freenode/#devuan/ Monday, 2020-03-02

andrazhi, anyone has an idea if devuan is going to implement opensnitch?01:25
andrazas a package01:29
golinuxandraz: If debian has it, we will have it.01:43
yetideb10: $ apt-cache search opensnitch | wc --lines03:04
grin[m]<andraz "hi, anyone has an idea if devuan"> "no releases and versions found" - says Mr. gitHUB13:40
grin[m]in fact it says big bold red letters that "BEWARE THE LEOPARD"13:41
grin[m]oh, no, I mean, it's not ready yet and no security assurances, or even hopes.13:41
jkisterfsmithred (and all) after upgrading ascii -> beowulf the other week, it seems the xterm is a little funky.  `vi` always shows the first line as ;?;? -- the problem goes away when i use vt100 .  do i need to update something to keep xterm ?  or is the terminal a red herring ?20:23
masonjkister: Maybe regenerate locales?20:29
masondpkg-reconfigure locales20:29
fsmithredjkister, I'm not seeing that21:07

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