freenode/#devuan/ Tuesday, 2018-07-03

nacellestep 0) ask why you'd want to install virtual box when you can use qemu-kvm + virtmanager? ... :-)00:01
Mo_im not familiar with qemu is it included with defualt devuan or do I need to get from internet??00:02
golinuxIt's in the devuan repos00:02
MinceRor even qemu-kvm without virt-manager or libvirt :>00:02
Mo_im noob, where is the devuan repos00:03
Mo_nvm i found qemu package00:14
xrogaanalright so I want to rebind some keys and xmodmap seems to be the best option.00:15
xrogaanbut I need a way to easily revert everything to default.00:15
KatolaZMo_: you can get virtualbox in devuan ascii by adding backports in sources.list00:45
eyalrozgolinux: : neither. Got it from the Debian mirrors. I don't even know what amprolla is.00:56
nacellemincer: technically correct is ... wrong ;-)01:14
golinuxeyalroz: This is more or less how amprolla works
MinceRnacelle: no, technically correct is the best kind of correct01:22
nacelleare you an old animated character?01:27
* nacelle suspects so01:27
Mo_when i type qemu is says comand not found how do i use it......I want to access # qemu --help02:11
debdogMo_:  type "qemu<tab><tab>"02:16
debdogthere are lots of binaries. you prolly want qemu-system-i386 or qemu-system-x86_6402:17
debdogplus option -enable-kvm02:19
Mo_debdog ok cool it helped will read into it and check out the commands02:20
debdogMo_: to give you a starting point here's an example I use to run qemu:
debdogyou prolly want to create a disk image as well, e.g.: qemu-img create -f qcow2 Wheezy64.qcow2 3G02:24
Mo_ok first i will creat img from boot disk than i will explore the other options, cool dude for helping02:28
mtnmanhello i am attempting to boot from the "live" disk image.  grub loads, but when i choose any of the menu options, i get a msg about needing to load the kernel first.  how can i do this?02:29
mtnmanok no one is biting...02:51
mtnmananother question:02:51
gnarfacemtnman: which live image, exactly?02:52
mtnmanthe instructions to run the live image suggest doing "gpg --import devuan-devs.gpg".  is there a way to accomplish with a debian system?02:52
gnarfacemtnman: and what is your computer model?02:52
mtnmangnarface: amd6402:52
gnarfaceand you're using this one?  devuan_ascii_2.0.0_amd64_desktop-live.iso02:53
mtnmanits a toshiba02:53
gnarfacedid you check the checksums on that file?02:53
mtnmani did, but cannot verify the signing key.  see my second question above.02:54
gnarfaceright, yes that should work in debian02:54
gnarfaceobviously you have to find a copy of the actual key first02:54
mtnmanok.  well i did not veryfy the image before booting it. i redownloaded and verified. am now going to look for the signing key.02:55
mtnmanthanks gnarface02:56
gnarfacefrom this page, it says there should be a copy in /usr/share/keyrings/devuan-archive-keyring.gpg02:57
gnarfacei'm not sure if that counts for the live image too, but worth a try02:57
gnarfaceit's on some public keyservers thoo though02:57
mtnmanok checking the image for the keyring02:58
gnarface(it is also in the "devuan-keyring" package in the devuan repos, and that package should be installable in debian if you download it from a public mirror)02:58
gnarfaceyou could still have hit a bug but failure for it to even find the kernel on the disk suggests something wrong with the disk03:00
gnarfacelike it's for the wrong architecture or it's corrupted03:00
mtnmancant find it in the iso.  i suspect corruption.03:00
mtnmani will download and install on debian box.03:01
gnarfaceyou wouldn't be the first one to find out their ISP was inserting garbage in their download streams03:01
mtnmani think there could have been corruption when using dd to write the image to usb stick.03:01
gnarfacealso a possibility03:01
mtnmanback in a bit....03:02
gnarfacei have some advice about dd:  always run "sync" afterwards and don't write with a block size bigger than 1MB03:02
mtnmanyes i neglected to sync but will do so this time. thanks.03:02
gnarfacethat has also been a recurring issue03:02
mtnmanthanks back in a bit...03:02
mtnmanwhat is the devuan equivalent of
gnarfacewell there really isn't one yet. exists but the interface is a bit unfinished...03:21
gnarfacefor the most part the debian one will have the same info though03:22
gnarfaceso you can use it in a pinch for now03:22
Jjp137there's this, too:
gnarfaceoh i didn't know about that one03:22
gnarfaceheh, their form is a little broken03:23
