freenode/#devuan/ Saturday, 2019-07-20

cosurgiFunkyBob: apt-get is still downloading, 10minutes to go.00:00
FunkyBobI meant for you to elaborate on the use of ~g00:00
cosurgiFunkyBob: ah. this filter shows in aptitude all packages that have flag meaning they have been automatically installed, but are not currently needed by any manually installed packages.00:01
cosurgiIt helps cleaning :)00:01
FunkyBobyes, I got that... got a usage example?00:02
FunkyBob(I don't remember the last time I used "aptitude")00:03
cosurgiok, I suppose it allows similar thing as `apt autoremove` and so on. But in aptitude using this filter means that I can see these packages listed. And examine them if I wanted.00:04
cosurgiSo a cool filter. Not super-useful, to be strict.00:04
FunkyBobumm... yes, I agree it's cool00:05
FunkyBobbut could you please provide a simple example of _using_ it?00:05
fsmithredaptitude purge ~g  (I've never done that, didn't know it.)00:08
fsmithredI have used aptitude purge ~c a bunch of time.00:08
cosurgi2hm. freenode disconnects randomly.00:09
cosurgi2"Ping timeout: 258 seconds"00:09
fsmithredI used to get a lot of disconnects until I got a new router.00:10
cosurgithat's a university network. Has pretty fast connection. 10MB/sec between universities across all Europe.00:11
cosurgiSo... I wouldn't blame 'my router' :)00:11
fsmithredok, they're probably not using an old 4-port dlink00:11
cosurgiwohoo! 5 seconds left.00:11
cosurgiReading changelogs... 45% takes a minute00:13
FunkyBobnot sure why you'd get timeouts on freenode... I leave this session connected for months at a time00:14
cosurgiyeah. I'm not sure either. Sometimes doesn't happen for 3 months00:15
cosurgiand sometimes happes 4 times per week.00:15
FunkyBobgremlins. :P00:15
cosurgiyeah :)00:15
cosurgiwhoa. "apt-listchanges: News" is a pretty long read.00:16
cosurgiI think I will browse it a bit.00:16
cosurgisorry. Now I have 3 sessions running. Should I disconnect the other ones, to reduce noise?00:17
cosurgiok. Now keep fingers crossed so that I don't have some dpks error during unpacking.00:22
FatPhilcosurgi - just use a screen/tmux session on whatever machine's most reliable, and pick that up from wherever.00:38
cosurgiactually these irc sessions are inside screens on three different servers in university network.00:39
cosurgiBut yeah. I will close one of them00:39
cosurgiOne backup is enough :)00:39
cosurgiok :)00:40
cosurgiFatPhil: btw I'm upgrading my workstation to beowulf00:41
cosurgiso far all is good.00:41
cosurgiAfter plenty of pondering I did: `apt-get --no-install-recommends --only-upgrade dist-upgrade`00:42
cosurgiokey. I will leave it unpacking. I must go to sleep.00:48
cosurgiW: APT had planned for dpkg to do more than it reported back (17997 vs 18004).01:31
cosurgi   Affected packages: libreoffice-common:amd6401:31
cosurgiwhoa, 670 files changed in /etc01:32
cosurgi89 files in /etc/systemd/system ? That looks like plenty for devuan.01:34
fsmithredI've got 43 with almost 1600 packages installed01:38
cosurgihm. :(01:38
cosurgithey weren't there before. I have git in /etc01:38
fsmithredthey're just service files01:38
cosurgianyway. I will continue tomorrow. Really need some sleep.01:39
fsmithredus having them is like running systemd and having sysvinit scripts hanging around01:39
cosurgiah, ok.01:40
cosurgigoodnight :)01:40
Evilhamfsmithred: apparently there is a setting to tell apt to excludea pattern from installation, I forgot what it is but can find it again01:52
EvilhamMaybe if it's added to the website people will stop asking this01:52
fsmithredthere's a whole page of aptitude special switches01:53
fsmithredI saved a copy, but I don't know if I could find that one.01:53
jiefkfsmithred: Thanks for the hints from yesterday :)11:46
cosurgifsmithred: looks like it went ok. Now I'm cleaning stuff with aptitude: Disk: -2448 MB  DL: 25.9 MB. Packages to be upgraded (16), Packages to be removed (143), Packages being removed because they are no longer used (606)12:47
fsmithredcool! I'm glad you both survived it.12:48
cosurgiI didn't reboot yet though :)12:50
cosurgiI want to build a 5.2.1 kernel package, backport mesa & xserver packages from experimental. Then reboot ;)12:51
cosurgiso things can only get funnier today.12:51
* FunkyBob wonders why debian's kernel is so far behind...12:52
MinceRbecause they don't use fedora's packages for it yet12:52
