libera/ Saturday, 2018-08-25

cantelopeIn anticipation of the launch of the new communication system for which Kiwi IRC will be a model, I've spent a few hours prototyping animations for the app and website. There's not much branding for the product yet, but based on the logo that has been decided upon, I've made some html5 graphics which can be used anywhere..23:25
cantelopeThese gifs are just previews, and may take a moment to load on slower connections, but the animations themselves are very lightweight and should load very quickly when the thumbnailss are clicked.23:25
noeatnosleepHonestly, I'm semi-anti animation23:40
noeatnosleepand I think it kinda clashes with the ethos of using a unicode character23:40
noeatnosleepbut that being said, the first one is pretty neat23:40
noeatnosleepI think I'd change up the speed, slow as the 3 blades expand, snapping inward a little faster, and the ring coming out quite fast23:41
noeatnosleepalmost like it's a shockwave coming off of the ring as the 3 arms come in23:41
noeatnosleepjust thinking out loud, feel free to completely ignore that.23:41
cantelopegood observation23:42
cantelopecertainly the animations aren't appropropriate everywhere, but perhaps only while waiting for a connection to a channel or network to be established, to give the user something to look at and provide a visual cue as to when the connection is complete23:44
noeatnosleepyeah good point23:46
noeatnosleepI prefer to see the CLI while I'm connecting, but I'm abnormal, I'm sure23:46
noeatnosleepalso could do well in a mobile app23:47

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