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agrisHello, I'm trying to build a backport, but my tools are giving me conflicting information03:54
agrisI run # rmadison cgit --architecture amd64 and get the following response03:55
agrisHowever, when I try to download the sources for stable03:56
agrisIt does NOT download the version rmadison says03:56
agrisbecause the output of rmadison says stable = 1.2.1 i run the following command03:57
agris# apt source -t stable cgit03:57
agrishowever this does not download 1.103:57
agris*however this does NOT download 1.2.103:57
agristhis downloads 1.1+git2.10.2-3+deb9u103:57
agrisbased on cgit sources 1.103:57
agrisi'm an Devuan ASCII03:58
agrisAm I doing something wrong? How do I download sources for cgit 1.2.1 ?03:58
Jjp137my guess is that rmadison was never modified for Devuan, so "stable" in this case is actually Debian Buster04:02
Jjp137from rmadison's point of view04:02
Jjp137but Devuan's current stable is ascii, which has 1.1 I think04:02
Jjp137so that might be why04:02
agrisso Do I add beowulf source to my apt.sources.list?04:03
Jjp137uh...I guess you could, but just be careful I guess? not sure, really...04:08
agristhink won't install build deps04:13
gnarfaceagris: ok hang on04:13
gnarfaceagris: here's what you do04:13
gnarfaceagris: 1) get build deps from ascii04:13
gnarfaceagris: 2) add ONLY the deb-src beowulf line04:14
gnarfaceagris: 3) get beowulf src package package04:14
gnarfaceagris: 4) attempt to build it against the ascii dependencies04:14
gnarfaceagris: 5) address any failures by repeating step 3 and 4 recursively for any complaining build deps04:14
gnarfacethat's how to do a natural backport04:15
gnarfacebut things get ugly if you have to patch anything manually or backport too many core system libraries04:15
gnarface(by the time you backport libc6 from beowulf, you have backported pretty much the whole distro and you might as well have just run beowulf)04:15
gnarfacesome stuff works better than others04:16
gnarfacestuff that's really popular and easy to backport might have already been done for you though, so always check ascii-backports for it first (i assume you know that part already but it's surprising who does not)04:16
agrisgnarface, can you please sanity check this04:17
agrisDoes the stable (ascii) build-deps of cgit (ascii) rely on a debhelper version that's NOT in ascii?04:17
agris builddeps:cgit : Depends: debhelper (>= 11~) but 10.2.5 is to be installed04:17
gnarfacethey should not but i can't guarantee that04:17
gnarfaceif you've mixed repos before though, you might have some debian buster packages accidentally04:18
gnarfacebuster or bullseye or whatever it is04:18
gnarfacethat could be causing weird dependency complaints04:18
agrisis there a command to show any packages installed from beowulf?04:18
gnarfaceuh, yes i'm sure there is04:20
agrisdo you know it?04:20
gnarfaceer, well04:20
gnarfacei know a way to do it, but there might be an easier way04:20
gnarfaceapt-cache policy [package name]04:21
gnarfacethat should tell you04:21
gnarfacei think04:21
gnarfaceif you just run "dpkg -l" and check all the versions manually against that would work too04:21
gnarfacei realize that's a very tedious way to approach it04:22
agrisnope, looks like only n=ascii installed04:22
agrisI just greped the output04:22
gnarfaceyou have not added deb lines from beowulf yet, right?04:22
agrisI removed all of those and apt updated04:22
gnarfacethat's the big reason to only add deb-src, because the src packages don't screw with your dependency tree like the binary packages do04:23
gnarfacewhat version of cgit is it you've got?04:23
agrison the build machine i'm using none04:23
agrison my webserver vrsion 1.104:24
gnarface [ascii] cgit-1.1+git2.10.2-3+deb9u104:24
gnarface[ascii-security] cgit-1.1+git2.10.2-3+deb9u104:24
gnarfacepkgmaster says these are the ascii versions04:24
gnarfacedo you have ascii-security in your sources.list too?04:24
gnarface(*sorry pkginfo i meant)04:24
agriswait a minute04:25
agrisit just decided to randomly work again04:25
agrisI don't think I changed anything04:25
agrisapt-get build-dep cgit04:25
agrisok give me a minute while I follow your instructions04:26
gnarfacemaybe it worked after running apt-get update?  maybe you forgot apt-get update first?  or maybe you just hit a bad mirror in the round-robin.  people have been having issues while mirrors update.04:26
agrisbad mirror probably04:27
