00:11
JohnDoe2_yup I'm running jessie now00:11
gnarface(the jessie one was built with borrowed hardware that had to be given back, i think)00:12
JohnDoe2_meaning one has to build the image on the device itself?00:12
JohnDoe2_because I happen to have a functioning C201PA00:12
gnarfacewell, meaning someone didn't want to risk putting up a cross-built image without testing it anyway00:12
JohnDoe2_cool, so how can I help?00:12
JohnDoe2_try to cross compile from and slap it on a usb stick?00:13
gnarfaceuh, that might help yes.  the right person to ask would probably be jaromil or parazyd00:13
gnarfacethere's a #devuan-arm channel you can hang out in if you want to get their attention00:14
JohnDoe2_I see ok00:14
gnarfacethis conversation had been had before, i remember skimming it.  i don't know what the hold-up is though, sorry.  they will though, most likely.00:14
cesspitgnarface: backports have 410.104 and there are no nvidia-driver/nvidia-driver-bin packages of that version in repos (same in debian), I tried to install them but ended up with half of nvidia packages removed as of conflicts00:15
JohnDoe2_gnarface sounds good thanks a bunch00:15
gnarfacecesspit: damn.  i'm not sure but i think that means they might be updating it right now00:15
gnarfaceJohnDoe2_: no problem, good luck00:15
gnarfacecesspit: (something that has been reported to work that i would NOT advise, would be to just take that 32-bit version of the package from debian.  that should get you back up and running in Steam, and i do know how important that can be, but just be aware that i can't guarantee it won't hose your install at some point in the future after you've forgotten about doing this)00:22
gnarfacecesspit: (if what i recall is right - that it can't be built and there's mysteriously a working binary in the debian repo of an unbuildable package and Nvidia won't say why - then that package should be treated with the absolute highest amount of suspicion)00:22
cesspitgnarface: thanks for the advise, yep seems risky, I'll better keep to what works for now, thanks anyway00:26
gnarfacecesspit: no problem, i assume the backports version will be finished within a couple days though00:31
gnarfacethey usually don't leave the stable stuff broken for that long00:37
gnarfacethe thing with the 32-bit package is weird...00:37
furrywolfdo we have a no-extension-signing firefox build yet?02:42
golinuxfurrywolf: We would if you packaged it.03:03
fsmithredfurrywolf,  xpinstall.signatures.required;false03:31
furrywolfyeah, I did that last night, and then spent a half hour trying to get all my tabs back.03:42
furrywolfwent from 262 to 76 tabs, took a lot of dicking around to get them back, because firefox would crash (no crash reporter box, just die instantly) trying to do anything after reenabling tab session manager.03:43
furrywolfwhen they came out with extension signing, I said it was a horrible idea, for both ethical and technical reasons.  no one listened...03:45
furrywolf269 now.03:46
fsmithredyou counted them?03:46
furrywolftab session manager shows it03:46
furrywolfwhen addons were killed, all tabs being managed by tab session manager got lost.  the fix would be to just load a backup session, but firefox kept crashing.  had to dick around with it.  ended up having to close everything except a single blank tab then restore the backup session.03:47
furrywolfextension signing really should die.  unfortunately even this level of idiocy isn't going to convince them of that, even as their already-slipping market share takes an overnight dive.03:48
r3bootfurrywolf: tell me like i'm five, what's wrong with extension signing?03:49
furrywolfr3boot:  ethically, it's wrong for any one entity to tell you what other software you are and aren't allowed to use.  for example, most people would agree it would be wrong if microsoft required signing on windows and wouldn't let you use any non-microsoft-approved applications.  in fact, they'd immediately be sued.  mozilla doing the exact same thing with browser components is no different.03:50
furrywolftechnically, idiocy like this happens.  also, it doesn't actually do squat to prevent malware, because anything already running on your system can, on every desktop OS I'm aware of, simply attach a debugger to firefox and bypass the check.03:51
furrywolflet's say mozilla does what they've tried to do before, and make new tab advertisements non-disablable, and then refuse to sign any extension that disables them.  would this be ok?  clearly not.03:51
