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enycyeti: hah, well nonetheless thats debians' official policy, which can be quoted back at them $debian-maintainer-additude-deajudstment-tool etc00:08
enycyeti: nonetheless, being able to get some changes upstream imho definitely a good thing!00:09
enycWhat I didn't see in the vote/resolution is a discussion of how best to handle systemd-feature-creep though maybe thats inherent in the question asked, etc00:09
enycFWIW, those who didn't see -- Choice B voted formally
tuxd3vprfilser, congratz!!01:08
systemdleteFinally, they are finding religion...?02:49
tuxd3vany good file manager gtk2, using low resources and fast?02:52
tuxd3vI was thinking in rox-filler..02:52
tuxd3vits too much basic.. :)02:52
tuxd3vthunar needs some xfce4 dependencies :(02:53
aaropcmanfm is the other one i know of but i use thunar02:54
tuxd3vI also use thunar in my xfce402:54
tuxd3vits nice02:54
tuxd3vbut I wanted one for arm, low resources and low dependencies.. :S02:54
systemdleteProposal H:  Being Excellent to Each Other03:13
systemdleteSorry, but that is not really a correct use of the word there.03:14
systemdlete"Respectful"  "professional"  "cooperative" ... how about those words instead?  They seem to fit the context better.03:14
fsmithredtuxd3v, check out spacefm03:38
fsmithredwith pmount or udevil, it can mount/unmount removable drives03:41
tuxd3vfsmithred, thanks I will try it out03:44
tuxd3vwhat you think is best pmount or udevil ?03:44
tuxd3vudevil seems to have 1 less dependency, but has bigger sugestions :S03:45
tuxd3vI think I will need to try both :)03:45
fsmithredI've always used pmount, but I don't know that it's any better03:47
fsmithredjust habit03:47
fsmithredI know pmount can handle luks-encrypted filesystems. (Not tested in beowulf yet.)03:48
tuxd3vwith pmount Iwill need 'gvfs'  and 'policykit-1' ?03:49
fsmithrednot gvfs03:49
tuxd3vits not a dependency, probably it doesn't03:49
tuxd3vok, thanks03:49
fsmithredgonna check something...03:49
fsmithredpmount doesn't even need dbus03:50
tuxd3vnice, I think I will try first pmount :)03:51
tuxd3vseems cleaner at least from dependency checks, and recommends/sugestions03:51
fsmithredTake a look at this for fun:
tuxd3vit his a very good start, and very close to what I need03:56
agrishey golinux, can you link me to the article you posted on the Debian forums 2014 systemd debate on why the quality and reliability of Debian matters because of how widely it will get deployed throughout industry, even in the international space station?04:40
golinuxagris: I'll try to find it04:51
golinuxSorry . . . came up empty.  So I'll just post one of my favs from that time:
agrisis this from you?05:04
golinuxNot understanding what you're asking05:10
agrisIs this just a random piece you like or did you write this?05:14
* rrq wouldn't attach "random" to much of what golinux does :) but it's good to learn that her stage name is C Barry...05:24
frabbiti use linux-libre kernel. i like to upgrade it automatically if a newer version is available with apt upgrade, is that possible?05:25
golinux<agris> Is this just a random piece you like or did you write this?  No I did not.  To date, still the best description of the problem.05:27
agrisfrabbit, linux-libre?05:29
g4570nfrabbit: yes, add the repos05:31
plasma41frabbit: yes. I run Devuan with linux-libre. Just add linux-libre's freesh apt repo to your sources.list.05:42
frabbit agris: yes05:43
frabbitg4570n: and plasma41 i did this05:43
agriswhat's that?05:43
plasma41frabbit: You should be good to go then05:43
frabbitbut i need to run apt list linux-image*-gnu to see new versions and if tehre are new available i need to install them manually05:44
g4570nfrabbit: 👍05:44
frabbitdeb freesh main05:45
frabbitthats my repo for linux-libre05:45
frabbitg4570n: cant see what u have posted there...05:45
plasma41frabbit: See the "Use Case" table on
frabbitplasma41: what 4? o005:46
frabbitive already chosen a version05:47
plasma41Oh, ok. So you're good to go?05:47
frabbitplasma41: what means good to go?05:48
frabbitcant translate that...05:49