agrisI have a LOT of issues with devuan mirrors04:27
agrisok so I installed the build-deps for cgit ascii04:27
gnarfacethere's barely over a dozen of them, so the chances of hitting one in the middle of an update is significantly higher than with debian04:27
agrisnow adding eb-src beowulf main contrib to sources04:27
agrisrunning  apt update again04:28
gnarfaceif you're really lucky it'll build fine against the ascii dependency versions with no complaints04:29
gnarfacethen you have a nice clean backport04:29
agrisapt source -t beowulf cgit04:29
agrisE: The value 'beowulf' is invalid for APT::Default-Release as such a release is not available in the sources04:29
agrisE: Unable to find a source package for04:29
gnarfacehmm, should have worked i think....04:30
agrishmm. does this mean bad mirror?04:30
gnarfaceyou added a deb-src line, not "eb-src" right?04:30
agrisdeb-src beowulf main contrib04:30
gnarfacetry changing it to just and run "apt-get update" again04:30
gnarfacei have had probems with myself, but last i heard it doesn't even point anywhere different yet04:31
agrisi changed it to and updated 3 times04:32
agrisno different effect04:32
gnarfacestill says beowulf is invalid for release?04:32
gnarfacegrrr, what am i missing here.  hmmm04:32
agrisare you sure the deb line isn't needed as well?04:32
agrisnot just the deb-src04:32
gnarfaceyea, i'm sure of that and that wouldn't cause this04:32
gnarfacewhen you ran apt update was there any errors?04:33
gnarfacelike 404 errors?04:33
gnarfacecause THAT would cause this04:33
agrisjust HIT and IGN04:33
gnarfaceIGN is ignored04:33
gnarfacewhich ones were ignored?04:33
agrisnot Devuan's repos. Trinity Desktop's04:34
gnarfaceoh, you have other stuff in there?  hmmmm04:34
gnarfacei wonder if it could be an issue04:34
agrisJust Trinity for Devuan Ascii04:34
gnarfacewhat happens if ONLY the deb-src line for beowulf is uncommented when you run apt update?04:34
agrislet me try that04:34
agriscomment EVERYTHING except deb-src beowulf?04:35
gnarfacejust for this test04:35
gnarfacea src package literally just unzips in the current directory.  it should not bring any dependencies whatsoever.04:36
agrisit worked04:36
agrishowever, W: Download is performed unsandboxed as root as file 'cgit_1.2.1+git2.18.0-1.dsc' couldn't be accessed by user '_apt'. - pkgAcquire::Run (13: Permission denied)04:36
agrisdespite running as root?04:36
gnarfaceinteresting.    wtf, weird04:36
agrisrunning it again seems to work04:36
gnarfacethough, you should know that you don't need root to do this04:36
agrisif I delete the files and do it again same effect04:36
gnarfacesince the src package unzips in the current directory, you could just do this as your own user04:37
gnarfacein fact it's strongly advised you do not build as root, either04:37
agrisbut should note04:38
agrisNOTICE: 'cgit' packaging is maintained in the 'Git' version control system at:04:38
agrisPlease use:04:38
agrisgit clone
agristo retrieve the latest (possibly unreleased) updates to the package04:38
agrisprobably unrelated04:38
gnarfacethat's for developers04:39
gnarfacejust warning them to use a new version04:39
gnarfacethat doesn't apply to you here04:39
gnarfaceso in a fair world, you should be able to just build it now with something like "dpkg-buildpkg -us -uc"04:40
gnarfacesorry, dpkg-buildpackage04:40
gnarfacedpkg-buildpackage -rfakeroot -us -uc04:41
gnarface(things get more complicated if you're building signed packages or something for mass distribution, but this should be fine for personal use on a system only you have access to)04:41
gnarfacefakeroot is in it's own package but might have been left out of the build dependencies accidentally04:42
agrisrunning a build simulation now04:42
agrisseems to be working so far04:42
agrisbtw, is there any way to pass -j to make to speed this up?04:42
gnarfaceheh, i'm sure there is but i forget04:42
gnarfacei forget exactly where to put it04:42
agrisno worries04:42
gnarfaceoh, actually04:43
gnarfacei just checked the man page04:43
gnarfacedpkg-buildpackage does indeed honor -j [jobs]04:43
agristhank you for your help04:43
gnarfacepasses it through to an environment variable that make honors in turn, i guess04:43
gnarfaceno problem04:43
agrisso, what are you thinking caused the NOT IN RELEASE error when downloading sources?04:44
gnarfacea syntax error in your sources.list04:44
gnarfaceon one of the previous, unrelated lines04:44
gnarfacejust a guess04:44
agrisI'll have to check that04:44
