libera/#maemo-meeting/ Sunday, 2022-02-20

pabs3joerg: the main thing is not having new spam, which is taken care of. don't bother with the rest if its too hard02:09
joergthe whole news aggregation stuff causes recurring problems, plus often heavy load on the servers. For - in my book - absolutely unclear purpose.02:16
joergI just wonder if there's _anything_ this service offers now. Maybe it was useful back while maemo was a topic in news02:18
joergnow it seems to me, aggregating spam is the only "useful" thing it does02:19
joergI might be absolutely wrong though, as I said I never used that planet.maemo stuff and have no idea what it actually does or did02:20
joergpabs3: let's take it to #maemo02:22
joergOT in here02:22

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