cosurgiactually I had a hell-day with opensuse, because someone sues it. I would never use their packages, for anything. It's a total mess.12:53
cosurgiand fedora is somehow connected with suse. AFAIK?12:53
FunkyBobthey both use RPMs... and have somewhat similar enterpricey attitudes and layouts12:54
MinceRthey're both systemd/Linux distributions12:54
MinceRthey're both slaves to microsoft12:54
cosurgioh, btw. while cleaning up packages I saw elogind, libpam-elogind conflicting with some systemd. I assume they are both good packages to use?12:55
* cosurgi is ignorant somehow.12:57
FunkyBobgood because they conflict with systemd? :)12:57
cosurgiyep! :)12:57
FunkyBobhuh... tried to go to ... HSTS violation, and Brave won't let me go there13:00
MinceRwhere even the Brave dare not tread13:01
djphFunkyBob: just got a redirect to here.13:10
fsmithredFunkyBob, everything in debian (and devuan) is old. It's a feature. (not kidding)13:34
fsmithredcosurgi, yes, you probably want elogind and libpam-elogind. And also libelogind0, which will replace libsystemd013:42
cosurgifsmithred: cool thanks!13:42
fsmithredyou're using a window manager?13:43
cosurgithis is super strange. I didn't restart yet. The packages are installed, but I have no new kernel and no new mesa packages. And suddenly `LIBGL_DEBUG=verbose glxinfo -B` shows "Device: NV136 (0x1c03)" Instead of "Device: llvmpipe (LLVM 3.9, 256 bits) (0xffffffff)". And that a steam game (this war of mine) works with GPU acceleration on nouveau. And it didn't work before the upgrade. I didn't even restart13:43
cosurgithe xserver.13:43
cosurgifsmithred: sawfish13:43
fsmithredwith or without display manager?13:44
cosurgifsmithred: before 2009 I was sawfish maintainer :) Then I left do work in physics.13:44
fsmithredok, fair to drink your own poison13:44
cosurgifsmithred: you mean the session manager? I use rox-session for that.13:44
fsmithredoh, I didn't know rox-session existed13:44
cosurgiit's gods nectar ;)13:44
* cosurgi loves sawfish13:44
fsmithredno, I mean like gdm, kdm,xdm, slim, lightdm13:44
cosurginone of them/13:45
FatPhilDzien dobry cosurgi, I hope you're not making as much of your system as I am today!13:45
fsmithredI think I used sawfish with gnome many years ago13:45
cosurgiFatPhil: hi :) I am continuing the total system upgrade, which is fun :)13:45
fsmithredstartx will work if elogind is installed13:46
cosurgifsmithred: yes, I use startx.13:46
cosurgi`startx -- -nolisten tcp -dpi 100` this one.13:46
fsmithredwhat does -nolisten tcp do? (or better, where is it documented? not in man startx)13:48
cosurgifsmithred: actually rox-session stopped to exist like over 10 years ago. I just keep it, and keep using it locally :)13:49
cosurgifsmithred: no external connections allowed. I am paranoid, you know.13:49
fsmithredso that would block vnc, I guess?13:49
cosurgiI am not sure. I didn't investigate to be honest. I just like this flag.13:50
fsmithredno, it doesn't13:50
fsmithrednot here13:50
cosurgiand it's not an startx argument. the -- mens that it's passed next down the chain. I think it is passed to X13:50
fsmithredusr/lib/xorg/Xorg :0 vt07 -nolisten tcp -novtswitch -auth /var/run/lxdm/lxdm-:0.auth13:51
fsmithredvnc over ssh works13:51
fsmithredssh -X works13:51
cosurgiI think this is about direct access. Without ssh13:51
cosurgibtw I hate -novtswitch13:54
* cosurgi uses 5 xservers simultaneously. Each for different kind of work.13:54
cosurgijust not now. Currently only 3 xservers are left running, because I am preparing for system restart :) And this one here is for cleaning system and administration.13:55
fsmithredI didn't think that stopped me from running more xservers. Gonna try it.13:57
fsmithredstartx -- :1 works13:58
cosurgiOh. I thought that this is the one that blocks ctrl-alt-Fn to switch virtual terminals.13:58
cosurgiI've seen this blocked on some ubuntu version.13:59
fsmithredcould be. I always had trouble figuring out ubuntu.13:59
fsmithredbbl. need to go out, and I'm shutting down to reduce heat.14:03
* FatPhil drinks beer to reduce heat14:04
* cosurgi opens all windows at night to reduce heat. Then closes all windows and curtains during the day.14:05
cosurgiThis helps a little.14:05
* FatPhil joins the -novtswitch is evil team14:06
* FatPhil has very high thermal ballast (80cm thick limestone walls) so doesn't suffer too much. Also, being 59o N helps.14:09
