libera/#neo900/ Wednesday, 2020-09-16

Oksana>> it does seem a sensible solution having a replacement backcover for keyboard then you have the option for either device << Question is, mass distribution. If main unit is in display half, then what do you put into keyboard to make keyboard heavier than display half?01:10
* enyc meows08:20
sixwheeledbeastOksana: I don't think you do. I agree about your concerns with mass distribution however from a cost perspective you get the possibility of two devices with minimal work.08:46
OksanaYes, something similar was done before - hardware keyboard TOH for Jolla.08:48
sixwheeledbeastI would imagine the over all weight would be lighter so may not effect the feel.08:48
sixwheeledbeastwell too much08:48
OksanaEither way, I wish for a mobile phone with no display whatsoever. Or minimal display, whichever rocks your boat. But such modularity is difficult, especially where small size is involved.08:50
sixwheeledbeastI can't see that being a popular concept, the screen is the important factor for a lot of people.08:53
OksanaFair enough. But, if you are making phone calls, you do not need a display. If you want to see phone number, check the time (or weather forecast), get alarms (calendar notifications), then minimal display would be sufficient - even for SMS.08:57
OksanaLarge display is good for emails, news, social media, ebooks, coding... But it also requires good eyesight, for seeing tiny letters (unless the "phone" is a giant tablet).08:59
OksanaPeople with poor eyesight will not read news on-the-go simply because it would require putting on the reading glasses, besides pulling out the phone.09:00
OksanaAlso, when people are walking/running/cycling/driving, they are consuming a minimal amount of information, to avoid distraction-driven accidents.09:01
OksanaThe concept of "tiny screen and hardware T9 keyboard" is attractive enough that there are lots of Bluetooth pseudo-phones on AliExpress which are add-ons for modern phablets - phablet can stay in the pocket/bag/wherever while its Bluetooth add-on is used to accept/decline/make calls.09:03
Kerogemini/cosmo has given the keyboard plenty of thought. Battery underneath works well for weight distribution.10:14
sixwheeledbeastOksana: well exactly we are talking about a completely different device there.10:44
sixwheeledbeastI liked the concept of a simple robust T9 device with fast connectivity so you can link a tablet or notebook.10:45
sixwheeledbeastA bit like the Punkt devices but they where expensive for what they where.10:46
sixwheeledbeastunfortunately i feel "smart" devices are in a rut when it comes to innovation. It's too easy to tie everything to the big app stores an make money.10:50

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