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Nematocysttoday's dbus update clobbered slim login manager.  this happened last dbus update too, solved then by 'chmod +x /usr/lib/dbus-1.0/dbus-daemon-launch-helper.  this time, the slim log reports that file's permissions wrong and it fails.  startx works fine after login from terminal.  I need to solve whatever permissions issues the repackaged dbus are exposing so this never happens again00:26
Nematocysti have switched login managers and that works, but there's still a permission problem because no options to shut down exist (greyed out)00:27
Xenguy^^ Getting some apt-get upgrade errors ATM01:11
XenguyCan I safely switch my mirrors to some alternative?01:12
fsmithredXenguy, yeah, I think so. The main repos are working.01:14
fsmithredor try the same one again in a little while01:15
Xenguyfsmithred: Would pkgmaster be alright to use?01:18
fsmithredyeah, I just ran an update and both pkgmaster and packages are working01:18
fsmithredalso deb.devuan is working here01:18
fsmithredI don't know what mirror I'm hitting01:18
XenguyThanks, I prefer to err on the side of caution when it comes to updates01:19
fsmithredXenguy, you might want to wait01:21
XenguyWhy's that?01:21
Jjp137yeah I was about to ask about that dbus update...01:21
fsmithredNematocyst, I guess you got an un-devuanized version of dbus01:22
fsmithredJjp137, did you have trouble?01:22
Jjp137I didn't install it01:22
Jjp137I saw the version number and the current version and thought "wait a minute"01:23
XenguyJjp137: Glad you managed to dodge a bullet01:23
Nematocystfsmithred, interesting.  from my apt logs, that looks possible (un-devuanized) dbus-x11:amd64 (1.10.28-0+deb9u1), libdbus-1-3:amd64 (1.10.28-0+deb9u1), libdbus-1-3:i386 (1.10.28-0+deb9u1), dbus:amd64 (1.10.28-0+deb9u1), libdbus-1-dev:amd64 (1.10.28-0+deb9u1).  would they be foo+dev9u1?01:24
fsmithred*** 1.10.22-1+devuan2 50001:25
fsmithred        500 ascii/main amd64 Packages01:25
fsmithred     1.10.28-0+deb9u1 50001:25
fsmithred        500 ascii-security/main amd64 Packages01:25
Nematocystawesome.  so why is that happening?01:25
fsmithredI don't know if anything is in place to hold those packages until we fix them01:26
XenguyWeird.  Alright, I'll hold off on the update.  Thanks for the advice fsmithred01:27
fsmithredcheck to see what else you would get. You might want some.01:29
XenguyDid exim get updated, do you know?01:31
XenguyFor Ascii?01:31
XenguyThere was some major vulnerability is all I know01:31
Nematocystthere were exim updates that day, yes.  i assume for that vuln01:32
Jjp137the version you should have is 4.89-2+deb9u401:32
fsmithredJjp137, version of what?01:33
Xenguyfsmithred: The following packages will be upgraded:01:33
fsmithredoh, exim01:33
Xenguy  dbus dbus-x11 libdbus-1-301:33
fsmithredthat's your whole list?01:33
fsmithredyou upgrade pretty frequently?01:34
XenguyYep, every day mostly01:34
Nematocystfsmithred, ok, so I can tell via: 'apt list --upgradable' for dbus, it looks like.  seeing deb9u1 in this case as opposed to devuan2, is a red flag to wait.  right?01:41
fsmithredNematocyst, yes that is correct01:41
XenguyGood to know01:47
XenguyThanks folks01:47
Xenguy.oO( The advantages of IRC ... )01:47
fsmithredinstant gratification01:48
fsmithred13 CVE's got fixed in this firefox-esr01:49
fsmithredhas anyone read them already and can give me the short version?01:50
XenguyNot I, said the Little Ren Hen01:53
fsmithredI just skimmed them. My favorite is a race condition in the crash report generator.01:55
fsmithredbut then, when I was in kindergarden, I drew a picture of a firehouse on fire.01:55
fsmithredand several have to do with javascript01:56
Xenguyfsmithred: I like the meta03:14
WalexEvilham: "and so it begins..." :-)11:33
Evilhammake sure you check the README11:33
djphI might actually have to run *BSD now12:41
dethanothing wrong with that, but why 'have to' ?12:52
onefangCool, it supports SCTP.  B-)13:02
djphdetha: because of this game
dethaah. I play that game another way: severely under-resource openbsd, and see what comes crashing down because someone forgot to check the result of malloc()13:40
nemoanyone here happen to know what happened to ?14:18
nemolooks like db didn't start14:18
nemomaybe a mysql upgrade config change followed by reboot? ☺14:19
MinceR14 113126 < Evilham>
jiefkGuys, I'm installing Devuan on a friend's PC (Intel Pentium Core, 3GB RAM, 500GB HDD, Integrated Intel chipset)21:20
jiefkI'm installing KDE Desktop Env. and when I right-click on the desktop > Configure Desktop, I end upon the Wallpaper dialog, which takes a very loooong time to load. Others windows, say in System Settings, load with some time, but quite faster.21:23
jiefkI installed iotop, and htop to try to see things, but no, there is no HDD nor CPU activity at all.21:23
