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dabc_beginner question -- I'm trying to downgrade linux-image to 4.9.0-8 but apt says it has no installation candidate - this means the only available version in the repos right now is 4.9.0-11?05:08
fsmithreddabc_, yes that's all that's in the repo, but you might have the .deb files in /var/cache/apt/archives05:09
fsmithredinstall with 'dpkg --force-downgrade -i linux-image-whatever'05:09
dabc_oh. I see. thank you05:09
fsmithredyou also might find it at (I think that's right.)05:10
dabc_thanks :)05:11
ahi2why is firefox old version in ascii release?05:24
gnarfacepartially just because ascii is old, but the debian version it corresponds to also doesn't have a newer firefox, and i think it is because rust became a requirement for building it after that, and rust didn't make the freeze05:28
ahi2ok thanks05:29
plasma41because bootstrapping rust is a pain
OksanaTrying to figure out why Xfce's suspend/hibernate/switch-user menu buttons are grey/disabled.05:57
OksanaGot far enough to find:05:57
Oksanadbus[1711]: [system] Rejected send message, 2 matched rules; type="method_call", sender=":1.42" (uid=1000 pid=2320 comm="xfce4-session ") interface="org.freedesktop.ConsoleKit.Manager" member="CanSuspend" error name="(unset)" requested_reply="0" destination=":1.11" (uid=0 pid=2138 comm="/usr/sbin/console-kit-daemon --no-daemon ")05:57
golinuxStart here
golinuxAssuming you're on ascii06:01
OksanaYes, I am, thank you :-)06:01
golinuxLook for the section ### Session management and policykit backends06:01
golinuxThe default Xfce just works for me ootb so I wonder how you installed it06:02
golinuxI'll be afk for a while but back later06:03
OksanaI want lightdm + consolekit06:05
OksanaYes, that's what I have installed: Xfce, lightdm (no slim), consolekit (no elogind)06:05
OksanaBut, I am not sure whether I have policykit-1 installed. Alright, installing policykit-1, since it's essential for communication between consolekit and whatever else.06:07
OksanaAlright, and libpam-ck-connector as well06:09
OksanaAnd, thank you for " This site is a cookie-free zone"! It's genuinely difficult to click through "Allow cookies for this, block cookies for that" every time a web page is loading. So lack of cookies is appreciated :-) And dentists would concur06:13
golinuxOksana: Happy to hear you worked it out!07:20
OksanaNo idea whether I have worked it out or not. Might need to restart computer to see if it works. Or restart xfce session somehow.07:21
golinuxAre the icons still grayed out?07:23
golinuxIt might need a reboot to activate.07:24
OksanaAnd I am loathe to do reboots. But they happen, sooner or later. Laptop finds opportune moments to run out of battery, and such.07:28
Oksanaloath *07:28
golinuxMe too I was up nearly 3 months and then it just got too stuffed with who knows what.07:31
OksanaMy uptime is currently merely 2 days. I still haven't figured out how to get computer to hibernate instead of shutting down on low battery.07:33
xrogaanhow to properly setup a daemon with sysvinit? Is there some tool to setup the run level?14:02
xrogaanisn't there supposed to be a chkconfig?14:11
rrqnot since jessie, it looks like14:15
r3bootxrogaan: fundamentally, it's about having a script in /etc/init.d/<name of service>, together with links, per runlevel, for the start and stop scripts, eg: /etc/rc<runlevel>.d/S<number><name of service> -> /etc/init.d/<name of service>14:15
r3booteg, 'managing' sysvinit is done using 'rm' and 'ln'14:15
r3bootchkconfig is a wrapper around those commands14:15
rrqxrogaan: "man insserv" is a good start point14:16
xrogaanyes, but there has to be a command to ease the creation of the different runlevels14:16
r3bootConfiguration of runlevels is done using /etc/inittab, but unless you have a very specific usecase, you dont want to change/add any runlevel, just (re) use the existing ones14:17
xrogaanrrq: I just found update-rc.d14:17
xrogaaninsserv is the hardcore way.14:17
rrqthen: "man init-d-script"14:17
r3bootno, rm/ln, that's the hardcore way, the rest is just convenience wrappers ;+ (but w/e)14:18
r3boot(even better, the rm/ln method works on *every* sysv init system ever, with minor implementation details here and there, and across not just linux, but everything that runs sysv init, without needing to learn the specific convenience wrappers per os)14:19
rrqr3boot: sysvinit-rc of today has progressed a little bit in the 30 years, and just fiddling with links is not fully correct any more14:19
r3bootrrq: what else does it do?14:20
r3boot(serious question btw)14:20
rrqit now includes a kind of dependency system across the logical "facilities" to allow for orderly parallel starts14:20
