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Guest60258you also need bzr (bazar)00:00
Guest60258and the "rename" package00:00
Wafficuswait isn't python-dbus part of systemd?00:02
Wafficusits one of the requirements for bzr00:02
Guest60258mozilla depends on libdbus00:02
Wafficusisn't that systemd?00:02
Guest60258not exactly, there are dh-systemd, etc...00:03
Guest60258the browser will work without dbus00:03
Wafficusah screw that then00:03
WafficusI don't want anything to do with systemd00:04
fsmithreddbus is not systemd00:04
fsmithredit's interprocess communication, been in debian longer than systemd00:04
Guest60258but uses systemd00:04
Guest60258but uses dbus, i mean00:05
fsmithredrunning without dbus is possible, but a lot of things normally present in a desktop system won't work00:06
Wafficusthen why is it installing python-dbus in one of the dependencies?00:06
Wafficusvia either bzr or mercurial00:06
Wafficus*forget which one00:06
Wafficussaw it on the dependencies it was installing00:06
Wafficusso, is there an internet browser that's modern, but not Chromium, and doesn't depend on systemd?00:07
Wafficusis there such a browser, or am I screwed in that regard?00:07
fsmithredI have no idea why it has the dependencies that it does00:07
Guest60258on dbus?00:07
fsmithredI'm pretty sure that those dbus libraries can't do anything if dbus isn't present and running00:08
fsmithredfirefox will run without dbus00:09
Wafficusbetter safe than sorry to not use it then00:09
Wafficuskind of disappointing00:09
WafficusI wonder what in the hell browser doesn't use Chromium infested bs, or isn't systemd based00:10
Wafficusits like a lose-lose situation00:10
WafficusI've been using w3m00:10
fsmithredclose enough00:10
Wafficusbut I'll still need a GUI browser for like banking and stuff like that00:10
Wafficusand to access Digital Ocean's site00:11
fsmithredlinks2 will run in graphical mode and makes the web look like 199500:11
Wafficusqutebrowser won't log me into Digital ocean, not sure why00:11
ejrw3m with some customization (e.g. vim keybindings) works great for most purposes00:11
ejri use palemoon+pentadactyl for banking and stuff00:11
Guest60258Wafficus: maybe Otter browser?00:11
fsmithredyou'll probably need javascript to do banking00:11
Guest60258i don't know sure, because it's in Qt500:12
WafficusI see, Otter browser hmm00:14
Guest60258here you are the website:
Guest60258fsmithred: one parenthesis...00:15
Guest60258today i've built gnuinos beowulf with runit, but i need to test it00:15
Guest60258yesterday i was wrong at some points, talking about /etc/service00:16
Guest60258on the other hand, i also talked about my services for the virtual ttys, but they are provided by tthe *getty-run* package00:17
fsmithredI don't remember you talking about that00:18
fsmithredI need to go to the kitchen00:19
Guest60258i thought that /etc/runit/runsvdir/default pointed to /etc/service, but it's in the other way around, so, the packaging is right00:19
Guest60258and i need to reboot, see you tomorrow :)00:20
ejrabsinthe: i think it's the cryptsetup-functions file...00:31
ejrbut i have yet to find the updated one that fixes the bug00:31
ejrahh that's what i was looking for, thanks fsmithred! i can just cp that over the old cryptdisks-functions, right? no other commands necessary?00:36
WafficusI'm still doing the make install and its still waiting on this part00:36
Wafficusis that normal?00:36
fsmithredit might get overwritten if cryptsetup gets an update00:36
fsmithredso save a copy00:36
Wafficusmy laptop's pretty hot for doing this build from source task with the ./makeicecat thing00:36
fsmithredWafficus, use cpulimit00:37
