libera/#maemo-meeting/ Saturday, 2022-02-19

pabs3joerg: mainly came here to let you know there is spam from in
pabs3not sure of the right channel for this06:30
reinobty pabs3. I don't know who is currently responsible for maintenance/admin of the website. I think at some point it will have to be clarified.10:57
reinobOK, it seems I still have some rights there. The offending feed is "GSOC09-Maemo-NewsSprite",from feng gao, I have just deleted that feed.10:59
pabs3thanks reinob11:08
reinobthe article still appears there and I don't know if it can be deleted or how. I've tried refreshing the feeds, but I don't know what exactly this refreshing does (probably does not include deleting articles from deleted sources, but who knows). BTW I wonder if anyone reads planet maemo, but apparently at least one (pabs3) does :)11:10
pabs3I read it via Planet Debian derivatives11:11
joergI never used planet.-maemo, no idea what it does or how it works. I bet it's "Powered by Midgard CMS"19:06
joergnobody understands that shit19:06
joergpabs3: right channels: #maemo #maemo-admin techstaff@maemo.org19:13
joerg  don't get fooled, maemo uses midgard-1 - no upgrade possible thanks to plugins19:17
joergI'd very much love to shut down planet maemo completely19:19
joergreinob: pabs3: is what I can access but I know it's obscure and intricate20:08
joergand that
joergI. have. NO. idea.20:15
joergand I tried hours and days to do simple stuff in any obvious way, and got talked through a mega-trivial edit by Bergie, was like "find tha folder 3897foo46bl left bottom list, click knarrgibbsh in context menu and volila there you are" - I asked "how am I supposed to know that folder name to look for?" ... well, you got to know that20:18

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