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* tuxd3v tuxd3v is busy building mesa for armhf..03:09
systemdleteis there a non-web gui tool for mysql available for devuan?  I can't find one.07:05
systemdlete(I'd like one!)07:05
systemdleteToad used to be popular, but it seems it is not in our repo07:05
systemdleteI tried mysql-workbench, but it crashes when I try to open a connection to a db07:06
systemdletedbeaver looked promising, but alas, we don't have that either?07:06
cehtehlibreoffice database :DDD08:00
gnarfacei'm not sure toad is open source09:10
gnarfacei think it was always shareware/nagware wasn't it?09:11
gnarfacenothing is really stopping you from running a web-based client from a local webserver though09:11
lifebookbinary ghostscript packages in beowulf-security seems to be in sync now09:30
lifebooka great thank you to all that make this happen09:31
jaromilsry for confusion11:42
GyrosGeiercan we have a second conference in 2020?12:51
GyrosGeierdoes it make sense to try to get devuan-keyring inside Debian, for use by debootstrap/pbuilder?16:10
GyrosGeierI mean, my main Jenkins worker is Devuan, and it can build Debian chroots just fine, but other people might want to go the other way16:11
tuxd3vGyrosGeier, what you mean by 'get devuan-keyring inside Debian'?18:51
GyrosGeierget the package included18:51
GyrosGeierso I can just use debootstrap --keyring /usr/share/keyrings/devuan-archive-keyring.gpg --mirror ... --distribution ascii18:52
tuxd3vIf you are in already hait  :)18:53
tuxd3vhait -> have it18:54
GyrosGeierbut my use case is "Debian system, I need a Devuan chroot"18:54
GyrosGeierDebian also ships the Ubuntu keyring for the same reason18:55
GyrosGeierthat is very useful for CI machines18:55
GyrosGeierI've configured chroots for all relevant releases across distros in Jenkins now18:56
tuxd3vyou can add the souces from devuan and get it :)18:57
tuxd3vthen copy it to chroot :)18:57
tuxd3v'deb ascii main contrib non-free'18:58
tuxd3vmaybe it will conflict with the debian keyring, don't know..18:59
ychaouchehello #devuan19:19
ychaoucheGyrosGeier, do you run graphical applications from chrooted environements ?19:19
ychaoucheI'm looking for general tips to do that19:19
ychaoucheI tried to run a wine application from a chroot and didn't succeed19:20
GyrosGeiertuxd3v, it doesn't conflict -- and the point is that I want to be able to deploy chroots without manual steps19:20
GyrosGeieradding Devuan sources to a Debian system just so I can install the keyring (which is still from an untrusted source at this point) is a manual step19:20
GyrosGeierso IMO, shipping devuan-archive-keyring in Debian would make sense19:21
GyrosGeierychaouche, you need an appropriate setting for $DISPLAY, and $XAUTHORITY pointing to a file the chroot can access19:21
GyrosGeierif your home is mounted inside the chroot, it should work19:22
GyrosGeierotherwise, you need to either copy ~/.Xauthority to the home inside the chroot, or create a new token and install that19:22
ychaoucheThis is a great tip, much appreciated.19:23
ychaoucheI often mount --bind /home in the chrooted environement19:23
GyrosGeierthat should work19:23
GyrosGeierbut you need to be careful when cleaning up then19:24
GyrosGeierhappened a few times to me :/19:24
ychaoucheThe only clean up I do is just unmount /home and that's about it.19:25
GyrosGeierah, you never delete chroots?19:28
ychaoucheMaybe we have different use cases. The chroots I usually work with are systems installed on another partition, that I sometimes boot into. So I keep them yes.19:32
premobosshi, why program 'shotcut' (video editor) is not present into devuan repositories?22:52
fsmithredpremoboss, because it's not in debian22:57
premobossfsmithred, because is not in devian does not means it cannot be in devuan.22:58
premobossfsmithred, because is not in debian does not means it cannot be in devuan.22:58
fsmithredyou are correct22:58
fsmithreddo you have someone in mind who would like to maintain it?22:58
premobossi ask in differente way: why not add shotcut to devuna repo? it seems to be a good program for video editing.22:58
premobossi have noone in mind. more, i have not skill to do. Simply, i need a pogram like that and because i am a devuan user, here i am to talk about. because if someone talks, maybe some others will do. if yes, good. if not,.. i will not die for.23:00
fsmithredmaybe someone else will read this and take an interest23:00
premobossfsmithred, you got the right meaning.23:01
fsmithredthere is no official procedure for getting a package into devuan, but if someone makes a package, lets people know, and people start using it, it could possibly get put into the repo23:01
fsmithredI see there's an appimage for shotcut23:06
fsmithredhave you tried that?23:06
premobossfsmithred, i did, but it does not start.23:25
premobossno message error.23:25
premobossjack is isntalled23:25
fsmithredit started for me, but it wouldn't open the two videos I tried.23:30
premobossfsmithred, did you follo the istruction and install dependences?23:43
premobossnow im tryng openshot, but it is slloooooooooowwwww. or maybe i have a too much old pc. For sure, openshot does not care my dual core and use only one core. bad.23:44
premobossoh, my bad. it does. but wrap to blender.23:45
fsmithredno, I didn't install anything or read anything23:45
fsmithredand no jack on this system23:46
tuxd3va new proposal D was added by Ian Jackson23:47
golinuxtuxd3v: Yup.23:47
golinuxI figured something like that would happen.23:48
tuxd3vme too.. :)23:49
gnu_srs1golinux: Nice to see a good alternative, let's hope for the best :)23:56

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