libera/ Wednesday, 2018-08-22

Joerg-Neo900indeed pass:
Joerg-Neo900quite quiet in here20:36
Joerg-Neo900so I wondered if logs still work20:36
Joerg-Neo900on a nice sidenote: absolutely zilch SPAM in this channel yet.20:40
Joerg-Neo900despite it's neither hidden nor +q$~a afaikt20:40
Joerg-Neo900any news about the new network?20:42
prawnsaladhey Joerg-Neo900 :D20:58
prawnsaladwe should be getting our test network running this week :o20:58
Joerg-Neo900looking forward to it20:58
prawnsaladweve been on a dev spree getting all the new features into it so that kiwi can be making use of them20:59
prawnsaladbrings us things like e2e encryption, avatars, conference calls, etc20:59
Joerg-Neo900sounds interesting. I just wonder how it integrates into classical IRC21:05
Joerg-Neo900I prolly should have a closer look into kiwi21:06
noeatnosleepJoerg-Neo900: should be able to share channels just fine with kiwi users, just won't have access to the added features.21:07
noeatnosleepEthos is roughly 'add not replace' if I understand it correctly21:08
Joerg-Neo900greeat! that's the way it should be :-)21:08
prawnsaladyup. weve actually been adding some building blocks into the the irc spec, working with other projects to make sure its broad enough to work for other things too21:09
prawnsaladso any new features we add in, other clients can also take part21:09

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