libera/#neo900/ Friday, 2018-06-08

houkimeseems like I found ir window in this video.
houkimeon the north side  where the buttons are, in the east-north region near the camera button02:34
houkimelooks like ir stuff should be placed on the bottom surface like the buttons?02:35
houkimemetacollin populated this region already, so need to think what to do.02:43
houkimeon the pcb right now there's no clear markup for a window so need to calculate and draw it myself somehow02:45
houkimeOn case scans the chamber can be seen03:07
houkimeok, so just need to use existing transforms (good thing i made them).03:08
houkimehowever there're 2 more potential problems I noticed with the bottom sim card.03:10
houkimeor 1... well, 1 for sure03:12
houkimethe thing is that as i mentioned you can't protect all sim pins with one esd thing03:13
houkimebecause for bottom sim they are in the different parts of the component (huge component)03:14
houkimeand the problem that I've noticed now is that this sim is immovable, and there's actually no space under the modem to place esd for some sim pins.03:15
houkimeand you also can't do this on another layer because of the modem03:16
houkimeI now have a file with a list of layout issues in my branch.03:21
houkimeWould be nice if they could be tracked03:21
houkimethat would be quite easy to do using sth like self-hosted gitea instead of gitolite.03:22
houkimeatk: what was the reasons behind choosing gitolite for repos?03:23
houkimeir chamber placed04:42
houkimebut IR issues are real.04:43
houkimeit is conflicting with metacollin's placement of audio codec04:46
houkimeand tbh i barely see now how to manage LOWER east wich needs to accomodate 2 sims and elaborate audio stuff.04:48
houkimeand ir04:49
houkimeand probably still have sth else.04:54
houkimeok. nap.04:54
houkimehmm... now that'm thinking about it... Let me try and write a simple tool to decide which parts go where.11:49
houkimebecause otherwise that could be quite troublesome.11:51
atkhoukime_: I wasn't there to make a decision to use gitolite so I have no idea19:08
atkPersonally I'm not a great fan of it, it seems to add an unnecessary level of complexity19:09
atkBut that can be said about a lot of everything, people love unnecessary complexity for some reason.19:12
Joerg-Neo900don't get me started or I find -name .git -exec 'rm -rf {};'19:22
Joerg-Neo900afaik gitolite was needed for ublog19:23
atkwell, I can't confirm or deny that19:27
Joerg-Neo900yeah, better stop providing my arguments why git is terrible19:29
Joerg-Neo900not a git lover here :-)19:30
Joerg-Neo900also I've seen that "if only we'd us Y instead of X tool, everythign would be a thousand times simpler" way too often meanwhile, with always devastating results19:31
Joerg-Neo900right now there's no manpower available to do basic maintenance on server, no way we gonna change anything in it19:33
* Joerg-Neo900 idly checks if any urgent updates are pending19:34
atkJoerg-Neo900: gitolite is not git19:34
atkI have no problems with git personally19:35
Joerg-Neo900ooh great, then let's delete it immediately19:35
atkBut I write lots of C19:35
atkDeleting it would mean replacing it and although replacing it would be quite easy, I don't currently want to screw around with that considering all the effort involved.19:35
atkI've had a really long stressful week19:36
Joerg-Neo900you said it's not git so I implied we don't need it, so why replace it then?19:36
Joerg-Neo900also I'm pretty sure it IS git19:37
enyc /join #maemo19:37
Joerg-Neo900    Gitolite is an access control layer on top of git, which allows access control19:38
Joerg-Neo900    down to the branch level, including specifying who can and cannot rewind a given19:38
Joerg-Neo900    branch.19:38
houkimewell, in our case it is a piece of software that makes us a remote.19:41
houkimeand maybe fine-grain control justifies its usage19:42
houkimealthough i'm not sure it can't be achieved via other means.19:43
houkimemy point was just that it is not really convenient for issue tracking19:43
houkimedo we have means of issue tracking?19:43
houkime(also it impedes wide-community collaboration on an open part of files because interface)19:45
Joerg-Neo900shall I rm -rf / ?19:46
Joerg-Neo900there IS NO MANPOWER for taking care about such stuff19:46
houkimeenyc: You asked what should we call a help for? ok, we need extra admin so that finally we can collaborate ok.19:48
Joerg-Neo900you first need to find somebody to collaborate with19:51
Joerg-Neo900this project was about collabpration for several years, that's why we got git and eeshow and whatnot19:54