gnarfacebut it works03:23
gnarfacewell not the form, but the html in the generated response is broken03:23
gnarfacenot badly enough to completely break rendering in firefox, but enough to screw up the header03:24
gnarfacehopefully whoever made this is checking the input more carefully than the output03:24
mtnmanso packages.d.o and pkginfo.d.o do not contain the actual packages.  where can i find those?03:25
gnarfacethe first one absolutely contains the packages03:26
gnarfacebut you will have to dig harder03:26
gnarface(that's basically a raw repo directory there)03:26
gnarfacedid you actually complete an install?03:27
gnarfaceonce you'03:27
gnarfaceonce you're booted into devuan you can just search the package repo directly with apt-cache, aptitude, or synaptic03:27
gnarfacesearches from inside debian will probably work too if you know how to change the sources.list file03:28
golinux is deprecated.  I need to get it forwarded to pkginfo.devuan.org03:34
golinuxgnarface: For future reference ^^^03:35
gnarfacegolinux: oh, good to know.  uh... just fyi the response page for is generating double html headers03:37
gnarfaceit slightly breaks header rendering, no big deal, but i worry this is a symptom the form may lack server-side input validation03:38
gnarfaceyou guys should... have someone take a second look at that03:38
golinuxThanks.  I'll pass on to KatolaZ who does all the integration on the server.03:43
golinuxAfter checking it out myself, of course.03:44
golinuxgnarface: OK. I just looked and only seeing one <html> on the search and results page03:48
golinuxOh wait . . .03:48
gnarfacegolinux: oh sorry, it's not on the initial result page, you have to click on a package name then03:48
gnarfaceit opens the html tag twice03:49
gnarfacethen you see the extra newline generate some visible white space above the header on the rendered view03:50
golinuxYes, that where it is.03:50
golinuxIt adds a space on top of the header maybe 10px03:51
gnarfacefirefox gets past it but the source view highlights those lines in red, indicating it knows that is a syntax error (also probably invalidates that doctype tag)03:51
golinuxGood find!03:51
gnarfacehonestly i wish i could stop seeing that stuff though03:52
golinuxThat's really useful.   Nothing short of perfection!!!03:52
bozonius2once the installer is running, couldn't I go to /etc/apt and muck with the sources to point at beowulf and  insstall that way?  This skips the upgrade step from ascii to beowulf.  Or are there more dependencies than that?03:59
bozonius2(just curious, that's all)03:59
gnarfaceonce the installer is running you could bypass it and complete the entire install by hand from one of the extra virtual terminals if you wanted04:00
gnarfaceif you're clever you could even use it to install windows04:00
gnarfaceor freedos04:00
bozonius2eww, gnarface04:00
bozonius2I admit to laziness.  But I do not admit to complete foolishness.04:01
gnarfaceit is not uncommon for people to mount an in-progress install to add stuff to it04:01
gnarfaceusually it should not be necessary04:02
gnarfacei'm not sure what the status on beowulf is right now04:02
bozonius2but does my approach make sense?  I mean,to get a "beowulf" installation...04:02
bozonius2testing it, that's all04:02
gnarfacewhat you're suggesting might work with no additional steps but i am assuming that if it was that easy the beowulf installer would be already released04:02
bozonius2well, I am not looking for a complete beowulf release.04:03
gnarfacei'm curious to find out though, i think you should test it and get back to me :)  (purely selfish reasons)04:03
bozonius2do you know of any really nasty side-effects, other than wasted time and some electricity?04:03
bozonius2right now, I am trying ascii install to a test VM.04:04
golinuxSometimes the logest way, ends up being the shortest way.  ;)04:05
gnarfacewell if you're looking for deeper understanding, sure04:05
bozonius2but I am choosing desktops besides xfce04:05
bozonius2if I choose xfce AND lxqt, it errors.  The log in term (alt-F4) tells me task-xfce-desktop has unmet dependencies04:06
bozonius2depends on slim, but won't be installed.04:06
Jjp137oh I remember that04:06
bozonius2is that a conflict between xfce and lxqt?04:06
Jjp137I think it has to do with the polkit backends04:06
bozonius2I mean, if it is not permitted, so be it.  I just wish a more informative message04:07
