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cosurgitook me some time to figure out how to fix the UGLY font in devuan bewulf. There is a lenghty bug report actually: after reading it I have the NICE font from devuan ascii.12:44
cosurgiholy shit. I couldnt believe that font can be so ugly.12:44
* cosurgi added `export FREETYPE_PROPERTIES="truetype:interpreter-version=35"` to ~/.xsession.12:45
[exa]autohinting problems ftw13:14
cosurgi:) I'm glad I fixed this.13:14
cosurgiI thought my eyes are sick.13:14
cosurgiBut a screenshot and zoom in on the screenshot exaplained everything.13:15
Guest3597Hello World!15:34
gnarfacehello indeed15:35
Guest3597who knows rigth urls for beowulf in sources.list?15:38
gnarfaceisn't it the same as ascii but with beowulf instead of ascii?15:39
Guest3597thanx man!15:46
[exa]hm I have a box here15:50
[exa]how brutal (or impossible) is dist-upgrading from debian to devuan?15:50
gnarfaceit has been done15:50
gnarfacehow difficult it is depends a lot on how many packages you're using that are tied to systemd15:52
gnarfaceyou might need to uninstall stuff like your window manager, your running kernel, udev15:53
gnarfacebefore replacing them with other stuff15:53
drawkulamake a backup, and an other backup ;-) and a packages list, then "orphaner -a" away as much stuff as you dare, transgrade to devuan, look thru the packages list and reinstall what you need. most configs should survive that process... but wait until I'm unreachable on mars before doing this... ;-) ...otherwise I may get a problem?16:00
onefangThere's no Devuan mirrors on Mars, will you create one for us?  B-)16:03
drawkulaso far I did that only on cubietrucks and with debian9/devuan2 but I'm thinking about retrying this on PSs with deb10/dev316:04
drawkulaonefang: there is no multimedia in mars... I can get along with plan9 there :-P16:04
drawkulahmmm... having a command to catch some configs as debs would be nice...16:26
drawkulaso needing a deb skeleton and commands to add files to that installed deb16:27
drawkulalive modifyable deb16:27
drawkulathat has to ferment a while longer16:28
debdogascii, fresh install with default DE xfce4. not able to select background images because selecting files in the Select File dialogue is grayed out:
debdogno clue what's happening. even inside $HOME16:40
debdogI want to access /usr/share/images/desktop-base/ how do I do that?16:41
fsmithreddebdog, you can only select directories there.16:54
fsmithredThen you can choose a file.16:55
debdogI can't even select a directory, fsmithred17:00
drawkulamaybe the one you looking into is interpretet as the selected one?17:01
debdogmy bad, I meant I cannot select a directory there17:01
drawkulapermission problem?17:02
debdogno clue what's happening. even inside $HOME *I am not able to click on anything17:03
debdoghmm, elogind is installed. removing it...17:04
drawkuladoes that hurt?17:09
debdogafter restarting xfce it jumped to /usr/share/images/desktop-base automatically again. however, still not able to click on anything inside there17:10
debdogdrawkula: no clue17:10
drawkula^L ?17:11
drawkulatype a path17:11
debdogit's not my laptop, I don't want to give it back without being able to do simple things like chosing a desktop background17:11
drawkulain that fileselevtor17:11
drawkulaset a solid black background and don't mention that it could look different :-P17:12
debdogI mean, does it work for everyone else?17:12
drawkulaIt looked the same on my beowulf-cubie17:13
debdogeffin modern GUI stuff does not seem to have the option to actually enter a path17:13
drawkulaselect "andere"17:15
drawkulathen the subdirs of HOME are selectable17:15
debdogyes, that's when I get said dialogue17:16
debdogok, so it's only me17:16
debdogalso, in Jessie there were some nice backgrounds, now there's just crap17:17
debdogwhen did computers bacome so annoying and depressing17:17
