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fsmithredhe didn't miss anything00:00
Guest46359fsmithred: one day i shall go to Boston00:00
fsmithredcool. Let me know!00:00
fsmithredI want to go back to AMS00:00
fsmithredI liked it there.00:01
Guest46359It's cool00:01
Guest46359fsmithred: i recoverd the code of the remastersys project (by Tony Brijeski, a canadian engineer); may be it would be useful for refracta...00:08
golinuxeyalroz: Who is responsible for that troublesome package in devuan?  AFAIK, Devuan only touches packages related to systemd and would not change something on a whim.00:08
fsmithredI've looked at that code in the past, and it's very different from mine00:08
fsmithredI'll be playing with your live-sdk soon00:09
golinuxeyalroz: Can you please post the version number here?00:09
Guest46359golinux: greetings00:09
golinuxHello aitor!  Big hug coming your way!!00:10
Guest46359I want to go to Texas00:11
eyalrozgolinux: source-highlight 3.1.8-1.2+b100:15
eyalrozMaintainer: Peter Eisentraut <>00:15
Guest46359fsmithred: i'm focused in simple-netaid for now00:17
fsmithredthat's ok. I'm focussed on helping to get beowulf out the door00:17
fsmithredI need to re-clone your repo and start playing with the beowulf build00:18
Guest46359give me one day, and i'll send you the link to the sources00:20
Guest46359fsmithred: time to bed, see you tomorrow :)00:21
golinuxeyalroz: That is not a devuan package.  Talk to Debian about it.00:28
eyalrozgolinux: Yes, I know it isn't.00:28
eyalrozI was just wondering if you all want to talk to them about it too.00:28
eyalrozI've just emailed the package maintainer, let's see what he says.00:28
golinuxThat's for doing that.  That's a task for affected users to pursue.00:31
golinuxThat's > Thanks00:31
golinuxLet us know what he says.00:32
eyalrozgolinux: Sure.00:36
tuxd3vAnybody knows, the diference between 4.9.0-11-686 and 4.9.0-12-686 kernels?03:25
rrqprobably you could download the two deb files, then extract the two config-4.9.0-1[12]-686 files, and diff them03:28
tuxd3vrrq, that could give me a diff in the config,03:32
tuxd3vbut I still don't know if any patch's were aplied to 12  diferent than what was in 11 :S03:32
tuxd3vMy question was more to know if anithing has changes between 11->12 kernels03:33
onefangIs'nt that what changelogs are for?  Kernel changelogs usually have a long list of changes.03:34
tuxd3vonefang, yes you right, I was doing something and pam.. occured to me also :)03:44
tuxd3vboth of you :)03:44
onefangYou are welcome.03:44
tuxd3vwell it seems several fixes, with also security fixes for meltdown, spectre and fiends..04:10
* tuxd3v humm tuxd3v still prefer full performance of is xeon( he paid for it.. )04:11
cousin_luigiWhat is the difference between devuan and running stock debian with sysvinit ?09:05
rrqgreat idea. report back when you've tried it.09:12
cousin_luigiI am running my homeserver and router on that.10:28
cousin_luigiThe main difference appears to be in the init= switch as boot option.10:29
cousin_luigiI mean it. I need them to run on ro filesystems and I don't fully understand how much systemd has insinuated itself into the OS.10:31
onefangThat'll be one of the key differences then, Devuan tries to uninsinuate systemd.10:32
cousin_luigiThing is, I keep reading about debian leaving choice to the user, but how much is that actually feasible?10:34
cousin_luigiSo far I'm happy with my somewhat customised debian, but perhaps I'm missing out.10:35
onefangThese sorts of questions are probably better off asked in #debianfork, this is a support channel.10:36
xkr47any workaround for "Error: could not find a distribution template for Devuan/ascii" from `add-apt-repository ppa:phablet-team/tools` ?14:57
djphfake debian ... uh... what was oldstable's codename?15:02
xkr47temporarily Debian/ascii? :)15:03
fsmithrededit /etc/os-release15:03
fsmithredDON'T USE PPAs!15:03
fsmithredyou might bork your system15:03
xkr47then how ?15:03
xkr47install manually?15:04
djphoh, ppa ... thought you were building from source.15:04
fsmithredthey have deb packages? That would be safer.15:04
fsmithredthe problem is that they might have libraries in the ppa that come in and mess things up for you15:04
xkr47I need fastboot for flashing android so let's see15:05
fsmithredif you install deb packages, you can figure out if you have mis-matched versions of things15:05
xkr47yeah, but if it only installs apps, is it ok?15:05
xkr47anyway, maybe manual install then.. sunday is running out and I need to flash my wife's phone :)15:05
fsmithredit might work15:05
fsmithredfastboot is in repo, isn't it?15:06
fsmithredI see it in beowulf15:06
fsmithred1:7.0.0+r33-1 in ascii15:06
xkr47so much for following instructions too carefully :15:08
fsmithredbe flexible!15:09
fsmithredI started modifying and mixing sets of instructions long before I knew what I was doing. Most of the time it works out. (i.e. without destroying the system.)15:10
