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sedroskenSo I know I've said this before, but the lack of topmenu stuff in the beowulf repos is kind of weird considering its in the ascii repos00:39
sedroskenhm, looking closer it's not in the Debian repos for Buster either00:43
sedroskenwonder if it's unmaintained these days or something00:43
sedroskennot a huge deal if I can't have it, I just have a ton of negative space in my panel00:44
sedroskenalso, I'd like to build a kernel with the ck patchset, and everything I'm reading online is telling me I need a package called kernel-package, for which there is no installation candidate06:35
sedroskena little digging tells me it's not available for Debian Buster either, which tells me there's either something to replace it, or they just don't want us building custom kernels anymore, which I find unlikely06:35
sedroskenmy question is, what replaces it?06:39
gnarfacesedrosken: it is still present in ceres so my assumption is that it's just temporarily broken07:27
gnarfacesedrosken: you might be able to build the kernel by using the scripts in the debian kernel source package itself though07:27
storm_hello everyone08:42
storm_I would like ti ask some question about using computer08:43
storm_which laptops vendor are you using08:43
storm_the linux people using Lenovo Thinkpad Series usually08:44
gnarfacethis is a support channel, storm_, you should ask in #debianfork instead09:08
James1138Minor question (I hope). How much trouble will it be to upgrade Devuan XFCE from 4.12 to 4.14??17:16
fsmithredJames1138, are you planning to upgrade beowulf to ceres?17:17
fsmithredor do you want to backport all of xfce4?17:18
fsmithredeither way, xfce4-session 4.14 has not been devuanized yet. We still have 4.12 in ceres, but the rest of xfce is 4.1417:18
James1138Fsmithred;cNot planning upgrade - happy with Beowulf.17:18
fsmithredthen you would have to backport xfce17:19
fsmithredI suppose you could try installing xfce from ceres, but be prepared to trash your system17:19
fsmithredI suspect it would be a big mess of dependencies17:20
fsmithredwhat's 4.14 got that 4.12 has not?17:20
JackFrostYou'll have to ensure you do them in the right order, and to get any gtk2 panel plugins as those would need rebuilt aginst the new xfce4-panel.17:21
James1138Just wondering and thinking about being more current - but from what I read JackFrost just wrote - I'll just stay where I am.17:23
JackFrostYeah if there's no specific feature you seek, no point in jumping.17:23
fsmithredthis is a debian-based distro - old software is a feature17:24
JackFrostfsmithred: Sure, but in some cases it might be nice as 4.14 has much better multimonitor support, and less tearing for some people.  But either way, it'd be unsupported on that release. :P17:25
fsmithredwell, as for tearing, my xfce on ceres sucks.17:32
fsmithredxfce on beowulf is working nicely. The multi-monitor support is sufficient for my needs, and I no longer need to use lxrandr.17:33
furrywolfI like icewm...  fast and doesn't get in the way of using my computer.17:34
gordonDrogonnot devuan specicic, just musing on the mention of multi-monitor stuff above - I have 2 screens - 1080p hdmi and an older 1280x1024 which I use, however I only use it for openshot so have a shell wrapper round the openshot call to enable the 2nd screen using a script that xrandr generated for me. (and another to disable when done) using ascii+xfce4 fwiw.18:10
nemoso... #debian had a genius idea for my kernel woes20:07
nemosince I *had* gotten that stupid rootkit building in ascii (aka stretch) why not just pin stretch (aka ascii) to use those kernel headers instead20:07
nemoI don't particularly need any new kernel features on this machine20:07
nemomy pin file must be incorrect20:45
nemocan't seem to get apt-cache policy to pick it up properly20:45
fsmithredpaste it somewhere (not here)20:46
nemofsmithred: I also tried a=ascii-updates  n=ascii  a=ascii-backports ...20:48
nemobut apt-cache policy linux-image-amd64 keeps scoring beowulf higher20:49