debdogthe whole xfce4 theme is so ugly, like win95 just more depressing17:18
debdoghehe, if you attempt to make me even more depressed, that just worked17:21
debdogfunny ting, earlier, before that fresh ascii install, I've had an ascii upgraded from jessie and hat the same problem17:21
debdog*thsat had17:21
drawkulaselect:  Ordner -> Andere17:21
debdogthat's what I click on17:22
drawkulaupgrade to beo-ulf :-P17:22
debdogand then that dialogue opens up where I am not able to anything inside the 'Name' block17:22
debdog*to click on17:23
drawkulamömang... guggischmaa in ascii-VM17:23
drawkulatrash/20190721-151747-GM... was from real cubie3+beo_ulf17:24
drawkulasame probmen in ascii+xfce-VM17:25
drawkulaU R not halucinating!17:25
debdogok, so upgrading to beo-ulf might solve that issue? was thinking 'bout upgrading anyway17:26
debdoghaha, like that17:26
debdogyou've got to change your nick17:26
drawkulaprobably devuan3 is near enough to call it stable already17:26
debdogor at least include that for nick highlight17:26
drawkulamaybe there is a solution17:27
beo_ulfhas ti be underscore... because "I BUY A W!!!!"17:28
debdogI have no clue where even to look for a solution... xfce-desktop-something-prog, xfce, the underlying libs?17:31
beo_ulf15:31:19  -- | NickServ (NickServ@services.): Nick beo_ulf is now registered to your account.17:32
beo_ulfadding to highlighting still to be done17:33
beo_ulfI'm screwed up by sound mixxers on those beo_ulf cubies17:35
beo_ulfalsamixer looks different than before17:35
beo_ulfbut the version is the same as on ascii17:35
beo_ulfI just dont get it...17:35
beo_ulfbut the really important stuff works17:35
beo_ulfon an ideapad s10 i'm only using xfce's sound-clicky-coloured stuff and it works without confusing me17:36
* beo_ulf wants back the debian3 days... when everything was simple and 16M RAM were enough...17:37
debdogI second thata17:38
beo_ulfpre-KDE/GNOME days17:38
beo_ulfmeh! weechat.look.highlight would need every additional nick explicitely... ditching this... only highlighting the active one17:44
debdogbetter that one:
debdogso might be solved in beowulf17:45
beo_ulfit is!17:45
debdogall righty then, fingers crossed...17:46
beo_ulfI didnt noticew that bug because I typically either leave the default xor switch to plain black background17:46
beo_ulfQ: what happens next friday for the 20th time?17:49
beo_ulfhug your sysad! or such...17:49
debdogals, neat eselsbrücke on the spelling of beowUlf17:50
beo_ulftook a while for me too... previously I mistyped it as beowoulf17:50
beo_ulfor other mishaps17:51
golinuxdebdog: What's depressing about ascii desktop:
debdoggolinux: sorry, I just find it darkish depressing colour sheme17:53
debdogwhere is all the light blue and greenish gone?17:54
golinuxMight be your monitor. Beowulf is has more color:
debdogcould be related to my monitor settings, doubt it, thouhg17:54
golinuxCould be your color perception too.17:55
* beo_ulf doesnt care much... most of my screen always is covered by xterms with black background...17:55
debdogbut why not just keep the old ones during upgrades?17:55
* debdog doesn't really care either.17:56
golinuxI thought they were still there.  There are still in our gitlab17:56
beo_ulfpackaged backgrounds sure get upgraded17:57
beo_ulfpersonal ones not17:57
debdogmaybe they are, somewhere. wait, after the upgrade from jessie to ascii I've had a problem setting backgrounds because there were two monitors connected17:58
debdogand other issues. so I've decided to do a clean ascii install17:58
debdogAktueller Status: 1381 (+1381) upgradable, 56195 (+56195) new.17:58
debdoghere we go...17:58
debdogand pulseaudio is going to be re-installed again17:59
beo_ulfafter "apt-get dist-upgrade" look into "aptitude" for more stuff...18:00
debdogOTOH apulse is available as pckage now \o/18:01
* debdog did an aptitude dist-upgrade18:01
debdogor 'does'18:01
debdogbtw. are there beowulf install DVDs available yet? even beta ones18:02
