libera/#neo900/ Saturday, 2018-08-18

brolin_empeyWhen houkime is here, please ask them about using Vimeo.  houkime is not here at the same time as me and IRC does not support offline messaging.09:04
atkbrolin_empey: irc supports offline messaging11:26
atkbrolin_empey: /msg memoserv help11:26
siceloyeah :)11:41
houkimewhy vimeo?19:05
houkimebrolin_empey: ^^^19:06
sicelomaybe for the video resolution problem?20:31
houkimesicelo:peertube doesn't have that (although it might be a few seconds before he switch to higher resolutions automatically)20:41
houkimesicelo: youtube has though. And peertube doesn't have stream functions at least yet20:42
houkimeI usually used twitch for streams in my native resolutions and a virtual 1080p desktop (on off-screen pixels) to stream to YT.20:44
houkime(but kicad crashes if I try it on virtual 1080p)20:45
houkimevimeo won't resolve streaming issue as well as twitch does just because livestreaming on vimeo is paid-for.20:48
houkimelike, given that I would rather use dtube so dtube pays ME and not vice-versa (although in cryptocurrency)20:49

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