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joergthe purpose of German Vereinsregister (at AGKL, for us) is for any business partner of the eV to check who are the persons entitled to sign contracts on behalf of the eV. For this the info in Vereinsregister has to be up to date, complete and approved, so any businesspartner could check the identity and authority of an arbitrary person claiming to speak for the eV. Also all authorities like tax etc will rely on this info, for checking who is responsible11:24
joergfor any financial and legal issues. Keeping this in mind you might understand more clearly what purpose the paperwork that needs to get done. and how to comply with that purpose11:24
joergparticularly this isn't the case for drafting a paper in a collaborative editor, the paper needs a percisely defined set of info, if in doubt PLEASE ASK YOUR NOTARY12:01
siceloOn that note, are we on track? i.e. juiceme, halftux, reinob, with joerg assisting?12:03
joergaiui this info comprises the exact full identification of the eV incl snailmaol addr and register-ID-code, and the complete name and address and signature of the board members, and ALL THAT gets approved by notary. Then THE NOTARY sends that paper to AGKL12:04
joergsicelo: alas it seems I'm preaching to a wall, thus this ^^^ last statement trying to get stuff back on track. I'm out since I obviously failed to convey what's needed and how to get there12:06
joergI'm also considering to quit my active membership, to avoid facing a situation where I have to vote about a new board that fails to understand what this is all about12:08
joerginstead of asking me when anything still unclear (mind you, I had a 45min phonecall with AGKL convincing them to give us a 8 weeks more to accomplish an action **I discussed with AGKL in detail**), even instead of just replying to email I sent to reinob with an improved paper draft and stating here >> [23 Feb 2022 20:09:01] <joerg> **reinob: I've sent the edited version per email, you should ASAP translate it and contact a notary, asking them if this12:18
joerglooks ok so far**<<, folks are still about to draft their own papers somewhere in a cloud or whatever instead of sending that stuff in email, and they completely ignore anything I try to contribute. And they seem to think instead of asking notary as I suggested, it would be a great idea to AGAIN pester AGKL, obviously since what I negotiated with them is not credible or not good enough or whatever12:18
joerggeneric experience showing that you hardly get a better result from a negotiation sequel when you a) don't bring NEW arguments in your favor AND b) the other party in those negotiations has expense of sorts but no benefit from those sequels12:29
joergor boldly: don't pester AGKL, they had their more than sufficient share of annoyance with this eV. They are doing a service for us without getting paid for that service **unless you hand in papers which you need to pay a fee for**12:31
joergodds are they will turn evil at us when you do12:32
joergactually for them it would be best you send in 20 insufficient documents and paying for each without achieving the goal12:33
joergjust a last tiny hint about what's going haywire here: The AGKL doesn't care about you adding a "we scheduled a GA for $date" note to the vorstandsaenderingsmitteilung. Adding any such note will most likely *invakidate* the paper since it clearly states that this very paper is limited validity in time and legacy13:08
joerginvalidate even13:09
joergthere are TWO aspects with maemo eV: one is to fulfill legal requirements like this "mitteilung vereinsvorstandsaenderung" , the other is being true to our community. Adding a note about a scheduled GA is maybe useful to the second aspect but definitely detrimental to the first13:11
joergthe right way would be to agree on such GA in a meeting (we did) and add (a link to) the protocol of this meeting as appendix-1 to the change-notice document our notary sends to the AGKL13:14
joergagain: I considered *all this* already, and provided an according edited document plus laser cut clear instructions how to proceed, in >> [23 Feb 2022 20:09:01] <joerg> **reinob: I've sent the edited version per email, you should ASAP translate it and contact a notary, asking them if this looks ok so far**<< - seems you're not content with such simple procedure, so go ahead as you like but don't hope for further assistence from my side13:17
joergifn there were any problems with what I suggested, you could have asked me instead of ignoring me and simply devitating from the plan we aggreed upon in and particularly

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