libera/#neo900/ Saturday, 2018-06-09

atkwrong window01:02
atkI was trying to type ls into a terminal01:02
atkhoukime: btw, works great on microb too01:02
atkso a nice option01:02
houkimeok. Will move there then.01:03
houkimenotabug is a Peers community-driven project, so no real worries about capitalism getting in the way.01:22
houkimealso gogs can be self-hosted01:22
houkimeand liberated  source is community-maintained too (although slower updated than gitea)01:24
esbjerg_+DocScrutinizer05: thx - it let me to which I didn't know12:50
DocScrutinizer05maemo leste is still far from ready for primetime, but a good approach12:51
esbjerg_sure but it looks very interesting12:52
atkI'm looking forward to maemo leste, but it looks like it's a while away from being done16:58
atkI also wish they had replaced dbus with something less horrible to work with at the implementation level and something with less freedesktop crust in it16:59
houkimeyou mean xorgless wayland or sth?17:31
Joerg-Neo900wayland, ohmy17:37
Joerg-Neo900reinventing the wheel17:38
atkhoukime: no, nothing to do with wayland, I dislike wayland but specifically one major dislike of mine is the design of dbus17:42
atkif you're not doing dbus in C++ or Python or some other high level language with lots of abstraction (if you're using C) you're basically screwed17:43
atklibdbus is utter garbage17:43
atkthe only other viable alternative is sdbus which is systemd17:43
atkthe problems with libdbus stem from the design of dbus (it's just trying to do too much)17:44
Joerg-Neo900Mickey of FSO once uttered "I'm FED UP with dbus, I'm going to implement my own bus now!"17:44
atkthe dbus protocol specifies a transport method in which your client program launches a new dbus server17:44
atkJoerg-Neo900: that's basically the conclusion I came to17:44
Joerg-Neo900well, in the end FSO is still based on dbus17:45
atkI tried (and I'm still sort of trying) to write a nice C dbus library with a code generator (because you end up with boiler plate whatever you do) but it's not so simple17:45
atkBut every time I have a run-in with dbus and C I get the urge to work on my dbus replacement project17:45
Joerg-Neo900Mickey said "If only we had used CORBA to start with" ;-)17:45
atk(called fdbus, which is short for .... fuck dbus)17:45
Joerg-Neo900there's even mdbus2 ;-)17:46

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