Joerg-Neo900and, as already stated: [2018-06-08 Fri 19:31:37] <Joerg-Neo900> also I've seen that "if only we'd us Y instead of X tool, everythign would be a thousand times simpler" way too often meanwhile, with always devastating results19:55
Joerg-Neo900we had/have trello, gilab, wiki, microblog, a half a dozen others that I even forgot the names. Nothing of all that saved more time than wasted  to set it up and try make everybody use it19:57
Joerg-Neo900slack via irc gateway, I wonder what's the purpose of THAT been, compared to plain irc19:59
Joerg-Neo900sorry for soundfing grumpy, probably the 30h of tar-in my 2GB HDD and trying to prepare for system-upgrade did their damage on my nerves, in cooperation with the electrohammers they used to remove all plaster from my house's outer walls today, all day long, plus the dust that caused on a 30°C day20:40
houkimecould you make a post on maemo-forums regarding lack of manpower?20:43
houkimeit now sounds like "everything is ok, we're working and don't need help" which is not really the case at least anymore.20:46
Joerg-Neo900it's way beyond the "we need help" state20:51
Joerg-Neo900it's in the "do it yourself or nothing gets done" state since start of year already20:52
Joerg-Neo900and I clearly communicated that20:52
houkimeyes, I have seen this. Writing a more clear and apparent version in one minute.21:11
atkJoerg-Neo900: gitolite is a control layer on top of git, and the thing to replace would be solving how houkime gets access to the repo21:25
atkJoerg-Neo900: it wouldn't be too hard to make it so the repo is read-only to him and just give him a unix account where he can host his own private repo21:25
atkbut working out how to safely pull out gitolite requires learning more about gitolite21:25
atkalthough the simple solution would be to: git clone all repos21:26
atkremove gitolite21:26
atkput repos back21:26
atkat this point in time though, everything is sorted out and working, the tape has been stuck down now and things are staying together21:26
atkI'd rather not start tugging on the tape on a friday evening when I have a headache21:26
Joerg-Neo900the fuck, gitolite is there for a reason, and I don't see why houkime has a problem with git21:28
atkgitolite is there for a poorly construed reason at this point afaict, the thing it is implementing could have been done with much less hassle with some unix permissions21:30
Joerg-Neo900I spent over 76% of server admin time with fixing git issues, usually after somebody "fixed" things21:30
atkif you were on the server fixing git issues it was probably gitolite21:30
atkbut I imagine most of the issues would have been introduced by incorrectly manually configuring gitolite when gitolite was configured to use a configuration repo21:30
Joerg-Neo900guess what? I hated git to start with, so do you really think this shit would be there if not absolutely needed?21:31
atkI see all sorts of things in my line of work writing software, people come up with all sorts of well meaning reasons to do things which aren't actually necessary.21:31
houkimeguys, please calm down. nobody calls for immediate measures.21:32
Joerg-Neo900when somebody doesn't like the server and git on it works, clone it21:32
Joerg-Neo900I mean, it's git21:32
Joerg-Neo900strange thing: it worked (with quirks) for the project since... 4 years21:33
atkwell yes, I'm not saying it doesn't work21:34
Joerg-Neo900I don't see how our tasks changed so massively so we can't cope with them with what's thre, anymore21:34
atkbut from my point of view, when it falls upon me to fix things, it's made harder when there are things set up which don't appear to be necessary and which are misconfigured or barely working21:34
atkI'm not sure what houkime doesn't like about how gitolite is configured, he was asking me why it was being used, I just gave my perspective on the situation.21:35
Joerg-Neo900you're free to set up an alternative server21:35
atkRight now for all I care it all works well enough for now.21:35
atkIt's just that if I was going to do it all from the beginning then I would make things a lot less complicated.21:36
Joerg-Neo900prolly until you get the idea that our website must be in git too, publicly available (for WHATEVER reason o.O), and that our website shall be based on pelican since pelican has a microblog21:38
Joerg-Neo900then you *might* come to the conclusion that gitolite is necessary21:39
atkno, all of this can be done without gitolite21:39
