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BookWyrmlooks like nobody ever talks here...00:12
RhineDevilrrq, I would like to register on devuan git and push my projects online, should I register on How's the migration from devuan gitlab going?09:29
rrqyes you should register and then use the + to migrate from gitlab. All "devuan" projects have been migrated and some (most?) users have migrated their packages.10:33
rrqwe hope everyone will have completed their migration by 5 July10:34
rrqthe gitlab server wil be shutdown but we'll keep it as is for a while just in case someone suddenly realizes they forgot something10:35
RhineDevilrrq, I haven't any project in gitlab, but thx10:47
parazydJust in case anyone's wondering what I'm up to :p17:34
lifestronautHow much support is there for OpenRC in devuan? For example - does every package that needs a service have one for openrc as well as sysvinit?17:35
fsmithredlifestronaut, I'm pretty sure the answer is no. The default setup is for openrc to use sysvinit scripts17:40
MinceRthis time it took not 6 but 9 clicks of "Try Again", and it still has a bar at the bottom saying "Your account may not be allowed to perform this action" (i'm not logged in)17:41
MinceRtwatter is a ruin17:41
fsmithredcheck the forum for community support. There are people using openrc and writing about it.17:41
brocashelmit's amazing how versatile devuan is with init choices. so glad this distro exists. it keeps getting better and better in the 2 years i've followed it17:41
MinceRnice to see pinephone support is progressing17:42
parazydlifestronaut: It works with existing sysv initscripts transparently. So you can use both.17:49
tediousparazyd: So can you just do an apt-get install openrc and it just works?17:56
parazydtedious: Yes, and after that you must reboot. apt will tell you the command after you install.17:56
tediousI'm having a problem with booting up and I thought I could fix it with openrc but now the system is trashed.17:57
tediousI can't even get it to boot single user.17:57
parazydWell you can always fix it with init=/bin/bash17:57
parazydOr just boot a Devuan Livecd and work from there.17:57
tediousI have no idea how to fix it tho.17:58
fsmithredwhat does it do? How far do you get?17:58
tediousIt's a zfs root system and it hangs after bringing up the network and doesn't tell me what's wrong.17:58
parazydAny errors you see are a good pointer :)17:58
tediousNo errors.17:58
tediousIt just hangs forever.17:58
fsmithredafter bringing up network or during bringing up network?17:59
fsmithredand did you try ctrl-c at that point?17:59
tediousI thought maybe it was a /dev/random problem so I let it wait over night.17:59
tediousYeah none of those things work.17:59
tediousAll I can do is hit enter and make the screen scroll.17:59
tedious^C just shows up on the terminal.18:00
parazydSo probably your ttys aren't spawning for some reason18:02
parazydBoot a livecd, and check /etc/inittab, and maybe disable stuff in /etc/network18:02
fsmithreddoes the livecd need to have some zfs stuff installed?18:03
parazydSurely they can apt-get it18:04
fsmithredzfsutils-linux I guess18:05
fsmithredI know it's not in the desktop-live. Would have to check minimal-live.18:05
tediousI'm using other live cds that have zfs and I can chroot into /mnt.18:05
tediousI edited all the init scripts and put set -x into them so I can see that the boot hangs in the network script.18:06
fsmithredit's not in the minimal-live18:06
fsmithredshould I change that?18:06
tediousIt runs ifup -a and brings up eth0 with dhcp but then it just hangs.18:06
tediousfsmithred: If you could put zfs in the live stuff and the installer it would be amazing. :)18:07
fsmithredcan you ssh in?18:07
tediousNo it hangs before finishing the network script so nothing else starts.18:07
tediousThat's why I wanted to install openrc and was hoping that would at least let me run parallel mode and get other services running.18:08
fsmithredI don't have any other ideas. Very little experience with openrc and none with zfs.18:13
parazydJust have a look at the inittab18:15
parazydMaybe you're not spawning ttys18:16
tediousI didn't touch inittab so it's still stock.18:19
tediousI think there's a bug in the network scripts.18:19
fsmithredyou have 'allow-hotplug' in /etc/network/interfaces?18:23
fsmithredif so, try changing it to 'auto'18:24
fsmithredor manual if you prefer18:24
fsmithredor take a look at this:
tediousNo it's just auto.18:28
fsmithredok, so that patch won't help18:28
tediousI just don't understand why that script would hang after it brings up the interface.18:32
fsmithredare you sure it18:32
fsmithredit's not the next script not starting?18:32
tediousNope I put "starting $0" at the top of every init script.18:33
tediousRight before set -x.18:33
tediousAnd it gives me the output for accepting the dhcp address on console.18:34
tediousWhat does ifup -a do?18:35
fsmithredstarts all interfaces configured in the interfaces file, I think18:35
