libera/#maemo-meeting/ Tuesday, 2022-03-01

joergI also consider it potentially tricky to extend board from a previous 3 to now07:25
joerg4 members just based on07:25
joerg(3) Der Vorstand wählt aus seiner Mitte einen Vorsitzenden und zwei07:25
joergStellvertreter. Hiervon sind jeweils zwei gemeinsam zur Vertretung des Vereins07:25
joerg(6) Beim Ausscheiden von einzelnen Vorstandsmitgliedern können die Aufgaben07:25
joergdes ausgeschiedenen Vorstandsmitglieds von den verbliebenen07:25
joergVorstandsmitgliedern übernommen werden, sofern diese zustimmen. Alternativ07:25
joergkann sich der Vorstand bis zur nächsten regulären Wahl durch07:25
joergVorstandsbeschluss aus der Reihe der aktiven Mitglieder ergänzen.07:25
joergwhich both might collide with (extending to) a 4-member board07:25
joerg(3) would require already electing "Vorsitzenden und zwei Stellvertreter"07:25
joergsince only those are authorized to sign for the eV, two of those three and not07:25
joergany 4th or fifth board member, as I read that.07:25
joerg(6) would not allow the remaining board to extend beyond what been the board07:25
joergbefore, then when somebody left the remaining board just replenishes the07:25
joergvacancies. This doesn't imply appointing a new seat in board as I understand07:25
joerg*I* have no problem with all this, but I'm afraid that AGKL could come up with07:25
joergsimilar concerns07:25
joergJFYI. I tried again and I get ignored07:25
joergit seems it's always same person ignoring what we agreed upon and considering eV board as a discussion club. It's not. Board executes what THE COUNCIL decides, they are no more than janitors for the maemo assets and they have no own authority beyond that of any regular active member. I wonder if that one persion understodd what maemo organizational infra is all about and how it works07:31
joergadding a fourth member to board, just to turn the already tedious task of managing eV into a fight club is pretty contraproductive07:35
joergwe already lost a week minimum, thanks to the "help" of said 4th board member07:38
joerg[23 Feb 2022 20:09:01] <joerg> reinob: I've sent the edited version per email, you should ASAP translate it and contact a notary, asking them if this looks ok so far07:42
joerg*today* it seems we are exactly there *again*, just folks ignored *my* email and drafted an own identical one07:43
joergbtw I even resent that email with a draft of mine a *second* time, to all, just in case. Same result07:45
joergnot even a read-notification07:45

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