gnarfaceit could be possible for a badly configured repo to choke up the cache though, i don't know for sure it's not possible.  that's why that trinity desktop thing you mentioned was suspect, no other reason.04:45
agrisTrinity is the continuation of KDE 3.504:45
agrissorta like how Debian screwed up so Devuan exists now04:46
gnarfacei'm not judging you for it :)04:46
gnarfaceit's just that when you hang out in a support channel for long enough, you notice certain behaviors carry conspicuously higher risk factors04:47
gnarfaceand mixing repos is one of them04:47
gnarfacemixing distros or 3rd party repos04:47
gnarfaceit's one of those things the system doesn't protect well against04:48
gnarfacea package made for a different distro, or with a small mistake in the dependency headers, can silently corrupt your installation in a way that might not even become apparent until years later04:48
gnarface(usually the next time you dist-upgrade)04:49
agrisIt worked and I just installed it on my webserver04:57
agrissimple dpkg -i upgraded it server-wide in place04:57
agrisI was looking at the source for rmadison06:35
agrisit appears it queries debian' => ""06:36
agrisDoes Devuan have a madison API url I could point to?06:36
agrisit looks like the rmadison tool also has support for Ubuntu built in, and a small vendor check that points to a ubuntu URL if the OS vendor is Ubuntu06:37
agrisI could easily write a check for Vendor = Devuan, and point it to a Devuan specific URL06:37
golinuxagris: Most packages that Devuan uses come duiirectly from Debian via redirect.07:15
golinuxIt's more sophisticated than this but will give you an idea:
golinuxThere is no rmadison available in Devuan but there is a madison: and it comes from Debian07:27
golinuxagris: ^^^07:27
golinux can tell you what's available in Devuan07:28
golinuxIf you don't see what you're looking for, check
Jjp137for reference, rmadison is part of the devscripts package07:43
golinuxJjp137: Really?  I' m not seeing it in any of the devscripts packages:
Jjp137golinux, the long description from Debian's page, which pkginfo does not display for some reason, says so:
Jjp137it also shows up in the file list:
agrisThere are SEVERE peering issues between europe and the US which are causing devuan package downloads and updates to be capped at 10 kb/s10:05
agrisI see that it is possible to download release ISOs via bittorrent10:06
agrisIs there a way to download debs over bittorrent or similar p2p protocol like gnunet?10:06
agrisso I was looking at packet traces11:03
agrisIt's not so much peering issues as it is APT not connecting to debuan repos for debian packages11:03 sends a temporary redirect, but for some reason APT still tries to download packages through the devuan mirror11:03
agrisinstead of connecting to debian11:04
agrisdoes anybody know anything about this?11:04
agriswait no11:07
agrisIt's just using a non-optimal debian mirror11:07
agrisIs there any way to have APT use a specific debian mirror when it gets those redirects?11:07
rrqagris: i missed the beginning; what are you trying to do?11:11
onefangDevuan mirrors do the redirect to Debian themselves.  So that those mirrors that host a Debian mirror as well get the chance to just supply the package.11:13
agrisIt's the Debian fastly mirror that's complete garbage and messing everything up11:27 is responsible for choosing where to redirect people, nothing we can do about that.  Let Debian know.11:29
Human_G33kthere is somewhere a tuto for migrate sytemd script to sysinit ?21:09
fsmithredHuman_G33k, there are tutorials for converting sysvinit scripts to systemd files. Follow those in reverse (something like that.)21:15
fsmithredand/or find source code for older versions of the software that still had the sysvinit scripts21:16
Human_G33kfsmithred, the soft is not old enougth21:18
fsmithredyou get to learn how to write init scripts21:21
fsmithredlook at some examples and copy parts that seem appropriate, pluggin in whatever is useful from the systemd files21:22
fsmithredthere should be some good tutorials on how to write an init script21:23
nexgen2Does not Gentoo has some scripts missing for Devuan?22:00
specingGentoo has OpenRC scripts, not sysvinit ones22:03
nexgen2is not it easier to have OpenRC script for a conversion?22:06
nexgen2than nothing or a systemD22:06
specingSure, esp if you already run OpenRC and thus need not to convert anything :)22:09

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