gnarfaceyea people are running into this.  some snarl with package dependencies but if you read the messaging carefully you can iron it out manually04:09
gnarface(i think)04:09
gnarfaceand yea i think it's to do with conflicting polkit backends04:09
bozonius2so I could try installing slim04:09
bozonius2and retry04:09
gnarfaceyou might have to force a switch of one of those polkit packages to make it work04:10
gnarfacei forget the specifics, sorry04:10
gnarfaceit was discussed in here repeatedly04:10
bozonius2nw, gnarface.  OK, no more.04:10
bozonius2just xfce for now04:10
gnarfacei didn't mean to discourage you from trying it04:11
bozonius2would the other desktops cause dependency issues also?04:11
Jjp137if they use the same backend, no; otherwise, possibly04:11
gnarfaceit's the graphical login manager's dependencies that are in conflict bozonius2, not the window manager itself04:11
gnarfaceyou shouldn't need any polkit backend at all if you're not using a gui login prompt04:11
bozonius2oh sure, I get that04:11
bozonius2slim is a gui login prompt04:12
bozonius2by default, the installer does install that (I believe)04:12
bozonius2or does it...04:12
* bozonius2 scratches his head, trying to recall...04:12
gnarfaceyea it's the default choice i believe04:12
Jjp137task-xfce-desktop depends on slim, so yes04:12
gnarfacei'm just not using default anything anywhere anymore, i'm old04:12
bozonius2so Jjp137, if I were to NOT select xfce but lxqt and maybe mint(?) and some other desktops...04:13
bozonius2such combos might work?04:13
gnarfaceit would be easier after completing the install to put in packages ala-carte04:14
Jjp137the release notes explain it better than I do:
bozonius2yes it would04:14
Jjp137and yea definitely04:14
bozonius2but when a (dumb) user sees a menu of choices, well he's just gonna start salivating and want to click as many as he can... they are free, after all04:15
gnarfaceyes, a valid concern i think04:16
bozonius2mate also wants slim... but I disabled the first choice (desktop) and disabled xfce04:16
bozonius2wish I had had my test box around when RC was out and... maybe I could have helped test this more04:17
gnarfacethis particular issue may already be known04:17
gnarfacesome of these problems are inherited of course04:18
bozonius2what exactly is checking the first box ("Devuan Desktop Environment") supposed to do?  I mean checking or unchecking that exclusively of the indented choices of desktop below it?04:20
bozonius2Is that explained somewhere?04:20
bozonius2well, I might have just answered myself.04:21
bozonius2I think checking that first box selects "slim"04:21
gnarfacehere's what it really does04:22
bozonius2when I unchecked "Devuan Desktop Envirnoment" ("Desktop") and checked only lxqt, it failed, telling me it would not install slim04:22
bozonius2which is needed by lxqt04:22
gnarfaceeach one of those options points to a meta-package with the word "task" in the name, which in turn points to a number of other packages (which all may have additionl dependencies, recursively, ad nauseum)04:23
bozonius2when I select that first box ("Desktop") AND only lxqt, it works04:23
bozonius2isn't slim the GUI login?04:23
bozonius2or is that really a backend?04:23
gnarfacewhen all the dependencies and dependencies of dependencies are present and none are themselves in conflict it works04:23
bozonius2(yeah, I knwo that part)04:24
gnarfacelets see04:24
bozonius2because now I am being asked to choose between lightdm and sddm04:24
gnarfacefirst we need to figure out the task names04:24
gnarfacebut you might be right that different combinations of options can expose more choices than just a linear on/off for each checkbox04:25
gnarfaceso i assume "task-desktop" is the one for "Devuan desktop environment"04:26
gnarfacesince that's it's description04:26
gnarfaceif you run `apt-cache show task-desktop` you can see the package dependency headers04:26
gnarfaceDepends: tasksel (= 3.33+devuan0.3), xorg, xserver-xorg-video-all, xserver-xorg-input-all, desktop-base04:26
gnarfaceRecommends: task-xfce-desktop | task-kde-desktop | task-lxde-desktop | task-cinnamon-desktop | task-mate-desktop | task-gnome-desktop, xdg-utils, avahi-daemon, libnss-mdns, anacron, eject, iw, alsa-utils04:27
bozonius2desktop-base, whatever that is, seems to be the 'main' thing it will install04:27
gnarfacenow what i don't know is, if Recommends are on (which i think they are by default here) how it decides which of the tasks that are ORed together here with | get selected04:28