xkr47btrfs snapshots ftw ;)15:10
xkr47hmm phablet-tools not available, but wonder what it is, do I even need it15:12
xkr47"Scripts to work with Phablet." yeah that helps15:13
fsmithredno phablet in repo15:14
TwistedFateAnyone here who can help me find what's using up almost all of my RAM? I think my Devuan install has a memory leak..15:47
xkr47top -> type "M" (sort by memory size) -> check the number of the "RES" column (RESident size = how much memory is used) of the first few processes15:48
cehtehTwistedFate: try top or ps ...15:48
xkr47(top = a command to run in the termal15:48
xkr47terminal even15:49
TwistedFatetop isn't saying much..15:49
TwistedFatecan't pinpoint the exact thing15:49
cehtehwhat makes you thin too mcuh ram is used?15:50
TwistedFate12 gigs being used right now, got a browser and a few things open15:50
cehtehthat there isnt nuch 'free' should be normal15:50
cehtehbecause it copies a lot files and files caches with it15:50
TwistedFateit's not normal because my firefox just started bugging out15:50
xkr47TwistedFate, can you paste the output of `free` ?15:50
onefangtop -c might help pinpoint things, it shows the entire command line.15:51
cehtehyou should only worry when it starts swapping or the oomo killer kill processes15:51
TwistedFate              total        used        free      shared  buff/cache   available15:51
TwistedFateMem:           15Gi        11Gi       2.1Gi       1.3Gi       2.0Gi       2.6Gi15:51
TwistedFateSwap:         7.4Gi       0.0Ki       7.4Gi15:51
TwistedFateit is swapping and it's pissing me off15:52
xkr47it says 0.0 swap used, so that doesn't seem to be true15:52
cehtehyeah no swapping15:53
TwistedFatenot right now, i clear swap regularly15:53
xkr47if you want more evidence, type "vmstat 1"v and monitor the "si" (swap in) and "so" (swap out) columns.. if they are 0 all the time then nothing is swapped15:53
xkr47"bi" and "bo" indicate other (non-swap) disk access, I think it was in kilobytes15:53
cehtehyou can try to stop the installer (from console) ny ctrl-z or ctrl-s ... or send the STOP signal to the process, then investigate further15:54
xkr47so with that top command + "M", can you paste the first three processes maybe?15:54
TwistedFatexkr47: top +M?15:55
xkr47yeah, run top, and after it started, type uppercase M15:56
xkr47so it sorts by memory use15:56
xkr47then paste 3 top processes in the list15:56
TwistedFate 1927 root      20   0 6363528   2.2g  96536 S   1.3  13.7 298:01.69 Xorg15:56
TwistedFate21281 twisted+  20   0 4128376   1.1g 229152 S   0.0   6.9  39:35.44 Web Content15:56
TwistedFate16456 twisted+  20   0 4183460   1.1g 143820 S   0.3   6.8  27:49.04 Web Content15:56
xkr47can you paste the header line too?15:57
xkr47telling which is which15:57
xkr47ok I reset my toprc and got the same order now :)15:58
xkr47so the 2.2g column is RES15:58
specingTwistedFate | not right now, i clear swap regularly15:58
specingThat's silly15:58
specingTwistedFate: How much on tmpfs?15:58
xkr47good point15:58
specingrun ps_mem from github15:58
specingno idea, downloaded it like 10 years ago15:59
specingBut it is the only accurate way of telling how much memory some process consumes15:59
xkr47"how much on tmpfs?" -> command: df | grep tmpfs15:59
specingwrong command15:59
xkr47those Web Content processes seemt o be using a lot, and I guess it's firefox doing it16:01
specingTwistedFate: top is useless, run psmem16:01
xkr47TwistedFate, you could try this:16:01
specingHow many tabs do you have open?16:01
TwistedFateabout 3016:01
xkr47I have 160016:02
specingrun psmem16:02
TwistedFatehaving  trouble to find it, it's not in the repo?16:02
TwistedFateof not, got a link?16:02
TwistedFateif not*16:02
specingit's there and called ps_mem16:02
xkr47but try this: in firefox, 1. open url "about:preferences" 2. in search field type "process" 3. Disable "Use recommended performance settings" 4. Set "Content process limit" to maybe 2 5. Restart firefox 6. Check memory use again16:03
specingwas there*, no idea if it still is16:03
fsmithredthere are two or three different versions of ps_mem (and on github. I tried them last week. They all work.16:04
fsmithredI think two showed firefox total on a single line and the other one put each ff/webcontent process on a different line16:05
TwistedFatespecing: it's not in the repo16:06
TwistedFatefirefox was taking a bit more than 5 gigs16:15
TwistedFatestill have 5 gigs used up and not many things open16:15
TwistedFateseems like xorg is to blame16:15
TwistedFatetime to reboot i guess16:15
lonuHi Devuan people.  I've installed Devuan yesterday, and I like the minimality of this system.  I was wondering if there's some upgrade plan for a more recent Debian21:07
lonu...oh, sorry, I have to go.  Cheers21:14

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