TheBlueWizardI have some questions about upgrading to Beowulf from Ascii: do I need to do the upgrading from console with apt-get, or can I do that from Synaptic? And do I need to stop GUI first?01:08
TheBlueWizardI am already looking at it and it seems to say use not sure01:13
golinuxI wouldn't use synaptic to upgrade.01:16
TheBlueWizardAnd prolly better to not be in GUI as well then01:19
absintheah! tyvm for this cryptsetup fix, it works like a charm <301:33
WafficusI'm in the output folder for icecat from gnuzilla01:38
Wafficusaka icecat-68.9.001:38
Wafficushowever I don't see an executable that was made with the makefile01:38
XenguyThanks golinux for the upgrade to Beowulf link.  I have to do a thorough system backup first, but then I think I will attempt the upgrade to Beowulf sometime real soon now.02:30
XenguyAny issues with Beowulf that I should now about before I commit, anyone?02:31
gnarfacejust read the release notes, you'll probably be fine
gnarfacei've seen some package conflicts on the upgrades i've done but nothing that wasn't fixable by just removing everything in the way and letting it reinstall what it wanted02:34
gnarfaceif you have your full backup i wouldn't worry02:35
XenguyThanks gnarface , that's my next step, rsync'ing a fresh full system backup I think02:36
gnarfacei didn't experience anything here that was fundamentally different from the jessie->ascii upgrade02:37
XenguyI'm pretty sure I still have room on the external drive I use.02:37
gnarfacesame type of scattered packaging conflicts, just on different packages02:37
XenguyFor me, online jessie/debian -> ascii (I think that was the path I took), was painless and worked like a charm02:38
XenguyHoping for similar luck now going Ascii -> Beowulf02:38
absintheupgraded yesterday, everything went smooth02:39
XenguyGreat to hear : -)02:39
XenguyAscii -> Beowulf you mean absinthe ?02:39
Xenguysounds like good news02:40
absintheso far so good :)02:40
XenguyBeowulf, pretty cool name too, hah02:40
Xenguy<david putty>Yeah that's right, I'm kickin' it with ahhh Beowulf!02:41
Xenguy</david putty>02:41
Xelraaif you want to experience something which goes absolutely the worth try to upgrade debian stretch to buster on rpi, tons of things breaks then in middle of the dist upgrade the process gets interrupted and the apt binary is missing at that point you can trash your system and start over from backup :P08:29
Xelraaso far my beuwulf install experience is good08:29
Xelraaeven tho i did advanced scenario from netboot to install it with cryptodisk08:30
Xelraai see this 4.19 kernel now also switched to luks208:30
leafwizHello. I'm trying to install a beowulf on a esxi server with passthrough network. No dhcp. The install seems to freeze / stop with a blue window with white line underneath.09:33
leafwizAfter I have selected the locale09:33
leafwizThe VM Network is Connected with Pass-though set to yes. - If I where to guess what is wrong I would say the install hangs on DHCP request.09:36
ErRandirsounds like multicast packets are not passed through09:42
leafwizDid an expert install. So is up and running. Just strange with the regular install.09:51
leafwizWonder if I should do a bug report?09:52
ham5urgIs there a site like for devuan? I would like to browse / search for packages and versions.11:14
Joril ?11:19
ham5urgThanks. I was looking at it but can't identify which KDE version is used.11:25
humpelstilzchen[The page says 5.1012:16
fsmithred4:5.17.5-3 1012:58
fsmithred         10 chimaera/main amd64 Packages12:58
fsmithredhumpelstilzchen[, ^^^ plasma-desktop12:58
fsmithred5.17 in chimaera and ceres, 5.14 in beowulf13:15
fsmithredSomeone has 5.18 available.