r3bootthats specific to sysvinit-rc, but not standardized in sysv init. And each distro handles parallel startup / dependency ordering in a different way14:21
rrqpossibly; I think that's what you get when you boot Devuan. Or more precisely: that's what I get when I boot.14:24
r3bootyeah, only reason I mentioned rm/ln, is because I like to learn people how stuff works under the hood.14:25
r3boot.. not that it really works nowadays, b/c people expect stuff to just work(tm) :)14:25
r3boot(but offtopic)14:25
rrqgood idea. though the Sn*/Kn* links whilst important are only half the picture nowadays, and it might seed confusion if one stops at that, without pointing to insserv and update-rc.d etc.14:29
xrogaanI just needed to know how to setup the init script on the different run level. update-rc.d is the answer :)14:30
JTechnoHello folks, I'm running devuan on my netbook with kernel 4.9.0-8 and an ATI Radeon HD 6320, with this configuration everything is perfect but as soon as I upgrade the kernel the integrated display stays off on reboot, I can connect an external display and it works, someone has idea on what is going on?14:58
JTechnoI'm not using propietary drivers14:58
JTechnoI've tried kernels 4.9.0-9, -10 and -1114:59
chr[]JTechno: any bios options about boot-vga? Also does this happen if you power down and up instead doing "warm (re)boot"?16:15
JTechnono bios option and yes it happens every time I try to boot16:25
JTechnocold or warm16:25
JTechnoI've managed to fix it adding acpi_backlight=vendor to kernel cmdline20:58
JTechnoit made me sweat20:58
tom_workAre there any Devuan uses that are actually using it with a BrlTTY?21:35
golinuxThere are several blind devuan users21:39
golinuxAnd the minimal-live is geared towards accessibility21:40
furrywolftom_work:  if the problem is that brltty broke other hardware you had, I tried reporting this when first installing ascii and no one cared...21:43
tom_workno no it's not a problem with brltty breaking other thing21:49
tom_workI was merely curious if that functionality was actually being exercised. I'm working on ADA compliance right now.21:49
furrywolfwell, in that case, can I please point out that it breaks things, and absolutely shouldn't get started unexpectedly?  :)21:58
furrywolfit gets installed unexpectedly (for example, by the console productivity task), runs by default, and the default config is to not just take over every single usb device that looks like a usb-rs232 adapter, but to actually send random data to all of them attempting to probe what they might be.  which breaks everything.21:59
furrywolffor example, in my specific case, the random data it sends happens to include a byte string that causes the power monitor for my and my neighbor's house to instantly kill power to both.22:01
furrywolfbbl, time for work22:06
tom_workfurrywolf, sounds like similar issues that Modemmanager has22:09
tom_workprobing serial consoles unconditionally leading to problems22:09
tom_workfurrywolf, if your building an industrial control system you should be disabling daemons you don't need22:10
tom_worklessen the attack surface and complexity22:10
tom_workbut I'd agree I don't see why brltty would be installed if accessibility mode wasn't selected during the install media22:11
furrywolfit's for logging data, monitoring battery status, etc, for my solar system.  bbl, late for work.22:12
tom_workDoes OpenSMTPd in Devuan ASCII support ECC cryptography for DKIM signature verification or must I use the legacy RSA algorithm?23:28
tom_workI would think that would be something that would get backported23:28
gnarfacei have no idea, that might be a better thing to check with them directly23:33
gnarfacefind a changelog somewhere23:33
gnarfacethe version in ascii is 6.0.223:34
gnarfacethough i note there is also "opensmtpd-extras" and "opensmtpd-extras-experimental"23:34
gnarfacemaybe one of those would be worth checking too23:34
gnarfaceit's not gonna be different from debian stretch, so whatever documentation they have on it should mostly be accurate too (except the parts about where it interacts with the init system)23:35
avbox14I try to set pulseaudio device with pactl to set speaker instead of lineout. Does it run stable on beowulf?23:51
gnarfaceavbox14: this is something you can only answer for yourself with testing23:53
gnarfaceavbox14: pulseaudio depends on ALSA, which can vary wildly in stability between different pieces of hardware23:54
gnarfaceavbox14: (though actual stability issues are more rare.  usually it's a either "works right" or "doesn't" situation)23:54
avbox14gnarface: The sound itself works perfect. Only problem after booting up, the interface is se to LineOut, should be Speaker. So I tried to set it via pactl, but I can't swith port to Speaker.23:58

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