r3bootfurrywolf: last time I checked, x509 validation still happens client-side, so that would be your browser (and not mozilla directly) that limits you in that03:54
furrywolfthey claim it's For Your Own Good, but it's really to solidify their control over your software, and force the vast majority of users into an eventual app marketplace.03:54
furrywolfI have a very strong dislike of "it's for your own good" arguments.03:56
r3bootLinux is for your own good as well, eventough windows and osx are (from a desktop/usability pov) vastly superior ;)03:58
furrywolfno, they are not.  windows is utterly painful to use as a desktop.  (or a server...)03:58
fsmithredwindows is hard04:04
fsmithredI can never figure it out04:04
brocashelmi use pale moon lol04:04
brocashelmlife is good04:05
brocashelmand ancient04:05
r3bootOkay. Fact is tho, unless you have a (very) good IT org, chances are your desktop will be windows, simply because of things like GPO's + standardisation + support contracts which makes managing a wide variety of client devices. Easily scales up to 10~50k desktops. Ever tried managing a large number of desktops?04:06
r3boot(at work, btw, not talking about home setups)04:06
fsmithredno, but the few I manage for other people require almost no work on my part04:07
furrywolfI'm not in the mood for a windows-vs-linux debate, and it's very not related to the evil that is extension signing.04:07
gnarfacefurrywolf: you don't help your case when you bury the lead04:09
gnarfacer3boot: his real complaint with extension signing is that some noob might let the signing key expire, then everyone's extensions fail all at once on the same morning04:09
furrywolfno, and you know that's not the case, since I've complained about extension signing well before this happened.04:10
furrywolflike, when they first came out with it.  and again when they stopped letting you disable it.04:10
r3bootgnarface: yeah, ops failure @ mozilla, and lots of misunderstanding how signing actually works :)04:10
furrywolfand again when I had to dick around with finding a build that would let me disable it so I could keep using an unmaintained extension I liked.04:11
furrywolfI even used the "would you let microsoft require application signing?" argument way back when they first added it.04:11
golinuxAll this is rather OT not Devuan support04:12
r3bootfurrywolf: just to play along, what solution do you have for solving the problems that extension signing solve?04:12
golinux#devianfork please04:12
furrywolfr3boot: since it doesn't solve any problems, that's not a good question.  :)04:12
golinuxOops #debianfork please04:13
brocashelmyup, #debianfork would benefit from this convo04:13
furrywolfthe supposed problem not letting you disable it via the config solves is that malware might disable it.  but anything with the ability to edit the config file would also have the ability to edit the browser binary, or twiddle it in memory, or attach a debugger to it, etc.04:13
brocashelmhaha, "devian"04:13
plasma41furrywolf: I missed the start of this conversation, but when I opened Firefox just now (I specifically run Firefox 56) four of my add-ons "could not be verified for use in Firefox and [were] disabled".04:14
golinuxfurrywolf: That is not a devuan problem.04:14
golinux#debianfork please04:14
furrywolfplasma41:  yes.  someone forgot to renew a signing certificate, and due to people thinking it's a good idea to allow firefox to continually phone home and check your addons, all your addons went away.04:14
furrywolfplasma41:  disable extension signing and re-enable your addons04:15
furrywolfgolinux:  in the interest of software freedom, I think we should distribute a signing-free build.  and, no, despite your earlier suggestion, I'm just a wolfy, not nearly smart enough to deal with packaging a blob like firefox myself.  lol04:16
golinuxI don't disagree but you've gone way past requesting that04:17
furrywolfsomeone asked me to explain.  lol04:17
* furrywolf is helpful!04:17
r3bootno, you misunderasastand the issue, and are spreading FUD, but that's SEP :)04:18
golinuxfurrywolf should also know where that discussion belongs.  ;)04:18
r3boot*are misunderstanding .. damn talag04:18
r3bootI'll shutup :)04:19
furrywolfoh?  well, if you're going to make claims like that, join #debianfork so I can argue with you without golinux giving us spankings.  :P04:19
* golinux warms up the paddle04:19
