libera/#neo900/ Saturday, 2018-06-23

brolin_empeyI was going to suggest to houkime that they use a Free/libre torrent client to leech torrents of music from ThePirateBay and delete the torrent from the torrent client as soon as the torrent finishes downloading to prevent complaints to the ISP about copyright infringement but houkime is no longer here.06:39
brolin_empeyIf you can build the torrent client from source then you should be able to disable the seed function in the source code, like my former friend did around a decade ago.  I forgot which torrent client he modified but I probably still have the answer in a chat log file somewhere.06:45
houkimeBack to action. Made a RUG fp for U110523:51
Joerg-Neo900what's "RUG"?23:52
houkimeit's some component-specific codename for S-PQFP-N8_1.5x1.523:56
houkimeit's called that in a datasheet23:56
houkimefor some reason23:56
houkimeprobably to make markings shorter23:58

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