libera/#neo900/ Tuesday, 2018-07-10

kaludiosHi, guys just heard about neo900, pretty excited10:28
kaludiosis the development of the board and os everything over?10:29
kaludiosDocScrutinizer05: ^^10:29
sicelostill in progress10:29
kaludiosis there any plans to port android to the device?10:32
siceloat least not officially. nothing stops anyone from doing it on their own though10:36
kaludiosIf i get the modem with LTE EU freq set will it work in India?10:52
kaludiosor can it be configured to different lte bands?10:53
siceloi don't know. btw, i am not even 'anything' in neo900 orga. anyway, planned network support is at
siceloso you would need to check which bands your carrier(s) support, and choose appropriately11:01
kaludiosokay. thank sicelo11:25
* sicelo hopes he wasn't harsh11:53
siceloi wonder if meego 1.3 ce images for N900 are still available somewhere14:04
siceloah, echan14:04

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