plasma41frabbit: All questions answered and all issues solved, I mean.05:50
frabbitplasma41: no o005:50
frabbitit doesnt upgrade automatic05:50
agriswhat about the binux kernel05:50
frabbitand doesnt listed too by apt list --upgradable05:50
frabbitas i said i need to do that manually everytime...05:51
plasma41frabbit: Did you add the repo's signing key with 'apt-key' as per the directions on ?05:52
frabbitplasma41: of course05:53
agristhe binux kernel as from the bubuntu binux05:53
frabbitelse i couldnt get it o005:53
g4570napt update?05:53
frabbitthat doesnt work as i said before...05:54
plasma41frabbit: I can't think of why it's not working. Maybe ask in #linux-libre?05:55
frabbitplasma41: =/05:56
frabbitwhats that? a troll?05:56
frabbitoh hes kicked05:57
agrismaybe his client glitched out05:58
agrisit's rather excessive to automatically assume he's a troll because he just said kernel a couple times05:59
frabbitagris: thats ur pov not mine ;)06:00
agrisyour not wrong06:12
bnjf<3 thx devuan.  enabled serial in /etc/inittab and that's enough to get cloud-init installed and back online with a saner debian :D16:10
* gnarface claps excitedly 16:21
HeteroChromia420may i ask (if it is appropriate) how far is beowulf in development (and it's estimated release date if there's one)? i'm interested on this project, though i can't really use it yet because i rely on some packages from buster17:50
wdcbbI thought haveged was installed by default with the system (ASCII 2.1) but I was wrong.18:07
wdcbbIt seems to me that it should be, but maybe there is a reason that it is not. I have looked18:07
wdcbbaround a little and I have not found any guidance.  Should I install it? This is on a18:07
wdcbbpersonal computer. If there are some parameters or considerations – what are they?18:07
wdcbbI am new to chat so please excuse my startup clumseyness.18:07
yetiyou can manually upgrade 2.1 to 3.018:10
golinuxYes, you can install haveged.18:13
wdcbbI can install haveged, but I am trying to understand why it is not there by default.18:16
wdcbbIs there some reason not to install it?18:17
yetiI dont even know what that is... :-/18:17
yetiasking marjory18:17
* debdog had to read up on in, too18:18
yetidoes that help @boot?18:18
yetisometimes I get delays because VMs have too less chaos18:18
fsmithredI added haveged to my live isos that have openssh-server installed, because without it takes too long to make new host keys on boot. That shouldn't be an issue with an installed system that keeps its host keys between boots.18:19
yetiok... then the delays may have a different cause18:20
fsmithredI just got back. Where's the delay?18:20
yetiI cant ssh in long after reboot18:21
yetiand it looks like wiggling the mouse speeds it up18:21
fsmithredoh, that does sound like an entropy problem18:21
fsmithredbut why there?18:21
yetinot devuan18:21
yetiI noticed that only in 2 void VMs18:21
fsmithredssh -v give you any useful info?18:22
yetissh_exchange_identification: Connection closed by remote host18:24
yetifor a long time and its faster if I use the mouse overt the QEMU window some seconds18:25
yetimaybe the lack of entropy in a VM blocks something that is no problem in real hardware18:25
yetibut why only void?18:26
fsmithredmaybe it needs some randomness on every login. I don't know.18:26
yetiit's not really urgent...18:26
fsmithredtry installing haveged and see if that helps18:26
yetiSize required on disk:         171KB18:27
fsmithredfor void, my first guess would be that something is missing. But I don't actually know much about void.18:27
yetirestart in new qemu instance18:27
yetino change18:28
yetibut definitely mouse movement speeds it up18:28
fsmithredare you booting a live iso or an installed system?18:29
yetiit works ... just that delay is suspicious18:30
yetiI'l check that on real hardware... somewhen18:31
yetibut that probably has enough stimuli from real life18:31
yetiI should build an usb random generator18:31
yetihmmm.... maybe even injecting some fake packets on ethernet could help18:32

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