humpelstilzchen[aah now I see it, the link to kde-plasma-desktop is the wrong package13:20
fsmithredyeah, I don't know what that one is13:21
ham5urgIs there some point against building a Icecat-Deb and become a maintainer for it?14:54
bgstack15ham5urg: some point, as in some support? I personally love the alternative Mozilla-based browsers. I'd try a IceCat deb if you can make one.15:20
bgstack15I don't know about getting it into Devuan proper, but you should certainly start by making a deb for it and showing it to the project team.15:20
ham5urgbgstack15, I was wondering why there is a Firefox but no Icecat. I would never use Firefox in the first place.16:56
bsd4meWill xfce4-notes-plugin be added to chimaera? Just curious since I see other plugins already added :)17:49
buZzsure, pull requests welcome to introduce your package17:52
bsd4meIt is in beowulf, so was wondering if there was a dep problem, or something else :)17:53
buZzis it in debian 11?17:55
bsd4meiirc, I saw it. Will check again to make certain.17:55
bsd4memy bad. Not there :(17:58
bsd4memust of been 10 I was searching17:58
buZzah well17:59
buZzmaybe xfce has nobody that cares enough about it17:59
bsd4memaybe. dunno :(      I'm using openbox, but didn't want to pull in all the deps for knotes, but may have to. I have a lot of xfce4 notes.18:00
buZzarent they textfiles?18:01
ham5urgIs out there a actual ISO oft testing18:02
bsd4meyes. But with the "sticky note" feature, I just have to click an arrow to get to whichever note I want. Easier than scrolling through a text file18:02
ham5urgAmd64-devuan-kde-live.ISO or similar18:03
fsmithredthe only devuan live isos are xfce desktop-live and the no-X minimal-live18:06
ham5urgIs there a testing live iso?18:11
fsmithredham5urg, I made a chimaera live iso. Unofficial, incomplete, untested (mostly) and I'm pretty sure it mostly works:
ham5urgfsmithred, loading the iso18:53
meep_____If I am upgrading from ASCII to Beowulf all I need to do is search and replace /etc/apt/sources.list s!ascii!beowulf!g, apt update, and then apt dist-upgrade right?19:07
fsmithredmeep_____, read the guide. There are a couple of other things you might need to do.19:09
devuanHello Guys20:03
devuangoes any one really knows what fonts come with, for xterm?20:03
devuanwhen I try to resize(Shift+'+')20:04
devuanI receive warnings that they are not availlable20:04
devuancould this be the fonts I need?20:04
devuanxfonts-shinonome - Various 12,14,16 dot Japanese Kanji, iso8859-1 fonts for X1120:04
devuanbut I don't want Japanese20:04
teknopaulHi all installing a third Devuan system , different boot media brand new hardware and I still get the not ext4 bug, is there anything I can do to help debug this issue?20:07
specing'not ext4'?20:09
teknopaulenter advanced mode and try to partition disks and there is no option to format as ext4, just ext2 and fat20:10
teknopaulnormal install works and creates extx partition20:11
teknopaulMr. fsmithred said he could not reproduce it but I have no problem reproducing it and wonder if I can help debug the issue20:13
specingthat is S T R A N G E20:20
specingext4 has been around for more than a decade20:20
nemodevuan: xterm's annoying behaviour with fonts is main reason I don't use it20:21
teknopaulext4 itself works, just the ncurses tui does not show it as an option20:23
teknopaulis it possible to debug the installer?  I've done 3 baremetal installs20:23
fsmithreddid you check the download and the burn?20:26
fsmithredspeaking of that, is it on usb or optical media?20:26
coagencongrats on the 3.0 release! looking forward to checking it out20:27
teknopauldownload cksum is correct, and I have used two different USB devices20:28
teknopaulthree sets of completely different hardware20:28
fsmithredwhich iso?20:28
teknopaul096f3462d2098723b097aa0393fae92d631857db51af70697e2524629cebe246  devuan_beowulf_3.0.0_amd64-server.iso20:29
devuannemo, its crazy, I can't find the correct fonts, and recomends, doesn't help on that :(20:29
fsmithredok, I'm imaging a usb now. I will do an install in a few minutes.20:30
teknopaulK, let me know if there is anything I can do.20:37
fsmithredexpert mode, manual partitioning, I have all the normal choices20:38
fsmithredfor filesystems20:38
devuanxterm: cannot load font "-misc-fixed-medium-r-normal--20-200-75-75-c-100-iso10646-1"20:38
devuanI already have: xfonts-base,xfonts-encodings,xfonts-terminus,xfonts-terminus-oblique,xfonts-utils20:39
devuanI have now up to 4 days trying to find fonts and nothing yet for xterm20:40
devuancould it be xfonts-unifont?20:41
yetixfonts-100dpi-transcoded or xfonts-75dpi-transcoded ?20:42
fsmithredteknopaul, how are you preparing the usb?20:44
