freenode/#devuan/ Tuesday, 2019-08-06

drwhiteHi folks, is there any chance that Devuan will be moving to this new crap called "netplan"?02:52
fsmithrednever herd of it02:52
drwhiteIt' sin Ubuntu 18.0402:53
fsmithredwhat is it?02:53
drwhiteIt uses YAML02:53
drwhiteNetwork Configuration stuff.02:53
drwhiteIt's really bad, and I want to know if Devuan is ever going to change to it or not.02:53
drwhiteIt's like changing from something stable and secure to SystemD.02:54
fsmithredlooks like we have it in ascii02:54
fsmithredI guess you could install it if you want02:54
drwhiteI'm runing ASCII, and I don't have it. Have they added it in a new version of devuan? If so, I will never upgrade...02:55
drwhiteNo, I don't want NetPlan.02:55
fsmithredI don't have it either02:55
drwhiteOkay, good to know.02:55
fsmithredpriority is optional02:56
fsmithredif it's something you think a bunch of crotchety old unix sysadmins would like, then maybe we will be switching to it.02:56
drwhitehell no03:00
drwhiteI'm one of those Linux users03:00
drwhiteI like the easy good ways03:01
drwhitenot the ways that just use more system resources for no reason03:01
drwhiteI use Devuan for full system virtualisation.03:01
drwhiteCan Devuan handle NVMe interfaces by default?03:21
furrywolfI'd imagine so, since they're the boot drives in a lot of new systems, but I haven't tried it myself, not having anything that new.03:31
drwhiteI'm looking at new Laptops, so just curious before I actually get one.03:45
dabtus1now i understand, the cannonball that hit the fox in the new logo is chrome headless xD04:35
FatPhilbuZz: the mp3 patents expired a couple of years ago12:28
FatPhilI'm not seeing mp3sply in any searches, and: # aptitude install mp3splt12:28
FatPhilNo candidate version found for mp3splt12:28
FatPhildeb ascii main contrib non-free12:29
FatPhilI can probably do what I want with ffmpeg, but it's a shame to use a big hammer to crack such a small nut.12:32
rrqliving on the edge, I have " stretch/main" sometimes enabled, and its mp3splt 2.6.2 installs nicely on ascii. beowulf also has 2.6.2 though with different variant suffix.12:57
onefangAha!  That's where mine comes from, I have that repo enabled to.  The clue is in the "dmo" part of the version, I didn't realise that before.12:58
foresterHi. I have damaged Devuan 2 on PC. The internet connection is impossible due to removing some packages. Now I am on live-usb FatDog linux. Is it possible to download missing packages from devuan site directly?18:20
xrogaanah, he left21:00

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