Jjp137(yea recommends is on by default)04:28
bozonius2ok, I think the "Desktop" checkbox is just to get xorg and base installed, that's it.04:28
gnarfacei assume that one of these additional tasks also refers directly or indirectly to slim , while others do not04:28
bozonius2If none of the checkboxes are selected below that, it defaults to xfce04:29
bozonius2(maybe hard coded in installer?)04:29
gnarfaceyea, xfce is supposed to be the "official" default04:29
gnarfaceflagship product or something like that04:29
bozonius2so hardcoded in installer, not any special dependency per se04:29
gnarfacethat is my assumption04:29
bozonius2slim is described as x-display manager04:30
gnarfacei guess technically it could be in the repo metadata somhow, but i think it is in the installer04:30
bozonius2(that's my guess too)04:30
bozonius2but sddm and lightdm are also display managers...04:30
gnarfaceyea, so there is also a "Provides" header04:31
gnarfaceon the packages04:31
gnarfacethat has sort of a official generic tag name for the type of program04:31
gnarfacenot everything has one i think04:31
Jjp137about the ORed recommends:
gnarfacebut you can `apt-cache search x-display-manager` to find others04:31
gnarfaceoften, you can install multiple of these types of packages but one MUST always be the "default"04:32
bozonius2I don't seem to have either sddm or lightdm installed on my ascii test box04:32
gnarfacei would only expect to see one installed normally04:34
gnarfacei like xdm because it's ... reliable04:34
gnarfacebut i don't use one on most machines04:34
bozonius2I get to the point where it is asking me for choice between sddm and lightdm.  But I already have slim installed at this point, IIUC04:34
bozonius2(I definitely get a graphical login though!)04:35
gnarfacei honestly haven't really tested the installer this thoroughly myself either04:35
bozonius2I'm choosing lightdm for the VM04:35
gnarfacemostly i just manually do everything after a minimal install04:36
gnarfaceyou find that the way dependencies work, you can boil your system down to only a handful of packages you really have to remember to recreate it04:36
bozonius2that's why I like dependency checking04:37
bozonius2some package systems don't have it04:37
bozonius2or only minimally so04:37
bozonius2this ought to be interesting.  My test VM will have lxqt with lightdm (and I have no idea what will happen with slim)04:38
bozonius2I'm guessing lightdm will present me with login, and slim has been disabled?04:38
bozonius2btw, gnarface, this VM is to test beowulf by doing the upgrade step04:39
bozonius2it's not a serious example by any means. Just to learn and play a bit.04:39
bozonius2also, this beowulf VM is running under VirtualBox on Ascii, on the test box.04:40
gnarfaceyea probably the default will be the most recently installed one04:41
gnarfacethere is a way to change the default though04:41
bozonius2IIRC, we had problems with the display manager sddm (I think that was on Jessie) and I had to remove it04:42
bozonius2or something...04:42
bozonius2(memory is not one of04:42
* bozonius2 best attributes)04:42
bozonius2almost there...04:43
bozonius2looks like it might be lightdm04:45
bozonius2yep lightdm04:47
gnarfacethat makes sense04:48
bozonius2thanks again04:48
bozonius2so now to upgrade04:49
gnarfacecheck out the "alternatives" system for how to switch between currently-installed defaults04:49
gnarfaceusually it's just a symlink in /etc/alternatives but there's some tools for automatically handling changes04:49
bozonius2sed -i 's/ascii/beowulf/g' /etc/apt/source.list ?04:49
gnarfacethis is on the test system, right?04:50
bozonius2I can backup the sources first04:50
gnarfacei'm curious to know if it'lll work04:50
gnarfacewell wait, make sure they're right first04:50
bozonius2only 1 line in the sources.list file?04:50
gnarfacemake it like that04:51
bozonius2my ascii test box (hardware) has more than one line!04:51
bozonius2installer detects this is a VM and chooses to do different things?04:52
gnarfaceduring install it would have asked you if you wanted to include updates (previously known as "volatile") and security fixes04:52
bozonius2it didn't04:52
gnarfacewait one isn't a debootstrap install, is it?04:52
bozonius2but that could be because I had to back out and restart some steps?04:52
bozonius2one what?04:52
gnarfaceone of those installs04:52
gnarfacethe VM one04:52