cosurgiI just noticed this error:14:52
cosurgiDetached signature file '/var/lib/apt/lists/partial/pl.mirror.devuan.org_merged_dists_beowulf_Release.gpg' is in unsupported binary format14:52
cosurgiThe repository ' beowulf Release' is no longer signed.14:52
cosurgiHow would I fix that?14:52
cosurgiah, nevermind. I replaced with packages.devuan.org15:02
mazes_80Hi, I just sent a draft for plymouth, it is quite messy as differences due to autoreconf, between dget and cloning from and local changes are all mixed15:13
mazes_80When I feel brave enough, i'll unwind local changes, to set them in their own commit15:15
mazes_80je viens de faire revivre un "NAS", en faisant strictement rien15:45
mazes_80j'ai débranché le disque, démarré la machine sans disque, redémarré avec disque ???15:45
mazes_80sorry wrong channel for messages about NAS15:50
debdogI attempt to install Devuan jessie on an elderly laptop. via DVD using image devuan_jessie_1.0.0_amd64_DVD.iso. laptop is connected to the net by eth0 and shows up as such on the router16:09
debdogrunning expert install, when it comes to configure apt it says, roughly translated, "unable to access archive on"16:09
debdogon the second console I am able to ping, so it does not seem to be a networking issue16:10
debdogeven tried to enter the resulting IP of that ping into the apt configuring dialogue manually without success. so prolly not a DNS issue either16:11
debdog says to use which is accessible via browser on my desktop 'puter
debdogeven though there is a 'jessie' there, do I need another entry for Jessie in sources.list?16:14
debdogor what could be wrong?16:14
drawkulamoooment... I'll check the jessie repo by updating a jessie-VM16:16
drawkulaeinige repos sind nicht zu kriegen16:18
drawkulajessie-updates / -backports16:18
debdogdisabled backports16:18
debdogenabled everything else16:18
drawkulabut jessie (main repo) should be enough16:18
debdogmayhap I try without src16:18
debdogyah, should™ :)16:19
drawkulashouldnt the DVD have enough debs to get a system installed?16:19
drawkulaor try ascii netinstall16:19
debdogif the apt configure dialogue fails, the next one, selcting packages, fails as well.16:19
drawkula looks better16:20
debdogthe reason I went for jessie is the older kernel, because of the proprietary GPU driver16:20
drawkula...than days ago16:21
drawkulabut maybe the contents of the dirs isnt fully correct16:21
drawkulasome days ago the 2 repos were completely missing16:21
drawkulavia I get all rpos16:23
drawkulascary many updates16:24
drawkulabut my update runs16:24
debdogI just remembered there is a console showing the log. says: GPG-error16:26
debdogeven though it does NOT use https16:27
debdogneed some public GPG-key it seems16:27
drawkulamanüll devuan-keyring holen?16:29
drawkulavers 2017.10.0316:30
debdogthe package? I suppose16:30
debdogtrying... may take a while16:32
FatPhilyeah, wild stab in the dark: apt-get upgrade devuan-keyring16:32
drawkulawhen the repo is rejectet due to missing keys?16:33
debdogFatPhil: sorry, at this stage of the installation process apt-get is not available yet16:34
* drawkula is waiting for the lightshow -->
drawkulaif I'm away without a goodbye, it killed my connection...16:37
onefangDebian updated their keyring with the release of Buster.16:38
drawkula still has a 2017 timestamp16:41
drawkuladebian-keyring in jessie is 2015.04.1016:42
drawkulaaway some minutes... mission calories...16:43
debdogno success. I've skipped the entire network section and then was able to have minimal selection of software to install. looking into that repo issue at a later time16:47
FatPhilcan you install from a livecd?17:26
fsmithredFatPhil, yes17:26
fsmithredrefractainstaller is there, not debian-installer17:27
FatPhilmaybe that's the way of cheating it into having everything available17:27
fsmithredwhat do you mean?17:29
FatPhilhaving no access to apt-get was mentioned, though I'm not following the discussion religiously17:35
FatPhilattempting to navigate a pubcrawl through a suburb I'm thoroughly unfamiliar with.17:35
fsmithredon foot, I hope17:36
FatPhilabsolutely. had to start in the wilderness via a taxi, but crawling back17:36
fsmithredpretty sure some of the live isos have debootstrap installed17:36
onefangSo that's on foot and hands.  B-)17:36
fsmithredhe'll lose the ability to text us before he crawls17:37
