libera/#neo900/ Thursday, 2019-01-31

hallynreally all i want is an n900 with updated radios so i don't get 0 bars while standing next to a tower :)18:34
hallyn(though maybe my problem is just firmware?  <shrug>)18:35
siceloor just a bad antenna ...18:35
siceloi had 'same' problem with WiFi ... replaced the antenna and everything fixed18:36
atkjust replace the tower19:00
atkalso, isn't right under the tower literally the worst spot?19:00
atkdon't you have to be at least a few hundred meters away?19:00
sixwheeledbeastwrong type of "tower"?19:33
atkI am pretty sure hallyn means a radio tower19:36
atkor maybe he means a tower block19:36
atkhmm, no idea now actually19:36
sixwheeledbeastprecisely :)19:37
sixwheeledbeast"radio" comes in different wavelengths too ;)19:37
Joerg-Neo900as smart a name as "cellmo"19:40
hallynwhat i mean is - my att blackberry sees 5 bars, my att n900 sees none19:49
hallynwhereas in other places it does see them19:49
hallynbasically - so that i can't rely on it :(19:51
Joerg-Neo900B900 and blackberry only share a low number of bands while blackberry has quire some more bands that AT&T uses but N900 can't do20:11
sixwheeledbeastWell they have shutdown all there 2G networks for LTE and 5G20:12
sixwheeledbeastYou on dual?20:13
hallynJoerg-Neo900 : that sounded likely, hence my desire for n900 with new radios...20:40
Joerg-Neo900hallyn: the new modem would also have to support all the bands specific to your provider and region's unique set21:44
hallynis that too much to ask?21:45
Joerg-Neo900well, there are over 50 possible bands iirc. And the best modems support over 30 of them21:46
sixwheeledbeastNeo planned to have modem options.21:46
hallyni remember :(22:05
sixwheeledbeastThought you'd like that22:48

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