libera/#neo900/ Sunday, 2018-09-02

Joerg-Neo900for the wiki we need a structure for the "index" aka "chapters" which is not at all specific for a wiki, could as well be all the same for a book or whatever00:48
Joerg-Neo900of course such index develops with demand. But an initial structure is mandatory, or the whole thing becomes a complete mess ;-)00:51
Joerg-Neo900chapters that come to mind: hardware docs, R&D, concept, philosophy, security, competitors, utopia and the real future, discussion, updates... (this is a brainstorming collection that needs weeding out and improvement, as well as more useful topics)00:54
Joerg-Neo900atk: could we get a "turing test" for creating accounts on wiki? like "please go to freenode channel #neo900 <webchat URL> and ask there for the password you have to fill into the password box below". We could then change the password every week and pubslish in here so every long time user can answer newcomers' question about the password. sth like that00:59
Joerg-Neo900one of my fav passwords is the current calendar date UTC. changes every 24h still you can easily memorize it and it never *really* changes. And I guess it's too unique to have any spambot plugins dealing with that, though it would be easy to write one01:05
sicelobear in mind though that many people do not want to use IRC, or just cannot, for various reasons.01:22
Joerg-Neo900good point02:37
Joerg-Neo900though there's no big difference between those who can use wiki and those who can use webchat, technically02:38
Joerg-Neo900also needed only once, to create an account, and account is only needed for editing/posting tpo the wiki02:39
Joerg-Neo900usually you use recapchas or somesuch for this,but there are quite a number of people who technically can't use deal with those02:58
Joerg-Neo900we could use manually managed email as an alternative to IRC for those who are willing and able to contribute to wiki but absolutely can't use IRC03:03
Joerg-Neo900or... I don't know much about this wiki, could it be set to handle all new posts as "moderated", so some user with elevated permissions needs to approave any post if a new user before that post goes public?03:06
Joerg-Neo900...approve any post of a new user*03:07
brolin_empeyWhy not a simple spam prevention question such as “Which company created the Nokia N900?” with the answer as “Nokia”?  In my experience such a simple question suffices to thwart spambots.04:59
brolin_empeyOr “In which year was the Nokia N900 originally released?” with the answer as “2009”?05:00
tune#parabola has an interesting solution05:47
tunea bot that relays messages for unregistered users05:47
tuneand I'm guessing also filters out the spam going around, as I haven't seen it relay any of that05:47
Joerg-Neo900I'm open to all worjing solutions07:36
Joerg-Neo900just don't want to have spam flood on wiki07:37
Joerg-Neo900neither maemo "solution" that blocks wiki for all RBL IPs07:38
flingHello Joerg-Neo900! Is the wiki up?09:02
atkJoerg-Neo900: why not just enable a captcha for account creation?09:53
atkfling: the wiki is up10:34
flingatk: where is it?10:34
flingThere are numerous tools for importing data from different sources to a mediawiki btw.10:49
atkbut what sources do we have?10:50
atkReally, we just need content first and foremost10:50
atkAlthough, google's re-captcha v3 is garbage at this point.10:54
atk"pick road signs" - no road signs, only an advert on the side of a building, skip "incorrect, try again" select the billboard "correct"10:55
atkSince they use this to train machine learning algorithms, I can only assume 90% of this is feedback from bots trying to break the algorithms10:55

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