furrywolfas far as I know, I understand the issues perfectly.  :P04:19
systemdlete /join #hyperbola05:06
systemdleteignore last comment...05:06
golinuxWhat was it?05:10
golinuxAnd why should we be there exactly?05:10
golinuxAnd what does that have to do with a devuan support channel?05:13
fsmithredthat's the non-clicky way to get there, except for the leading space, which nullifies the command05:14
fsmithredit was a typo05:14
systemdleteso sorry guys...05:15
golinuxIt's just spam.05:15
fsmithredno, it's not spam05:15
systemdleteit was UNINTENTIONAL, I swear, golinux!05:15
systemdlete(though I think I can see why you might conclude that...)05:16
golinuxOK.  OK . . .05:16
* golinux figured it out after how many minutes? LOL!05:16
systemdleteThe issue I am having is finding some nice fonts.  The ones that come with the barebones are ugly.05:16
systemdleteany ideas on this?  It's probably about equal on any of these systems.  I've got the standard X fonts (I think)05:17
systemdleteI think I saw some adobe fonts packages, but would those get picked up by other programs, or only by adobe-related software?  I'm really not clear how this works in X.05:18
systemdletethe adobe fonts sound nice.05:18
golinuxOpen Sans works for me05:18
systemdleteopen sans...05:19
fsmithredI've got xfonts, freefont, liberation, gsfonts, dejavu05:19
fsmithredI seem to recall that adding gsfonts-x11 helped with fonts in thunderbird05:19
systemdletehyperbola, being an arch derivative, might have fonts packaged a bit differently, but I'll look...05:19
fsmithredlong time ago05:19
golinuxI use Open Sans semibold which takes care of the anti-aliasing issue05:20
systemdletethose adobe fonts are for chinese, thai, japanese, etc05:22
systemdleteso nvm those.05:22
systemdleteoh.  wow. thanks guys.  Restarted my session.  MUCH better!!!!05:23
systemdleteI added gsfonts package05:23
systemdletealso adding/trying ttf-linux-libertine05:25
systemdletejust got a tip on fonts from one of their channel folk.  Looking better...05:30
systemdletethanks for all the help, again.05:31
systemdleteI know it's for a different distro, but I figure some of this is universal, and all Linux'ers want to help each other.  (For the most part, that is...)05:31
r3bootunder Linux, for most part, fonts are handled by the fontconfig package. So if you would install one of those adobe fonts, it should work in (most/all) of your apps05:48
r3bootoh, scrolled up :s05:48
gnarfacesystemdlete: (the microsoft web safe font set is in the repo somewhere too, but personally i like the bitstream-vera set)06:27
systemdletegnarface:  This is actually for hyperbola linux.  I was asking here to see if I could get some help.  Their IRC channel does not have much traffic on it from what I can tell.  However, someone there DID help me a bit.06:29
systemdletehow are you, btw.  Hope you are doing well.  I know I have been MIA lately06:29
systemdleter3boot: Good idea.  Font config and the font server.  I forgot about those.06:29
Xenguyre: fonts: I use Liberation Mono06:30
systemdletethat's a nice font, Xenguy.  That's the one I ended up using for some of the fonts06:30
systemdleteIt's the one I am using for the terminals06:31
XenguyIt seems to be just ever so slightly more readable than other, at least for me06:31
XenguyAnd I like the name : -)06:32
systemdleteI used to be able to write with a pen, long ago.  Now, i get cramps just from signing my name on a Verifone at the restaurant or store.06:32
Xenguyhuh, sorry to hear it06:32
systemdleteoh yeah.  I got so fed up with that whole business.  Now we have devuan and hyperbola, both of which are looking good to be replacements for the old RH platforms06:32
systemdleteI swear, I can barely write anymore.  So used to typing on a kb for 30-40 years now.06:33
XenguyI know what you mean06:33
systemdleteI used to have lovely handwriting, many people admired it...06:33
systemdletejust turned 59, and I have arthritis, so...06:33
XenguyI still do it for fun, but I tend to print now, rather than use cursive writing06:33
systemdletebut I can type fast.  61wpm last count06:33
XenguyPlenty speedy06:34
systemdletecursive is the worst.  print is easier.06:34
XenguyMore readable is all06:34
systemdleteyeah, I applied for a job with a temp service.  They tested me.  They were impressed with my typing skill, but not much else.   Seems I have a poor attitude about office software used by 95% of the world.  Wonder why that would be.06:35