FatPhilonefang: we started early, and are taking things slowly. plan to remain civilised.17:38
FatPhili have better control over my nokia n900 than I do my legs!17:38
FatPhili have a self-moderating system - if I can't type in my password, I can't pick up my tmux session.17:41
nminixHi there, how do I get Japanese (hiragana, katakana, & kanji) input working?18:22
nminixi installed ibus-anthy, get "can't connect to ibus".18:23
gnarfacei thought you'd just have to install some fonts and change the locale18:35
gnarfacei dunno anything about ibus18:35
nminixi ran dpkg-reconfigure-locales18:36
nminixand added ja_JP.UTF-818:37
gnarfacemaybe also try dpkg-reconfigure keyboard-configuration?18:37
nminixjust did dpkg-reconfigure keyboard-configuration too18:45
gnarfaceyour terminal program needs to support it too18:46
nminixit supports the keyboard-config menu, yes18:47
nminixinstalled ibus-mozc18:47
jordilai've just typed '$ sudo apt install docker' in my Ascii terminal. Ok. Yet, if i '$ docker ... i'm getting a 'bash: docker: command not found' , what am i missing ?19:03
gnarfacenot in user's path?19:06
jordilawell, ... if i 'sudo find -name docker' i get no results . ¿?19:07
gnarfaceyou mean "sudo find / -iname '*docker*'" ?19:08
fsmithredyou're sure you're not in beowulf?19:08
gnarfaceor maybe "dpkg -L docker"19:08
jordilafsmithred , i'm sure i'm in Ascii .19:10
gnarfacei've also seen instances where sometimes it just seems like binaries in the PATH are cached and it doesn't update immediately19:10
gnarfacemaybe try to run "sync" or something i dunno19:10
gnarfaceor just use the full path to it like /usr/bin/docker or whatever it is19:11
gnarfacemaybe it is in sbin19:11
gnarfacedpkg -L should tell you19:11
fsmithreddid you install it yet?19:12
gnarfaceme? i never installed it19:12
fsmithredfirst command listed is to install docker19:13
fsmithred sudo apt install docker19:14
fsmithredwhy does bash think that docker is the command?19:14
fsmithredoh, I get it19:15
fsmithredaccording to apt-file, the executable in the docker package is /usr/bin/wmdocker19:16
fsmithredneed coffee19:17
* jordila likes coffee ... but prefers mate 19:18
jordila'dpkg -L ... :
* jordila is re-installing docker 19:19
jordilaUmh... nothing changes .19:20
jordilaMay i try to install it from debian's package on repositories ?19:26
fsmithredfirst, try 'apt-cache show docker'19:29
jordilafsmithred : sure... by issuing 'show' i get : 'Package: docker19:33
jordilaVersion: 1.5-1+b119:33
jordilaPriority: optional19:33
jordila '19:33
fsmithredDescription-en: System tray for KDE3/GNOME2 docklet applications19:36
fsmithredis that what you want?19:36
Wonkahe was maybe looking for the "" package...19:43
fsmithredis that the container thing?19:44
Wonkalooks like19:44
Wonkanot exactly a very verbose package description though19:44
Akuliyeah that's the container thing19:50
jordilai'm looking for being able to issue '$ docker ...  ' commands, like the ones described in the url you just shared. Yet, it seems that i cannot... as long as 'sudo apt install docker' says 'docker is already the newest version (1.5-1+b1)... but it's not, really. I'm confused. What am i missing ?20:04
* jordila is wondering 'may i fill in a potential issue/bug ' ?20:09
jordilaok...  i succeeded in installing docker via official deb package at . Now, when i run docker, i'm getting error message : 'docker: Cannot connect to the Docker daemon at unix:///var/run/docker.sock. Is the docker daemon running?.'20:36
buZzjordila: huh20:53
buZzdocker is in apt, why are you downloading it from a website?20:53
buZzjust apt install docker20:53
buZzwill get you a functional docker20:53
jordilait didn't worked, buZz , that's why .20:53
buZzwhy not?20:56
buZzexact same error?20:56
buZzoh lol, nevermind :D20:57
buZzdocker/stable 1.5-1+b1 amd6420:57
buZz  System tray for KDE3/GNOME2 docklet applications20:57
buZzwhat a name ;)20:57
buZzah, the package is called ''20:58
* jordila got docker working , finally 22:21
moireeIIRC which used to print the path of the command given as a parameter.23:29
moireeNow it does not anymore unless I type "which -a commandname".23:32
moireeMaybe I simply missed the memo.23:32
fsmithredmoiree, maybe the command is not in you path?23:40
moireeIt is a user error: <>23:41
moireeI will alias "which" to "whereis -b".23:52
* golinux waves at helios2123:54

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