gnarfaceyou didn't use debootstrap instead of the installer to make the VM guest image did you?04:53
bozonius2apt-cache search x-display-manager04:53
bozonius2no, I used the iso04:53
bozonius2(nix that line apt-cahce... that was a bad paste, sorry)04:53
bozonius2my sources.list looks like:  "deb ascii main"04:55
bozonius2that's it04:55
bozonius2now, what's this?  I installed the hosting software for vbox on my Ascii (test box) and there is no guest additions ISO?04:56
bozonius2I thought that comes with the host vbox package...04:57
gnarfaceit doesn't, you have to install them in the guest manually04:57
gnarface(ubuntu includes them by default in all installs i guess?)04:57
bozonius2no, I mean the ISO image is included in the package from CentOS04:58
gnarfacei dunno but yea i'm pretty sure you gotta install them manually in the guest04:58
bozonius2that I know, gnarface.04:58
bozonius2what I am saying/asking/confirming is that the guest additions ISO image is not included in the vbox hosting package then?04:59
Jjp137do you mean that the ISO itself isn't residing somewhere in the host? if so, you need to install the virtualbox-guest-additions-iso package, which is in non-free04:59
gnarfaceah, thanks for that Jjp13704:59
bozonius2Jjp137:  what I needed, exactly. thanks04:59
mtnmandeveloper keyring is here: in case you are still interested.04:59
bozonius2is non-free pinned?  I don't find the iso package05:00
bozonius2I tried "-t non-free" but that doesn't help05:01
Jjp137um do you have non-free in your sources.list? and also you would use -t for like ascii-backports, not main/contrib/non-free05:04
bozonius2so how do I get the package ?05:04
bozonius2apt-get cannot find the package05:04
Jjp137check that your sources.list line for ascii-backports is similar to: deb ascii-backports main non-free contrib05:05
bozonius2it is commented out, that's why05:06
Jjp137yea for ascii, the virtualbox-related packages are only in backports05:06
bozonius2I see...05:06
bozonius2only problem with this is that when a new release of vbox comes out, I have to enable backports, update, upgrade, disable05:07
bozonius2easier way?05:07
bozonius2that -t option with pinning?05:07
bozonius2or do I have it wrong05:08
bozonius2or can I leave it as is, and not worry that apt might install something I DONT want from backports instead of the regular repos?05:09
Jjp137leaving backports enabled is fine from my experience (also see:
bozonius2or is backports exclusive of the others05:09
bozonius2thanks, reading...05:09
bozonius2super thanks again05:09
Jjp137there used to be bugs on the repository's end where the wrong priority was set for backports, but that has been long fixed05:09
bozonius2: )05:10
Jjp137and np!05:10
bozonius2the bootup and shutdown of ascii (and jessie) is lightning fast05:11
ivanshmakovThere’re apt_preferences(5), too, so one can set priorities for oneself (like: take these packages from backports, and the rest from the usual place.)05:12
bozonius2it's almost as if theree were some kind of...05:12
bozonius2oh, I don't know, maybe a system daemon running in the background speeding up the boot and shutdown?05:12
bozonius2or is that wrong?05:12
bozonius2thanks ivanshmakov.05:14
bozonius2I need to look into that also05:14
bozonius2centos also has a kind of prioritizing in yum05:14
Mo_i think this will help with vbox
ivanshmakovbozonius2: Personally, I use it only to blacklist packages; say: Package: gconf-service ssl-cert tsconf // Pin: release c=main // Pin-Priority: -42.05:15
bozonius2thanks Mo_05:19
bozonius2dist-upgrade wants to update 92 packages05:24
bozonius2(after copying and updating my sources file)05:24
bozonius2this includes a new kernel package... Doesn't net install automatically get the most up-to-date?05:25
bozonius2ascii->beowulf upgrade 740 packages...05:38
bozonius2login prompt, as before...05:58
bozonius2os-release says buster/sid06:00
bozonius2hey hey, folks!06:02
bozonius2gnarface -- it worked06:02
bozonius2only thing is, now it wants to apply a lot of updates...06:03
bozonius2apt-get dist-upgrade wants to install about a gig worth of new and updated software06:03
bozonius2"apt-get has a "smart" conflict resolution system, and06:09
bozonius2   it will attempt to upgrade the most important packages at the06:09
bozonius2   expense of less important ones if necessary."06:09
bozonius2what does "important" mean in this context?06:09
bozonius2Is there some hierarchical list of packages that dictates what is more important than others?06:10