beo_ulfmaybe you can test the beowulf theme?18:02
beo_ulfnot ones I know of18:03
debdogI cannot remember the name of that guy that sleughtered beowulf18:03
beo_ulfI dont who slaughtered whom... in that story...18:04
debdoghehe, meant *slaughter18:04
beo_ulfbeowulf & grendel?18:04
debdoggrendel, right18:04
debdogmayhap I mix up stuff18:04
beo_ulflong ago... even when counting debian releases18:05
gnarfacebeowulf is the hero in that story18:05
beo_ulfbet on there being a new interpretation where grendel is a misunderstood SJW...18:06
fsmithredno official beowulf insttaller isos yet18:11
fsmithredthere is a mini.iso18:11
fsmithredif you want more control, don't install the desktop from the installer18:13
fsmithredadd the parts later18:13
debdogahh, right18:13
fsmithredtask-xfce-desktop and other task packages are not ready18:13
fsmithredand even when they are, they pull stuff in and it18:13
fsmithredit's hard to remove pieces18:14
fsmithredsorry, using a rubber keybaord18:14
debdogok, so prolly won't try that, thanks18:14
fsmithredyou want xfce?18:14
debdogactually I am just looking for a nice DE for a linux beginner18:14
debdogand since xfce is the default one, I thought it might be ok18:15
fsmithredif they have an older computerr, I'd lean toward xfce18:15
debdogfujits siemens laptop from 200918:16
fsmithredit works the way everyone expects a generic desktop to work18:16
debdogyah, that was what I thought. it just looks so depressing, colour wise18:16
fsmithredoh, default xfce is fugly18:17
fsmithredand debian never improves on it18:17
fsmithredbut you can mess with it.18:17
beo_ulfswitching to a black background helps a lot18:17
fsmithredwell, trust me on that one18:17
beo_ulfor try flames!18:18
debdogupgrade almost done18:18
debdogflame thrower debugged?18:18
fsmithredyou're upgrading to beowulf after a default ascii desktop install?18:19
fsmithredI'll stick around18:20
debdogto avoid bug
beo_ulfdid that 2 times in the last days... but on armhf...18:20
debdogso much for 'messingwith it' :D18:20
fsmithredit's not an easy upgrade right now18:23
beo_ulfat least for winter18:23
fsmithredon one upgrade I had to get rid of desktop-base to proceed18:23
debdogdesktop-base is just artwork and such.18:25
fsmithredand if you get stuck with libelogind0/libsystemd0 conflict, try aptitude18:26
fsmithredit seems to solve it easier than apt or apt-get18:26
debdogyah, aptitude is my standard18:27
beo_ulfapt-get left over 3 packages with elogind stuff...18:31
beo_ulfi fixed that with aptitude18:31
fsmithredIve done that with and without aptitude18:31
beo_ulftypically I run apt-get 1st and let it do what it can and check that with aptitrudi later18:31
fsmithredeasieer with18:31
fsmithredbeo_ulf, your way seems to work pretty well18:32
beo_ulfstarting with aptitude often is more confusing18:33
beo_ulftoo many options18:33
fsmithredtakes a long time for aptitude to calculate the full upgrade18:33
beo_ulfand often asks for a lot conflict solving18:33
beo_ulfdoes someone remember debian's pre-apt (dpkg only) days?18:35
fsmithredI remember using dselect18:36
beo_ulftraining for heroes18:37
beo_ulfping debdog # woof?19:00
debdogstill upgrading19:01
debdogslow HDD, I suppose19:01
beo_ulfmy 1st cubie upgrade lasted houuuuurs19:01
beo_ulffor the 2nd one I killed lots of *-dev.debs19:02
debdoghaha, I hope this laptop is a tad more powerful19:02
beo_ulfthat helped a lot!19:02
beo_ulfcubie3 = 2 * 1GHz 32-bit-ARM19:02
* beo_ulf still has 2 more of them to install... at least I decided *today* that they will get debian1019:03
beo_ulf2 with devian3 and 2 with debian10 will allow comparing the systems when hiccups show up19:04
beo_ulfI think that's a good feature19:04
debdogAktueller Status: 1 (-1380) upgradable.19:05
beo_ulfI had to DL ~750MB of debs for the upgrade...19:06
beo_ulfa bit less for the 2nd19:06
beo_ulf640 or such19:06
beo_ulfbut it was noticebly faster19:06