nemodevuan: what I like about something like, oh, mate-terminal is that it seems to handle font fallback juuuust fine20:51
nemodevuan: and, well, since I'm running mate anyway..20:51
teknopaulubuntu usb startup disk creator20:53
devuanyeti, thanks, I tried that, but not yet.. :(20:54
devuannemo, I already fall a sleep 3 times scrlolling the 7260 options for xfonts20:55
teknopaul/usr/bin/usb-creator-gtk version 0.3.320:56
kryptonHi fsmithred, have you digged into the strange start-stop-daemon/eudev issue further?20:58
fsmithredteknopaul, maybe you should use dd or cat21:00
fsmithredkrypton, no21:00
fsmithredI tried to reproduce the problem in an installed system but could not21:00
fsmithredit was an ascii that I upgraded to beowulf a year ago21:01
fsmithredcouldn't get the problem. I upgraded it again, so now it's chimaera.21:01
kryptonOK, I have another three boxes to upgrade to beowulf - I'll stay on stable21:02
fsmithredI think it will eventually get solved21:02
fsmithredone of the people looking at this is the current maintainer of eudev21:03
kryptonOK, is there anything I could do to help?21:03
fsmithredpinpoint the actualy bug?21:04
kryptonheh, good one21:04
kryptonOK, if anyone asks for a box where to reproduce the issue, you can point hin to me, I'm not usually on IRC: ulrich.teichert@gmx.de21:06
devuanI already have: xfonts-100dpi-transcoded,xfonts-base,xfonts-encodings,xfonts-intl-european,xfonts-terminus,xfonts-terminus-oblique,xfonts-unifont,xfonts-utils21:10
devuanbut not yet21:10
devuanright now I have: xfonts-100dpi-transcoded,xfonts-75dpi-transcoded,xfonts-base,xfonts-encodings,xfonts-unifont,xfonts-utils21:26
devuanbut I still get: xterm: cannot load font "-misc-fixed-medium-r-normal--20-200-75-75-c-100-iso10646-1"21:27
* ShorTie Thinkz, maybe
devuanShorTie, indeed..22:07
devuanI can only solve that applying my font22:07
devuanxterm -fa -misc-fixed-medium-r-*-*-17-120-100-100-*-*-*-*22:07
devuanusing xfontsel for finding it..22:08
coagenhey all, I'm looking for some new mods for #debianfork, stop by #debianfork-ops or send me a memo if interested22:12
golinuxNote the #debianfork is not an official #devuan channel.22:14
golinuxAnd has refused to cooperate with members of the devuan team.22:16
golinuxSo please take any further discussion #debianfork.22:18
* coagen smites golinux with a fish22:35
golinuxPlease no fish smiting on this channel22:43
Guest15994I changed the root database password in beowulf, and added the new creds in /root/.my.cnf, however i get errors when starting the database and on boot22:47
Guest15994[....] Starting MTA:ERROR 1045 (28000): Access denied for user 'root'@'localhos)22:47
Guest15994where else do it need to specify the root database credentials in beowulf OpenRC22:47
debdogthere is a "t" missing in "Access denied for user 'root'@'localhos_t_".22:49
debdog(could be just a typo here22:49
Guest15994I'm not sure if that's just because of the serial console22:49
debdogahh, ok22:49
Guest15994debdog, I'm not specifying the user anywhere22:49
Guest15994it's just [client] password=secret22:49
Guest15994I want to put a password in /etc/mysql/debian.cnf22:54
Guest15994but it says22:54
Guest15994# Automatically generated for Debian scripts. DO NOT TOUCH!22:54
Guest15994where would i put it instead?22:54
fsmithredwouldn't you enter it at a mysql prompt?22:56
fsmithredI mean set it that way22:56
fsmithreddpkg-reconfigure mysql-server or something like that (but it may have changed with mariadb)22:57
coagenGuest15994: might not be a bad idea to ping folks in #debian with this query, not sure if this is limited to devuan22:57
Guest15994the default devuan sets no root password allowing passwordless root login to the database22:57
Guest15994which btw isn't secure because any user on the local system can claim to be root22:58
fsmithredyeah, I think I remember hearing about that22:58
fsmithredsee the debian release notes for the corresponding release22:58
fsmithredascii=stretch, beowulf=buster22:58
claponthi everyone23:06
clapontfirst, thank you & congratulations for the effort you put in a SystemD free Debian!23:07
clapontsecond, could someone tell, for Beowulf (based on Debian Buster) - which DE are inside the desktop version -devuan_beowulf_3.0.0_amd64-desktop.iso ?23:09
clapontAnswer for Q: LXQt and KDE are only available on DVD (
clapontalthough, in the screenshots I see: XFCE (default), MATE, Cinnamon, KDE, LXQT23:14
clapontmaybe it is easier to use the Server version then add OpenBox with apt..23:15
golinuxclapont: Please read the Release Notes
clapontgolinux: I did, thank you.23:30
sgageclapont: use the netinst iso and you choose whatever you like23:30
golinuxThat should help you sort things.23:30
claponthave a nice day!23:36

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