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fsmithredWonka, have you tried installing the xfce4-session from sid? I'm wondering if that's possible.03:04
JackFrostLooks like the only issue would be recommends, which..Can be ignored.  It should be safe to install, actually.03:08
fsmithredI'm in the process of trying it. Currently upgrading beowulf to ceres.03:14
fsmithredyeah, you definitely want to exclude Recommends if you pull it from sid. Otherwise, it wants systemd-sysv03:44
fsmithredIt installed ok, reboot works from the desktop.03:47
fsmithredon a side not, upgrade of encrypted lvm to ceres worked without any problems.03:47
* mrpfilser watches lubuntu access hdd for no reason every second03:53
fsmithredgot any ports open?03:53
mrpfilserno is offline03:54
specingits probably ~/.recently_used.xbel03:54
specingor something similar03:54
mrpfilseri'll devuanize it sometime03:54
fsmithredmaybe updatedb03:57
mrpfilseri'm used to updatedb/slocate/mlocate running drive continuously03:58
mrpfilserwhen it runs03:58
mrpfilserhmm gnome-mplayer caching something from dvd04:02
stovepipeis there a list of support cycle somewhere06:17
stovepipelike when does jessie stop getting updates06:18
mrpfilseri don't know stovepipe06:24
onefangJessie-updates and jessie-proposed-updates no longer exist, jessie-security still exists.  So only security updates for jessie.  Beowulf is close to being released, when that happens jessie stops being oldstable.06:26
stovepipeany idea when that is06:43
stovepipei guess i should start testing my legacy shit on ascii06:44
onefang"Soon" is the best answer you'll get.  If I recall correctly there's only a few Beowulf packages left to sort out.06:45
surrealpiedoes anyone know how to switch from sysv to runit08:16
surrealpiei guess i will follow this
surrealpiei was hoping apt would automate everything but there doesn't seem to be any conflict when i install runit, which means i probably need to replace init program manually08:26
surrealpierunit seems to work fine after replacing /sbin/init09:03
surrealpiebut i don't understand where the service directory is supposed to be09:04
surrealpiedpkg -L runit has the directory /etc/service09:05
surrealpiewhich seems to be the path to link service, but that's not the case09:05
surrealpiethe services running at boot are from somewhere else09:05
surrealpiefinally found out: it seems runit was running the sysv scripts due to the default configuration in the runit package10:11
surrealpieit seems not much support for runit scripts yet on devuan so im copying the scripts from a different machine; but hey it works!10:13
surrealpieim totally not talking to myself right now10:14
gnarfaceit is a slow channel, you can't always expect same-day responses10:17
gnarfacethere might be example runit scripts in /usr/share/doc/runit10:17
gnarfacei'm sure you're not the first person to go through this but the other 2 are probably asleep right now10:18
surrealpiehaha, i wasn't trying to be a dick10:19
gnarfaceall the alternate init stuff is basically as inherited by debian10:19
gnarfacethe openrc setup basically does the same thing10:19
gnarface*inherited from debian i mean10:20
gnarfacesome work has already been done on openrc though, someone might have already done some work on runit too10:20
gnarfacesomewhere out there...10:21
surrealpieyeah i thought so. but it's fine for now, it can be configured easily to run sysv scripts10:21
surrealpieonly i had to add ttyS0 for some reason that didn't work with runit but worked with sysv10:21
surrealpiebut other than that all the daemons work normally with the sysv scripts10:22
LeePenamarsh04: ping16:10
mason        vgs="$(/sbin/lvm vgscan | sed -n '/"/s/^.*"\([^'\'']*\)".*$/\1/p')"17:04
masonNot sure why that's quoted there.17:04
masonSeems somewhat unusual.17:04
fsmithredthe outermost quotes are around the value of the variable.17:13
fluffywolfnot sure about which part?  you should always quote $() unless you want bash to do things to the result...17:14
fsmithredThe other quotes are for finding the text between the quotes17:14
masonfsmithred: Also, and this is critical to remember, it's not bash running this stuff. Debian uses dash as the system shell. It's always a hard error to include a bashism.17:21
Hurgotronbeen trying to install Devuan with boot encryption. devuan_ascii_2.1_amd64_netinst.iso - I get "code name of release couldn't be determined" (or somesuch, translated form German). Any ideas?17:25
fsmithredHurgotron, uefi or legacy bios?17:28
Hurgotronnvm, wonky USB stick disconnected itself, all fine after re-mounting /cdrom.  Sorry for the wrong alert17:29
EHeMLooks like mirrors are getting broken again,,,, and are giving 404s (stable).18:56
jaromilseems other than what you arepointing but yes19:24
Wonkasomeone got problems with his firefox crashing?20:06
onefangI just woke up, but...21:38
onefangEHeM: ",,, and are giving 404s"  ...21:39 is an actual mirror.21:39 is another name for my mirror, but would not be responding as a mirror to that name.21:40
onefangThe rest are also not actual mirror server names, though might be other names for those servers, and might not be responding as mirrors to those names.21:41
onefangSooo, how did you figure those particular names are giving 404s?21:42 is responding properly, my server is still up, my mirror checker script is reporting the same results it usually reports, on all three computers it's currently running on.21:46
jaromil /quit22:09
jaromilsryyyyy :^P22:09
EHeMI gave what reverse-DNS reported, if you prefer IP addresses:,,,, and
Acaciaout of those domains only is listed as a devuan mirror on
Acaciaand I can access it fine23:05
onefangThe other domains are alternate names for the same physical server, that are returned by PTR records, which can only return one name per IP, even if that IP servers several names.  So reverse-DNS returns the PTR records.23:10
onefangSo for example if you refer to my server as, you wont find any Devuan mirror there, but if you use the name, you will.23:11
onefangAs jaromil mentioned, I have my mirror checker script running on  I also have it running on which shows the same results.  The third one I mentioned before is my own desktop, it's not on a public IP.23:14
onefangThat mirror checking script runs every ten minutes on sledjhamr, every hour on borta, and keeps a history of results.  They run on opposite sides of the planet.  Not showing any problems for those specific mirrors.23:16
onefangSo the real question is, what was EHeM actually doing to show 404s on so many mirrors?23:16
onefangDigging deeper into my mirror checkers history, it's not showing any problems with around the time EHeM complained.23:25
* onefang gives up digging.23:26
mrpfilsermaybe a personal dns problem onefang23:56
mrpfilseri could ping them23:57
onefangMy mirror checking scripts do a lot of different tests.  If there's something I'm missing, I want to know, so I can add it.  But yeah, I suspect some local problem.  Or perhaps looking for something that's not on certain mirrors YET coz they only update themselves every 30 minutes.23:59

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