fsmithredhow much ram is used?21:24
jiefkAt this very moment, Wallpaper still loads and iotop shows nothing.21:24
fsmithredthat doesn't sound right.21:24
fsmithredkde is a resource hog, but it shouldn't be that bad21:24
jiefkfsmithred: at this moment, about 500MB21:25
MinceRkde went to shit long ago21:25
fsmithredthere may be some desktop stuff in the background that you could get rid of21:25
jiefkI don('t know what to do next .21:26
fsmithredwell, I wasn't going to say that, but yeah21:26
fsmithredcheck to see what startup apps are enabled, and maybe remove a few21:26
fsmithredwould your friend like to use xfce?21:26
system32Kir desktop environment >> kde21:26
jiefkyeah I'll try that thanks. MinceR : KDE is still pretty :) (I personnally prefer it over gnome :p)21:27
fsmithrednot much gnome around these parts21:27
system32(dont google kir btw)21:27
jiefk"pretty" as it gives a good first impression to Linux newcomers :)21:27
system32it looks like something from 200621:28
MinceRwell, sure, gnome is even worse21:28
MinceRgnome3 tries to force systemd on users; kde5 also attempted something similar21:29
MinceRalso, with 4.x kde's focus shifted from functionality and reliability to bling21:29
MinceRthis resulted in a plasma which would regularly wipe its own settings21:29
system32so kir fits it perfectly21:29
system32Do not - i repeat - Do not google kir21:30
jiefk"You have reached Kids Internet Radio (" ...21:39
jiefkDo you have a link ? :)21:39
jiefksystem32: ^21:39
system32kir translates to ==D in english21:44
system32u happy now?21:45
jiefkWell not much, my KdE install seems a bit flaky on this machine :/ Could it be due to some missing firmware or driver ?21:46
system32no .  imeant do you know what kir means now?21:47
fsmithredthat would usually be with wireless or graphics21:47
system32==D desktop environment21:47
jiefkFTR, this PC had a Vista-upgraded-to-seven install before21:48
fsmithredI'm running on a 2005 athlon X2 right now21:48
fsmithredwith 2G ram21:48
fsmithredbut xfce, not kde21:48
system32so devuan is exactly like debian without systemd or there are other differences too?21:49
fsmithredhow did you install kde?21:49
jiefkYeah, I just installed XFCE, a bit more snapy, but not as "beautiful" :/21:49
MinceReven xfce has degraded a lot recently21:49
fsmithredit works, though21:49
jiefkfsmithred: apt install task-kde-desktop21:49
MinceRon one of my vm-s, it won't even start anymore21:49
system32use a CLI21:49
MinceRas a quick fix, i switched it to icewm21:50
fsmithredyeah, so you should really turn off some of the background stuff21:50
fsmithredI don't remember the names21:50
jiefkI turned off everything =)21:50
fsmithredI want to say Nipmuk, but that's a Native American tribe.21:50
jiefkAlso, pulseaudio does not start at (session) boot21:55
fsmithredsorry, I don't do pulseaudio21:55
jiefkI can add a command on the KDE settings, sure, but is there a more general way (system-wide I would say)21:55
fsmithredwell, last I encountered it, it restarts itself every time you kill it21:56
fsmithredbut maybe in your desktop startups there's a way to enable it21:56
fsmithredyesterday the conversation here was about replacing it with volumeicon-alsa and alsamixergui21:56
jiefkI can't say I like alsamixer-gui, but I don't know about volumeicon-alsa, Might try this and remove pulseaudio then :p21:58
fsmithredit's just a speaker icon for the taksbar. One volume control, you can select which channel it controls.21:58
fsmithredand you'll need to add it to the startup apps21:59
fsmithredand you'll need to remove PA, which may or may not be simple.22:00
jiefkUpon further investigations (?!), it seems that windows that present large buttons with previews inside (like wallpaper chooser or desktop-theme chooser) have a serious performance issue on this computer.22:05
jiefkOh it seems plasmashell crashed :/22:07
fsmithredok, somewhere in the setting you can turn down or off the desktop effects22:13
jiefkyup already off --every plugins .22:14
fsmithredyou might do better with a leaner kde install. You installed the meta-meta-package22:15
fsmithredor add more cores22:15
MinceRor with a less broken DE22:18
fsmithredhey, I installed kde for a friend on a new laptop, and it worked fine22:18
MinceRi used kde and it worked fine22:18
fsmithredI was surprised22:18
MinceRbut that was kde 3.522:19
fsmithredlol, yeah, I liked that22:19
fsmithredalthough it used to crash on me after about two weeks of being on22:19
fsmithredjiefk, in my experience, people who don't know linux are more impressed with the speed of xfce than they are with the glitz of kde.22:25
fsmithredif your friend already knows kde and wants to use some kde apps, install lxqt plus those apps22:28
jiefkGuys, thanks for all the tips, Guess I'll go to bed for now, G'night and thanks again :)22:39

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