systemdleteanyway, we are drifting off topic and someone will yell shortly.06:35
XenguyI will try to /join all my usual channels, including #debianfork06:37
XenguyStill configuring06:37
blebso is there a fix yet for firefox ESR (the devuan default)?08:11
blebor do we just use chromium until theres an update08:11
golinuxbleb: For the certificate thing?08:15
golinuxRead the scrollback.  You can turn that function off in about:config08:15
golinuxI'm too lazy to go hunting.08:15
blebah that worked, thanks!08:18
bleb"There are a number of work-arounds being discussed in the community. These are not recommended as they may conflict with fixes we are deploying."08:18
blebim guessing this obvious quick fix was one of the ones that they'd rather not have you do :P08:18
golinuxGreat!  I'm on an older FF/iceweasel so don't have that problem yet.08:18
blebprobably a good idea08:19
golinuxI run it in firejail08:19
blebbecause its not maintained?08:20
Unit193"If you didn't want us using a workaround, then you really should have thought about that before you let your cert (which you require) expire."08:26
helios21oh sorry, searched for cert thing as Firefox here just decided to disable all addons10:18
helios21found in internet already: xpinstall.signatures.required, so here just for those who like to search chat history: Firefox disable anti feature addon verification for good10:21
helios21ah well, and here upstream bug report about the Firefox signing issue:
premobosshello, last firefox update blocks extentions (see:
EvilhamI disabled dxtension signing and updates :-p12:50
EvilhamWhen they figure it out, I'll reenable signing, then updates12:50
EvilhamIt's somewhere in about:config, but it is important to not forget enabling it again and to disable extension updates before that12:51
* r3boot mumbles some nasty things about the latency on this connection ...13:29
systemdletehow does iproute2 do persistence?  Is it using rules.d files, or something else?  I note that on one system, it works, and on another, it doesn't.  I built both of them; they are the same distro and release, yet somehow I have overlooked something.  Just not sure what.13:38
systemdleteIt's hyperbola linux, and I know we don't do that here.  But I would think the approach is similar13:39
r3bootWhich feature do you want to have persistence for? Static routes / queueing or so?13:39
r3bootiig, personally, I'd hack it into /etc/network/interfaces, using {pre,post}-{up,down} commands13:40
systemdletespecifically?  static ip addresses and routes.  But how does it do it, generally?13:40
fsmithredFWIW, I've never gotten two installs to come out exactly the same.13:40
systemdleteexcept, hyperbola's /etc is different.  There is no net* subdirectory13:41
fsmithredis there an ifupdown package?13:41
systemdletetwo installs of ... devuan?  hyperbola?13:41
fsmithreddebian, devuan, maybe others13:41
r3bootsystemdlete: debian/devuan can be done something like this:
systemdleteno, there isn't.  I recall I had to ln -s /dev/net.lo /dev/net.enp0s3 and then rc-update add it to boot13:42
systemdletebut there may have been more to do, idr now13:43
systemdleter3boot, what is the name of that file on your system?   the interfaces file?13:43
systemdletethere is no interfaces file anywhere under /etc (I looked with find(1))13:44
r3bootthis is debian, and the file is located in either /etc/network/interfaces or /etc/network/interfaces.d/*13:44
fsmithredcould have a different name13:45
systemdleteI can tell you that hyperbola is using rc not systemd13:45
fsmithredis there a file you would use for setting static ip address?13:45
systemdleteand I can see where it is restoring the state of the ip config in the rc.log13:45
fsmithredor a file that sets the loopback interface?13:45
r3bootghe .. is a copy of the archlinux website :)13:46
systemdleteright, fsmithred.  Exactly what we are looking for/figuring out13:46
fsmithredwell, maybe someone who knows hyperbola would have the answer to that13:46
r3boot <-- so there's that13:46
systemdleter3boot:  Not quite.  They link to arch wiki though.  There are a lot of differences due to stripping out the systemd13:46
r3bootsystemdlete: oh, sure, I was just talking page layout wise13:46
r3boot vs
systemdleter3boot:  I am not surprised there is no ifupdown package13:47
systemdlete(yeah, I know.  They kinda plagiarized the thing...)13:47
r3bootLooks like hyperbola is debian based and comes with networkmanager by default.13:48