tediousCould it be seeing my wifi card even tho I don't have anything besides eth0 in /etc/network/interfaces.d?18:35
fsmithredno, but a network manager might try18:36
fsmithredn-m, wicd, connman...18:36
tediousI don't think I installed any of those.18:43
tediousDoes xfce install one?18:43
tediousI wonder if it's running the nfs script in /etc/network/if-up.d/.18:44
fsmithredyeah, xfce installs wicd18:45
fsmithredmaybe set -x that script to see if it's getting confused reading fstab18:47
tediousI just tried to install openrc and apt wanted to remove zfs-initramfs zfsutils-linux zfs-zed and sysv-rc.18:51
tediousSo I think devuan is just broken with zfs.18:51
tediousI'm going to get rid of the nsf script and see if that fixes anything.18:52
engideadevuan 3.0 is very good: one small issue, when using KDE is that pulseaudio --start is missing in some statup script20:02
engideaonce the command is given, audio works flawlessly, beautiful20:02
fsmithredengidea, did you set PA to autospawn in the config file?20:11
engideaAhhhh, thanks fsmithred !!!!20:27
tediousfsmithred: Getting rid of the nfs mount script fixed the boot problem.20:54
tediousNow it boots but it doesn't mount /root or some of the other zfs filesystems.20:54
fsmithredtedious, can you tell if any kernel modules did not get loaded?20:55
fsmithredlsmod | wc -l20:55
tediousI didn't check.20:55
fsmithredlsmod |grep snd20:55
tediousHalf of the zfs filesystems do get mounted.20:55
fsmithredis fstab correct?20:56
tediousYes because it only contains /boot.20:56
fsmithredok, I'm lost20:56
tediousThe system is supposed to do zfs mount -a when it comes up.20:56
tediousEvery filesystem that has a mountpoint=/something and isn't set canmount=off or canmount=noauto is supposed to get mounted.20:57
tediousSo I was right about devuan hates zfs. :)20:58
tediousOr is just broken I think is what I said.20:58
fsmithredpretty sure we don't do anything with zfs packages21:00
tediousI guess that's why I can't install openrc without it uninstalling a bunch of zfs packages.21:10
tediousIf I can figure out what's causing all this mess how hard is it for you to fix it?21:11
tediousCan you push a tiny script change into beowulf-backports or do you have to go thru upstream?21:12
fsmithredwe can change packages that we fork. We don't fork any zfs packages.21:14
tediousOk I guess I'll have to either come up with my own fixes or just abandon devuan.21:15
tediousI guess maybe I can make my own script for zfs mount -a and put it at /etc/rcS.d/S05mount_my_damn_filesystems.21:19
openbsdtai123Hi, would you know a small fbdev desktop for retropie, that would run on FBDEV only?21:20
openbsdtai123like amiga workbend on fbdev?21:20
tediousfsmithred: I think I fixed the boot problem.22:15
fsmithredcan you document it somewhere in case someone else has the same problem?22:16
tediousThe S02zfs-mount script was missing from rcS.d and rc1.d for some reason.22:16
tediousI can't do jack until I get this system working better lol. :)22:16
RhineDevilrrq, Just registered, however my gravatar profile doesn't get synced with devuan, is this the default behaviour?22:40
RhineDevil*devuan gitea22:43
tediousfsmithred: Tiny update .. something writes to /root/.cache after /root gets unmounted during shutdown.22:47
tediousSo zfs refuses to remount /root later because it's not empty.22:48
tediousI'm just killing it and mounting it by hand right now but maybe I'll figure it out later and make a proper solution.22:49
RhineDevilWhere should I ask for approvation about a devuan team?23:27
tom_Does Beowulf support NTtables? or only IPtables?23:32
buZz> nftables is the default and recommended firewalling framework in Debian, and it replaces the old iptables (and related) tools.23:37
buZzyou can just use iptables tool though, there's a iptables-nft layer that translates it23:38
tom_is there any difference for writing firewall rules for aliased interfaces?23:39
golinuxRhineDevil: om23:39
RhineDevilgolinux, henlo23:39
tom_alias interfaces vs physical interfaces23:39
buZzi dont think so tom_23:39
buZzshould be the same as iptables23:40
golinuxLet's do a pm23:40
tom_do I need to specify eth0:1 or just eth023:40
golinuxI have a channel open23:40
golinuxSorry for the typo above.23:41
buZztom_: for eth0:1 specify eth0:123:41
golinuxRhineDevil: Can you join me there please?23:41
buZzthe traffic for eth0:1 doesnt appear on eth0, unless its in the same subnet, i -think-23:41
RhineDevilgolinux, where23:41
tom_ok thanks23:45
tom_what replaces ip sets in nftables?23:51
tom_say I have a set up trusted_remotes, and a list of internal cluster nodes and a list of bad guys23:51
tom_how would I use that in the new nftables?23:51
tom_Does IST and SST use UDP or TCP?23:54
buZztom_: you can just keep using iptables23:55
buZzit will use nftables underwater23:55
tom_I'm writing rules now for a new distributed database cluster so might as well upgrade now23:56

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