beo_ulfsame board, same µSD card type & vendor, ... only lots of *-dev.debs more left on the 1st one19:07
beo_ulfmaybe the packages database doesnt cache well between packages installs19:08
beo_ulfwe need systemd.debpkgcache19:08
beo_ulfruning as thread of PID 1 !!!19:09
debdogok, desktop background stuff seems to work now. will do some more testing...19:28
debdogroot@amilo:/home/simon# echo $PATH19:36
fsmithredyeah, you need to do 'su -' for root to have root's path19:37
fsmithredand then you can't run root apps from user's desktop19:37
debdoguhm, what?!19:37
fsmithreddo you run 'su' and then run something as root from the terminal?19:38
fsmithredstarting in buster/beowulf you now would need to use full path to start it19:39
fsmithredtry it19:39
fsmithredthen run blkid or fdisk -l19:39
fsmithredcommand not found19:39
fsmithredthen run /sbin/blkid19:39
fsmithredit works19:39
fsmithredto run synaptic, /usr/sbin/synaptic19:41
fsmithrednot sure wtf use root has for games19:41
fsmithredI think you're supposed to only start root stuff with pkexec now19:41
fsmithredand the pkexec docs say not to use it for grraphical apps19:42
debdogyou're just depressing me more19:42
debdogwell, gotta drill a hole in there by allowing root ssh access and X11 forwarding19:43
debdogwhich sucks, but... wtf?!19:43
debdogwhen will ist stop?19:44
fsmithredwhy not ssh as user then switch to root19:44
fsmithredI put the following in root's .bashrc19:44
debdogthats what I do atm19:44
fsmithredexport PATH=/usr/local/sbin:/usr/local/bin:/usr/sbin:/usr/bin:/sbin:/bin19:44
debdogyah, I'll have to do that as well19:44
fsmithredI find x11vnc over ssh to work better than ssh -X19:45
debdogI am talking about just running one GUI prog as root19:45
debdogssh root@localhost --> gparted for example19:46
fsmithredthat sounds scary to me19:47
fsmithredwhat happens to the partitioning if you lose ssh connection in the middle of it?19:47
beo_ulffactor is in games19:47
debdogssh onto localhost is not very likely to lose connection19:48
beo_ulfand that sometimes is usefull for splitting filesizes in count * blocksize19:48
debdogI've done two upgrades today via ssh19:48
fsmithredoh, duh. I didn't notice that19:48
debdogon another machine19:48
debdogand not loclahost19:48
* beo_ulf rolls his debs als localdepp@localnet but that's too multilingual I think19:49
beo_ulfI gave my user all the sbin dirs too19:50
beo_ulfI don't see a reason not to...19:50
fsmithredif you fix root's path, you can just su and run gparted19:50
debdogroot@amilo:~# gparted19:51
debdog(gpartedbin:5316): Gtk-WARNING **: 19:51:16.134: cannot open display:19:51
debdogmaybe I am missing something?19:51
fsmithredlog root out and in after the edit?19:52
fsmithredor source the file19:52
debdogthe path is not the issue here19:52
fsmithreddid you su or su -   ?19:53
debdogroot@amilo:~# /usr/sbin/gparted19:53
debdog(gpartedbin:5384): Gtk-WARNING **: 19:53:00.709: cannot open display:19:53
debdogsu - atm, I think19:53
fsmithredyeah, so you got root's env19:53
debdogyes, it was su -19:53
fsmithredlog out and use su19:53
debdogbut still cannot run GUI progs19:53
fsmithredand you keep some of user's env19:53
fsmithredshould be able to19:54
debdoghehe, should™19:54
fsmithredI do it here often19:54
fsmithredbeen testing that to fix the disappearing scrollbars19:55
fsmithredin synaptic19:55
debdogmayhap my .xsessionsomething needs an entry19:55
beo_ulfI thought for years synaptic were my touchpad... >:-)19:55
beo_ulfssh -X root@cubietruck1 xterm # from notebook to cubie works without special config20:02
cyteen__cd ..20:03
debdogexcept configure ssh server to allow root login20:03
beo_ulfmy way of doing backups needs this20:05
beo_ulfbut don't tell that to the kids...20:05
* beo_ulf needs to re-view sledge hammer... " Trust me I know what I'm doing. "20:08
* debdog is the client

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