nemofsmithred: because I don't know what I'm doing I guess ☺20:49
fsmithredyeah, it will pull the latest one20:49
nemo  I'm just reading this20:49
fsmithredremove linux-image-amd6420:49
fsmithredit's a metapackage20:49
fsmithredthen of course you will need to install any newer version kernels by name20:49
nemofsmithred: I'm just trying to use the ascii kernel with beowulf through an explicit pin20:50
nemoif I rerun apt-cache policy linux-image-amd64 it's still recommending the beowulf one.  I thought the 1000 for the pin should make ascii take precedence20:50
nemo(rerun after removing the meta)20:51
fsmithredI would just install the kernel I want and set grub to boot that entry20:51
nemofsmithred: I just want updates to proceed normally20:51
nemofsmithred: and I have to use a 4.9 kernel until I figure out how to fix
nemooutput of make clean default against
nemo4.9 I was able to get built20:52
nemofsmithred: I wanted to make it all work as automagically with apt as possible for the concept "use stretch 4.9 kernel but beowulf everything else"20:53
nemoand pin seemed the perfect way to do it20:53
fsmithredI think you're fighting with the metapackage20:53
fsmithreddoes apt try to remove the 4.9 kernel?20:54
nemofsmithred: I doubt it's the package itself - I think my pin is bad20:54
nemofsmithred: because I haven't even tried apt update/install - just apt-cache policy20:54
nemowhich keeps selecting the wrong thing20:54
fsmithredmaybe 100120:55
fsmithredthat's what you'd use to force a downgrade20:56
nemofsmithred: hm. 'k... although all the values in the list are 100 and 500 right now20:56
fsmithredand you do have an ascii line in sources.list, right?20:56
nemofsmithred: apt-cache output20:57
nemoalso added my sources.list entries20:57
nemoI ran apt-cache gencaches in case that's necessary, after each pin change I was trying20:59
fsmithredI don't know why it's not working.21:00
fsmithredPinning can be tricky sometimes.21:00
fsmithredif you install the kernel by name, it won't be automatically removed21:00
nemofsmithred: yeah, I just wanted to automatically pick up stretch security fixes21:01
fsmithredthen you can select it at boot, or you can set grub to boot that one by default21:01
nemoer ascii 😉21:01
fsmithredshould be n=ascii21:02
fsmithredtry 100121:02
fsmithreda=ascii-backports if you want that21:03
nemotried n=ascii too I thought. but lemme try again. maybe forgot gencaches that time21:03
nemoand yeah, I have the 1001 now21:03
nemothat seems to be doing it21:03
nemo  Candidate: 4.9+80+deb9u1021:04
nemonice. now I have to fix headers too21:04
nemohm.. actually I probably still have those21:04
nemomade a linux-headers-amd64 too21:05
kiwi_8Hi, I got trouble shot acpi things, but need to connect with the compunter, by protocoll ip wlan, from start up for testing purposes at a test stand driven with one pc as testpc. But the result Is after an howr googling that there is no such command line to be found. And I neither know one, can you help me with that? Is not there a way for a22:10
kiwi_8"devuan scripted android hotspot connnecting? If you knew one, thanks in advancefor a tip or pointer.22:10
fsmithredkiwi_8, if that's the same thing as tethering, you need to use network-manager instead of wicd22:31
nemokiwi_8:  not too certain about what 'sactly you are doing there, but if it is setting up a wireless hotspot, I did run into a guide I used successfully on my devuan laptop22:35
nemousing dnsmasq and hostapd22:36
nemowasn't point and click unfortunately22:36
nemodoes have advantage of running w/o gui22:37
gnarfacealso, hostapd needs driver-level support which they don't quite all have23:08
kiwi_8fsmithred: I need to do it by start up without user interaction. I reckon the GUI tools wont do.23:18
kiwi_8bte way the connection is fine with Gui wicz , right now.23:20
kiwi_8is to study wpasupplicant the right way?23:25
nemokiwi_8: not sure anyone here is too clear on what you're trying to do yet23:35

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