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tuxd3vdoes any one knows how to convert back a sdcard that shows as scsi... ?00:47
tuxd3vits a block device but I messed too much with it, and now I can't get it back has a block device..00:48
masontuxd3v: You can probably unplug the device, remove the device node, restart udevd, and re-plug it if you did what I suspect and managed to overwrite the device node.05:13
tuxd3vthere are a problem in sane-utils..05:38
tuxd3vin /etc/default/saned..05:38
tuxd3vthe service is disabled for SysV :S05:39
masontuxd3v: That's a common starting configuration. You're supposed to edit the /etc/default file to enable the service.05:40
tuxd3vmaybe, I don't recall much, about the last configu in 2011 :D05:44
tuxd3vhumm there seems to be problems with this package..06:04
tuxd3von reinstall is doesn't copy all files to default dirs..06:04
tuxd3vI removed '/etc/init.d/saned'06:05
tuxd3vthen reinstalled sane-utils, if gives me an error :S06:05
tuxd3vA --force-all seems to solve the problem using 'dpkg'06:08
tuxd3vbut I can't put '/etc/init.d/saned restart' to work06:10
emdetehi, i play with lxd (self compiled) in devuan and get the error `Permission denied - Failed to mount "/var/lib/lxd/containers/first/rootfs" on "/usr/lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/lxc/rootfs"` - does someone have a clue what's wrong?11:27
debdogfound this: no clue what it means11:32
r3bootemdete: 1) are you running something like apparmor which is denying this? 2) Are you trying this as root?11:52
sixwheeledbeastapparmor should show up in dmesg11:57
emdeter3boot: 1) no apparmor but the libs for compiling lxd 2) yes, i run lxd&lxc as root because lxd tells me to do so.12:35
emdetesixwheeledbeast: oups, you are right: `dmesg|grep -i appa` shows init12:38
emdetesixwheeledbeast: so how can i disable that or allow the mount above?12:39
sixwheeledbeastDisable apparmor or make an apparmor rule, latter is probably best12:44
emdetesixwheeledbeast: how so, i dont even know why my system runs it... 😉12:48
sixwheeledbeastwell it's a security module so it's your call to disable it12:50
emdetesure, but what you be so kind to explain to me how?12:51
sixwheeledbeastif it is apparmor there will be a "audit DENIED" in dmesg you can use "aa-disable" on that profile to prove this is the issue.12:56
sixwheeledbeastto disable apparmor completely I believe you can boot with "apparmor=0" flag12:57
sixwheeledbeastActually aa-complain maybe better.13:00
sixwheeledbeastto make a profile I would have to check the manpages. I think it's aa-genprofile?13:02
r3bootemdete: I googled for you:
sixwheeledbeastah aa-genprof13:14
emdetesixwheeledbeast: thank, sorry, i thought you are an aa expert laughing about me 😉13:44
sixwheeledbeastemdete: nope just what I have picked up from years of using Ubuntu13:48
emdetei wasnt aware that aa is part of the kernel... thats why i was wondering how that came into my system13:48
Digitregret to inform the devuan dvd installer hung on detecting network, so i didnt even get in to give it a whirl.15:00
Digitfor more minutes than i had patience for.15:01
r3bootwhat does 'hung' mean in this context?15:01
Digitsaid it was still detecting network on the gui screen.  i looked through other tty, some kernel noise on one i wasnt sure if it meant something went wrong.  couldnt find any more clues to my skill/knowledge level.15:03
GyrosGeierif the Back button doesn't work at that stage, that is a serious problem15:03
Digitwasnt up to the stage of getting any buttons even.15:03
GyrosGeierthat is also wrong15:03
GyrosGeierthe buttons should be painted by a different process15:04
Digiti selected the gui install, and that was as far as it got.  i didnt get in to the interactive bit besides selecting the boot option (and swtiching through tty).15:04
r3bootDigit: so do you have DHCP on your network? Is the network cable plugged in? Are you in the right vlan? Is the switchport up? Is the cable good?15:05
Digit~ am currently in calculate linux, installing it.  if this fails, i'll go back to giving devuan another try (or void).15:05
Digitr3boot, um, sure, all the things.  works here in this other live system and in the older devuan i have installed on a smaller partition.15:06
r3bootDigit: hey, just trying to help out15:06
r3bootbut we dont have any crystal balls here, so you will need to provide us with atleast some troubleshooting steps15:07
Digitr3boot,  yup yup.  thanks.  no disrespect or ungratefulness intended.15:07
Digitanyhoo... bbialb.  :)  much love, devuan.  :)15:08
r3bootNot getting a dhcp lease in the installer is something that rarely if ever breaks, so I think the problem is somewhere in your network :)15:08
emdetesixwheeledbeast: may i ask where your name is coming from? i once owned one, that's why i ask ;)15:26
sixwheeledbeastemdete: T-Rex15:44
nemohm... I've been unable to update devuan on my work laptop for over a week now18:14
nemoit keeps hanging on "working"18:14
nemoGet:20 ascii-backports/main amd64 Packages [611 kB]18:14
nemoGet:21 ascii-backports/main i386 Packages [604 kB]18:14
nemoanyone else encountering this?18:14
nemo0% [Working]                                                      4,073 kB/s 0s18:14
golinuxnemo: Some patches are being applied to amprolla today so maybe try later.18:20
m3ttihey how can i create a lxc devuan container is that possibel20:51
masonm3tti: Sure, you just populate it with debootstrap.20:51
m3ttihow does that work i'm pretty new to lxc20:52
m3ttiif i do lxc-create -t debian -- -r ascii20:52
m3ttiit doesn't work20:52
m3ttiand a devuan template is not available20:52
masonWell. I'd probably go ahead and use debootstrap.20:53
m3ttiso i can just use a chroot for lxc?20:54
masonA quick search shows this deprecated tooling that nevertheless will suggest how you might set up the lxc config after using debootstrap to populate a container root:
masonm3tti: You can use a chroot if you need to run things in the context of the container without running the container infrastructure, sure, although if you start depending on container networking and such, you'll start to have issues.20:55
m3ttifound in the allready made up lxc templates21:23
masonm3tti: It's better to figure out the moving parts, as then when something doesn't work as expected you'll have a better chance of debugging it.21:31
tuxd3vhello all,21:57
tuxd3vcan somebody do a 'ls -ltr /' on your system and paste the content..21:57
tuxd3vI made some s**t with my root '/' permissions :s21:57
tuxd3vwhule creating a image...missed the window and pammm21:58
tuxd3vwhule -> while21:58
tuxd3vthanks in advance!21:59
morruthtuxd3v: sent by private message22:00
tuxd3vmorruth, thanks a lot :)22:04
tuxd3vreconstructing them now22:05
HumI can't find the in devuan. What happened to it? I can't imaging that the program needs systemd22:07
Jjp137are you using ascii? if so, it's not on stretch so it's not on ascii22:08
HumJjp137: You are right. I didn't see, that it is missing in stretch22:10

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