Joerg-Neo900TBH I don't give a fart. It took me 4 years to learn basics about this stuff, despite I never wanted to touch any git21:40
* enyc burps21:40
atkthe only reason gitolite would be useful is if you had a complex structured hierarchy of developers working on a shared project and want to avoid people stepping on each other's toes21:40
atkhere we have one layouter working on a project with one reviewer and the only requirement is that the layouter can't write to the main repo and that the layouter has git repo space on the server21:41
atknone of that requires gitolite21:41
Joerg-Neo900like ... a websote that is read-only on git for public, but a ee repo that is private with a mirror that is public but read-only and has some footprints and layout filtered?21:41
atkwell the filtering isn't done by gitolite currently, making things private doesn't require gitolite, it's just a cgit config option (which gitolite happens to control which just makes gitolite a layer of indirection) and the read-only-to-public aspect of it is just the default, making things writable by the public is the hard part21:42
Joerg-Neo900you have no idrea how I +HATE* discussing this shit21:43
atkWell I have some idea :P21:43
Joerg-Neo900another 10 minutes and I quit the server at hetzner21:43
Joerg-Neo900hed up with it21:44
Joerg-Neo900fed up even21:44
Joerg-Neo900I don't see the sane rationale in me fighting a burnout, delaying a 6 months hospital treatment, to discuss *G*I*T* >:-(((21:45
atkthere's no reason for you to discuss it, you should get your break, I was just answering houkime's question, there was no complaints being made to you personally about how things are set up21:47
houkimetake a break, Joerg.21:49
knttlit's probably a good time to remeber that by and large, we all want the project to be successfull.22:18
houkimehere, I made a preview of what a status report and planning thing should PROBABLY look like.22:51
houkimeLet me actually make a gitlab repo on it so everyone can participate in a constructive manner22:52
knttlhoukime: looks nice. maybe to much gibe but still nice ;)23:23
atkon the other hand, I personally really dislike gitlab23:23
houkimewell, i can do it on notabug then if it will be nicer23:24
atkdo you just want to host it on the server?23:24
atkI can give you a repo for it23:25
houkimeatk, the problem is that if you give me a repo on a server it will be not really comfortable for people to contribute23:25
houkimeunless you have gogs or gite or sth pleasant23:25
atkPersonally I would use email patches because I like them a lot more than the alternatives but if you want something "user friendly" then I guess other options would be better23:26
atkthe main problem with gitlab is that it makes PRs even worse than github23:27
houkimenotabug then?23:27
houkimeused it?23:27
atkIf I needed something "user friendly" though, github would be my first choice, although the stability of that platform is unsure so far23:27
atkI don't use anything but email patches anymore and sometimes I am forced to use github or gitlab23:27
atkso I don't know what notabug is like23:27
houkimenotabug is gogs-based23:28
atkno idea what gogs is like23:28
atkbut I saw some pictures and it looked like github23:28
houkimefeels faster though23:29
houkimeand opensource23:29
atkif the PR system works EXACTLY like github then that would be great, because as much as I hate github PRs gitlab made me appreciate just how much effort they went to when making PRs actually work for people who like email patches23:29
atkcan I push --force new changes to a PR branch and have it handle it correctly23:29
atkalso can gogs operate at a diminished-features mode when JS is disabled?23:30
atkthose are basically two important factors for me personally, two things which gitlab severely lacks23:30
houkimenever tried doing that. Can try though23:30
atkspecifically: make a PR, comment on some of the changes, locally amend the commit and push --force, the interface should detect that the comments were made against old changes and should mark them as such and the interface should gracefully handle the push --force23:31
atkwithout LOTS of random weird glitches and/or complete failure23:32
atkbut in the end, you don't have to cater specifically for me, it's your choice23:48
houkimelooks like it works without java ok23:50
houkimeprints a warning on the top of the screen and the only thing not working seems to be a "preview" button23:51
houkimeanimations are replaced by instant things and that's it.23:51
atklet me try on my n900 in microb23:53

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