systemdletetrouble is, the hyperbola channel is a bit slow.  They seem to have few people signed in13:48
r3bootIf so, you can easily set static configuration using the gui tools (or nm-cli)13:48
systemdleteeh no.  Really, it is more arch based, but they do incorporate some debian/devuan, per their pages.13:49
r3bootyeah, I get that :) But there are just a bunch of ways to configure networking under linux. Most major ones are the RH-style /etc/sysconfig style scripts, Debian style /etc/network/interfaces, and the rest is likely NetworkManager based13:50
systemdleteI have no networkmanager installed on either13:51
systemdletecan't be that13:51
r3bootokay, how do you configure your networking then?13:51
r3bootor did it just boot dhcp?13:51
systemdleteyou know, I installed/configured the first system a couple months ago13:52
systemdletethe engrams in my head disintegrated (which doesn't take much for me these days)13:52
systemdleteI should have taken better notes, but I was anxious then just to see if the danged thing even worked13:52
r3bootTake your time :) This is a nice excercise in learning how it works13:53
systemdleteI'm gonna have to just wait until someone comes back with an answer13:53
systemdleteTrue, r3boot.13:53
r3bootikr :)13:53
systemdleteAnd this time, I really am taking extremely copious notes.13:54
r3boot(seriously. You really want to learn how to configure networking, atleast basic things like routing/switching/vpn, very useful knowledge)13:54
systemdletePart of it is that their install wiki is not tops.  It's good, enough to get you going, but it does leave a few areas mysterious13:54
r3booterr, routing/switching/vlan. VPN can become quite daunting13:55
systemdleteI've got the basic stuff.  The thing is, they are using the newer, iproute2 toolset, not the old net-utils (with ifconfig and friends)13:55
systemdletearch was one of the earliest adopters of iproute213:56
r3bootThat's just learning a new syntax right? Did you try 'ip addr help' ?13:56
systemdleteI know how to configure the interface.  Add the routes, all that.  The trouble is getting it to persist across reboots.13:56
r3bootOh, check13:57
r3bootworse-case, use /etc/rc.local13:57
systemdletewell, that is a suggestion on the wiki for networking at arch... so maybe, yes.13:57
r3bootyeah, it's a dirty, fugly hack13:57
systemdleteI don't like dirty, esp when there may be a much more elegant way, one that was intended13:59
r3bootAh, check, found it.14:00
r3bootSeems that hyperbola uses rc style scripts to configure networking14:00
systemdletebecause if we start doing dirty hacks, and then "we" forget what we did and how, someone like "we" could end up the wrong channel to get an answer to his problem... (headslap)14:00
r3bootand right now, you should have a service running called 'dhcpcd'14:00
r3bootstop that, create an RC script which configures your network, rc-service <that script> start and you're on your merry way :)14:00
systemdleter3boot, rc-update indicates that the service is not even enabled14:01
r3bootDoes dhcpcd show up in ps ax?14:01
systemdleteas I said, I created a link from net.lo to net.enp0s3 and that worked14:01
systemdleteno dhcpcd isn't running14:01
systemdleteyou have to enable the service first, then you have to start it if it is not already running.  But there is neither, and it is not running from a manual launch14:02
systemdleteyet the system persists the network config on one box but not the other14:03
systemdleteI'm thinking of making a tarball of one, transferring it over to the other and doing a deep diff14:03
r3bootskip that, and just look in /etc14:04
r3bootgrep -R '' /etc/14:04
r3bootthat should give you atleast the configuration file for the lo interface14:04
r3bootAlso, if you linked net.lo to net.enp0s3, you will most likely have configured on your ethernet interface14:05
systemdleteonly hits are in /etc/runlevels and /etc/init.d14:05
systemdleteyeah, I don't get that either, but that's what I was told to do back then, and it works14:06
systemdleteon the one box, but not the other14:06
systemdleteI want you to know I have been googling all night long seeking an answer to how arch linux persists network config14:07
r3bootMja, going for coffee now. I'd rather help you with learning how to fish, then catching the fish for you, btw ;)14:07
systemdleteI've tried "arch linux iproute2 persistent" and numerous variations like "persistence" and so on14:08
