libera/ Thursday, 2018-07-12

Joerg-Neo900some more content to log21:41
Joerg-Neo900start of chanlog21:41
Joerg-Neo900ACL are a tad tricky at times ;-)21:58
Joerg-Neo900when a new dir doesn't inherit the permissions it should have21:59
Joerg-Neo900IOW "when a mkdir -p -m755   is just not enough"  ;-P22:00
Joerg-Neo900shoukd work now, please holler if you find anything that needs tweaking22:01
Joerg-Neo900should I change the URL in /topic to ?22:07
Joerg-Neo900prawnsalad: is a network? usual connect parameters?22:10
Joerg-Neo900or is it just an alias for
noeatnosleepIt's going to be a network, but isn't quite yet.22:11
Joerg-Neo900please let me know when I can log in there :-)22:12
noeatnosleepColloquialism. 'For sure'.22:13
Joerg-Neo900sorry I'm a tad slow today22:13
Joerg-Neo900if you want a dedicated URL and "apache" vhost for the chanlog, just holler after setting up the DNS entry22:14
prawnsaladyea were trying to get the "official" network up and running asap. it has some dev work going on at the moment and then we can publicise the channel properly in an announcement22:16
prawnsaladits why its still quiet in here right now22:17
Joerg-Neo900ping me if you find sth I could help with22:17
Joerg-Neo900I'm probably useful as a 24/7 wetware monitoring facility22:19

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