libera/#neo900/ Sunday, 2018-08-19

OksanaAbout PoP warpage: <-- Not sure whether it's helpful or not, though06:36
Joerg-Neo900Oksana: I'm quite sure we already had that source of info. Thanks anyway :-)06:42
Joerg-Neo900it's definitely helpful06:42
Joerg-Neo900warpage is completely a mere financial problem, about number of evaluation/optimization runs you need to afford06:43
Joerg-Neo900as well as uniqueness of equipment and tooling you need for assembly process06:44
* Oksana nods, and notes that BeagleBoard-xM didn't go for 1GB RAM, apparently?06:44
Joerg-Neo900nope, only N9 ever did, afaik06:44
Joerg-Neo900the size/density of RAM PoP anyway has no relation to warp effect06:45
Joerg-Neo900would have been interesting if Nikolaus had tried to mount an "old" 512MB RAM PoP, and see if they encounter same warp problems like with the new 1GB RAM PoPs06:46
Joerg-Neo900I bet they would have noticed not the slighetst difference06:47
brolin_empeyatk: sicelo: I am guessing that memoserv is a service of freenode, not part of the IRC protocol and therefore not available on a network such as the EFnet that lacks services (such as NickServ, ChanServ)?08:16
brolin_empeyI cannot reply to houkime because they are not here again.08:19
brolin_empeyI was curious if houkime had tried or considered Vimeo because Vimeo seems to be much less popular in a sense than YouTube so I did not know if houkime was aware of Vimeo.08:21
brolin_empeyIn practice, though, freenode is usually the only IRC network I use.  I stopped using the OFTC.08:24
atkbrolin_empey: yes, everything where you have to /msg something (generally with serv in the name but not quite the case with e.g. alis) to get a service is an irc service and not part of the protocol11:22
atkbut we're not on EFnet so you can still use memoserv11:22
brolin_empeyatk: OK, that is what I thought.  In this case I used /query instead of /msg , though. ;-)16:47
chomwittif the project is dead in its current form could revive if a second project to create a combatible n900 case ? (i mean Joerg-Neo900 mentioned the diffuclty of finding other n900 )18:29
Joerg-Neo900chomwitt: yes, this is one possible way ahead19:21
xmnhmm, did I miss something? Are we officially talking dead something?19:34
siceloxmn: doesn't sound like that to me :p21:56
xmnI hope not22:46
Wikiwidechomwitt : stylus is the easiest, it already has STL file available on Thingiverse. If you know a good mould-something company, then you could make a batch of 500 or 1000 Nokia N900 styluses, and they would be in demand (a tad slow, but people do lose/break styluses)23:44
WikiwideThe most difficult part is battery cover aka back-cover. Because it's not only plastic, but metal as well, including magnet, backstand, spring for camera cover... That backcover would be a challenge to make.23:46
WikiwideAnd backcover could be in demand, as well, though not as much as stylus - people do break backcovers, sometimes.23:50
houkimethere are already 3d-scans of a case inner side made by wpwrak although they have limited precision and mignt need refactoring to be usable.23:51
houkimethe outer side is less important for compatibility and can be dumbed down a bit probably.23:55
WikiwideYes, wpwrak's scans are high-precision, just need some smoothing, preferably by somebody who can measure the Nokia N900 case with 0.1mm accuracy (or even higher).23:57

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