systemdletewell, yeah.  I've been fishing all night.  So the lesson is not lost on me, master!  ;p14:08
r3bootAnother way to learn this, is figuring out what your system does from the moment that openrc (/sbin/init) starts. That should be easy to follow, since it's all shellscript based14:09
systemdleteI've been tracing also, yes.14:09
r3bootEg, start with the openrc docs, read how it works, and apply that knowledge to your box to figure out how your box is configured14:10
systemdleteThere is something else different, just not sure what.14:10
systemdleteI'm familiar with rc from several other systems I've worked with.14:10
systemdletehives.  Gotta take it easy for a bit14:10
systemdletego enjoy your cuppa14:11
r3bootI'm not talking start/stop etc, but internal working14:11
r3bootthnx! hf!14:11
r3boot(eg, classic RC does something like this: bootloader -> kernel -> ramdisk -> /sbin/init -> /etc/rc?.d/S*)14:12
r3boot(BSD rc is more like bootloader -> kernel -> /sbin/init -> /etc/rc)14:12
r3bootTrace that path from the moment your kernel boots, and you should be able to figure out how networking is done14:13
systemdleteOn the box it is failing on, it does emit messages indicating it is trying to launch.  But it fails.  The messages only tell me what it is doing, not where in the system it is doing it14:14
systemdlete(that would be one neat feature though!)14:15
r3bootthis is unix-based, you can trace it ;)14:15
systemdleteultimately, yes14:15
systemdletebut if someone else already knows, and it is doc'd somewhere, it makes life a bit easier14:15
r3bootthat wont learn you jack shit ;)14:15
systemdletelike I said, go drink your coffee before it gets cold14:16
r3bootyeah :)14:16
systemdletethanks for the help and inspiration.  I may end up having to drill down, all the way down, slogging through the weeds in the end.14:17
rrqis this of any use:
DocScrutinizer05my 2TB "tape" archive (backup) of my server (both at at provider Hetzner) was full. So - since the archive box only visible in provider's LAN - I CIFS-mounted the archive to the server to /archive and started rsyncing it to my local stuff (hail 400M downlink). Then ***duply backup job kicked in via cron***. Guess what...18:04
DocScrutinizer05sure like hell it archived /archive to itself18:04
* DocScrutinizer05 is a jackass18:05
furrywolfthat's especially fun when the first time you notice what it's doing is when all your disks are full.  :)18:05
DocScrutinizer05the tape was full again18:06
DocScrutinizer05and rsync blew chunks eventually18:06
DocScrutinizer05would have been so simple:  `>/archive/.duplicity-ignore`18:07
furrywolfI've done a couple backups while forgetting to mount the backup device...  the usual process of those is "gee, this is going awfully fast..." followed by "why is / full?"...18:08
DocScrutinizer05really funny is when you create an endlessly descending file tree hierarchy by cp -r .. .18:12
Evilhamhow about rm -rf .*? those hidden files are annoying, arent' they? :-p18:12
DocScrutinizer05eventually you find out about system's MAX_PATHLEN18:13
Evilham(I did that once, many and many and  many a year ago)18:13
furrywolfI think modern cp tells you you're an idiot when you try that18:13
DocScrutinizer05then yeah, rm -r is your friend18:14
DocScrutinizer05reminds me of one of my aliases which I really wonder why it doesn't exist as proper standard linux toolbox cmd:   alias mkcd=':(){ mkdir -p $@ && cd $@; };:'18:17
* DocScrutinizer05 should finally 'publish' the set of files in $HOME that's needed to customize the average linux box, like .aliases .profile etc pp. So a new account only needs a wget myserver/customize or somesuch18:23
DocScrutinizer05wget myserver/customize|tar -x18:25
DocScrutinizer05systemdlete: nice nick! :-D18:26
m3ttihey there devuaner :D22:16
gnarfacem3tti: response times might be long but if you have a question, just ask it and be patient.  usually someone answers eventually.22:18
m3ttiah just wanted to have some smalltalk22:19
m3ttiand wanted to see whats up in devuan land22:19
m3tticause of the not so well planed april fool22:20
gnarfacem3tti: check out #debianfork for that in general, that's also a devuan channel but it's for "smalltalk"22:20
gnarfacethis is kinda supposed to be the support channel22:20
m3ttiwhere is the smalltalk one22:20
gnarface here, on freenode.  #debianfork22:21
gnarfacehaving trouble joining it?22:21
m3ttihaven't seen that :D22:22

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