freenode/#devuan/ Wednesday, 2019-11-20

systemdleteKeeping in mind I am new to debian linux in particular, and I've never tried this on any linux system06:51
systemdleteIs there a safe way to have multiple versions of the same library without ruining the entire system?06:52
systemdleteI'd like to use bareos-18 but it requires a newer version of a library.  I don't, however, want to upgrade to beowulf until that version is officially released.  I'm kind of a bug about that.06:53
systemdlete(someone on a page I found mentioned packrat)06:53
systemdletenvm.  It looks like that dependency has been fixed or something.07:00
systemdleteI swear this:  A few weeks ago, when I tried to install bareos 18.2, it complained about a dependency.07:34
systemdleteI have my repos pointed at the directories, so maybe these binaries are different than the ones in devuan's repos.   That could be a big no-no, but I am not sure.07:34
systemdleteOK.  I think the difference is this:  Devuan has 18.2.4, and has 18.2.507:36
systemdleteDevuan has 16.2.4, not 18.2.407:37
systemdleteTHat's a huge difference.  I realize I may have just broken the warrantee...07:37
systemdletemy deb line is:  deb ./07:38
systemdleteIt looks like they are officially supporting this newer packaging.  I don't believe there are any systemd dependencies; if there were, bareos 18.2.5 would not be running and working.07:39
nemo0% [Working]16:57
nemoI keep hanging this right after the fetch from:16:57
nemoGet:25 ascii-backports/main i386 Packages [606 kB]16:57
nemoanyone have any idea what it's doing that would cause such a hang? I've left it for minutes at a time16:57
jaromilit was resyncing17:33
jaromili had it too today17:33
nemojaromil: oh. upstream repo is down?17:33
jaromilno, deb.17:33
nemothose aren't the same thing?17:33
jaromilno, deb is a roundrobin of mirrors17:37
nemooh... hm17:37
nemojaromil: so like one of the repos in the roundrobin might be bad?  guess I can try pulling the IPs from dig, and forcing each one by one in /etc/hosts until it works17:38
jaromilnot bad, out of sync / syncing17:38
nemojaromil: huh. you'd think that could happen atomically17:38
nemoI guess to do it automically you'd need 2 copies of the tree on each mirror, one for the rsync, one for live, then do the mv17:39
nemomaybe that's too much to ask of the mirrors17:39
nemojaromil: hm... still hanging on "working" this seems way beyond a sensible rsync timeframe19:14
nemojaromil: gonna try to hardcode after all (I thought I'd wait a bit first)19:14
nemohm. wonder if my mirror list in dns is out of date19:15
nemonope... queried devuan nameservers directly, identical IP list19:17
nemohm... maybe I can find out who is bad w/ wget of each IP19:17
nemojaromil: weird. they all seem to be responding19:21
nemonormal folders for /merged/ on each one with Host of deb.devuan.org19:22
nemothe weird thing is it seems like all the repo fetches succeeded...19:56

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