freenode/#devuan/ Sunday, 2019-07-14

FatPhilmaybe I alphabet differently from the rest of the world, but I really don't think the following lines should be in my output: # service --status-all | grep ntp12:37
FatPhil [ ? ]  alsa-utils12:37
FatPhil [ ? ]  fake-hwclock12:37
FatPhil... ???12:37
gnarfacei never really use that tool12:42
gnarfaceis there something wrong with the output, or are you objecting to the things it is running?12:43
drawkula$ service --status-all |& grep ntp12:43
drawkulash: 1: Syntax error: "&" unexpected12:43
drawkulaoh... ok... |& is a bashism12:43
drawkulaand my weechat-makro /:shell uses sh12:43
FatPhilthe grep is the issue12:43
gnarfaceoh sorry i was not paying attention, |grep ntp12:43
drawkulano... service writes to stderr12:44
drawkula$ service --status-all 2>&1 | grep ntp12:44
FatPhilyou're reminding me it's time to grab a covfefe12:44
FatPhilthe grep did limit the output from ~40 lines to ~1012:44
drawkula(yeti@cubietruck1:0)~$ service --status-all |& grep ntp12:45
drawkula [ - ]  openntpd12:45
drawkulafor other shells |& needs to be translated12:45
drawkula0xc0ffefe would be hex...12:48
amarsh04is there anything like in Debian/Devuan?12:52
gnarfaceit wouldn't be super difficult to do12:55
gnarfacesomething like that by hand12:55
amarsh04just a bit of backing up of custom kernel .config files and trial and error12:56
amarsh04if it could be fully automated though, it would be great for a minimalist kernel build12:56
amarsh04I'd be incline to still compile modules that don't depend on specific hardware though12:58
FatPhilyeah, the problem is clear when you pipe service through wc -l13:20
fsmithredclear to you, maybe.13:22
gnarfacethe console shows stdout and stderr identically, but | only passes stdout by default13:23
fsmithredah, thanks13:24
fsmithredHA! 7113:24
gnarfacethe incantation 2>&1 means send #2 (stderr) to where #1 (stdout) is already going13:24
gnarfacei forget if stdin is #0 or #313:25
gnarfacei guess that makes sense13:27
drawkulaif all else fails use...13:29
drawkula$ ls -l /dev/stdin13:29
drawkulalrwxrwxrwx 1 root root 15 Jul 12 13:02 /dev/stdin -> /proc/self/fd/013:29
gnarfaceheh, handy13:31
_abc_Is anyone here using kradio4 or gradio on debian/devuan?16:51
James1138Sorry. I used to use Radiotray.16:56
_abc_Radiotray can do streams? I like the radio station database found on!/17:48
_abc_Is this a package in debian too ?17:51
_abc_Opinion on Clementine?17:51
James1138Debian - sure.

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