furrywolfthere is a priority field in the control file, but it's just a level, not a hierarchy.06:12
bozonius2I see.06:12
bozonius2which is that whole pinning idea06:12
bozonius2for my purposes of testing beowulf, I think mere upgrade is probably ok06:13
furrywolfno, pinning in a separate thing.  the priority field is just a general indication of a package's requiredness.  "required" means the system will totally break without it.  "important" means the system will be somewhat broken without it.  "standard" means it's the typical base set of packages for a relatively small install.  "optional" is everything else.06:15
bozonius2so should I dist-upgrade?06:16
furrywolfI have absolutely no idea what you're doing, so I don't know.  I just saw a question asking if there's a list of what packages are more important.06:16
bozonius2keep in mind, this is just a test, for fun and education only06:17
bozonius2I won't be using this system for anything really important06:17
bozonius2(ignore that question)06:17
grillonhi there06:52
grillonany time there is someone here06:53
gnarfaceis that supposed to be a question?06:55
gnarfacegrillon: if you have a question it is best to just ask it even if nobody is here06:58
grillonno it's not a question07:00
grillonhi gnarface07:00
grillonI have many questions but I'm trying to make things clear. I don't know how to ask.07:03
grillonok I'm trying to have a functionnal busybox with network in kvm. I would like to know how compile a minimal kernel.07:06
grillonmore exactly I'm trying to make works virtualization on orange-pi-pc1. I'm happy it seems to work with almost no overhead :)07:10
grillonin kvm mode07:10
grillonthere are very few documentation and may be my level is too low to do something like that. It was long to make the host works then very long to make kvm works and now I'm searching a way to have network.07:13
gnarfacegrillon: if you already understand how to compile kernels, shortcut to getting a "minimal" one is typically to start by loading the defconfig for the board08:04
gnarfacethough you will often need a few other things08:04
gnarfacelike tcp/ip08:04
gnarfacefinding the right defconfig for the board can be tricky08:04
gnarfacesometimes you need out-of-kernel patches for these arm things08:04
refracta_noobunable to install plymouth from apt - is that by design?08:47
refracta_noobplymouth-x11 depends: plymouth = 0.9.2-4, but not installable08:48
refracta_noobah ok it's on the banned package list...08:55
filipdevuanhey if i have 4gb ddr4 ram memory should i download devuan i386 or amd64 and also is there possibilty to download beowulf???14:06
gnarfacefilipdevuan: the amount of ram doesn't determine the answer to that, and i think you might be able to upgrade to beowulf but there's no installer yet14:12
filipdevuanokay thanks ;)14:14
filipdevuannot sure if i wanna get back to devuan its debian i feel like trying some arch distros...14:16
filipdevuanokay i think im not gonna install proprietary drivers now and as less as nonfree software as possible ;P.14:22
bozoniusgnarface, filipdevuan:  Not making any promises, but I believe I may have a successful "beowulf" install14:50
bozoniusIt seems to be working14:50
filipdevuani have just copied ascii iso to my pendrive ;P14:55
fsmithredbozonius, if you upgrade from ascii to beowulf, it should basically work. You'll probably be left with some packages from ascii that don't upgrade because they haven't been devuanized in beowulf yet.15:11
bozoniusfsmithred:  Thanks.  Yeah, this is just a test.  Thought it would be fun.  And gnarface was curious too and egged me on a bit to try it.15:17
bozoniusSeems stable, though I haven't really put it through its paces yet.  It's running virtual, not on hardware , though15:17
bozoniusPlease let me know if there is anything you'd want me to try.15:18
fsmithredI don't know what packages have been rebuilt so far.15:24
bozoniusit is a standing offer...15:25
bozoniusI'd like to help  test new releases, software, etc15:25
fsmithredaptitude search ~i -F"%p# %v# %t#"15:26
fsmithredthat will show what's from stable, testing, unstable or "now" (means it's from somewhere else)15:26
fsmithredmight be helpful for you. I don't need to see that.15:27
fsmithredI need to shut down this computer to avoid heating up the room. I'll be fsr (on the laptop) for the rest of the day.15:29
filipdevuanokay fresh devuan installed and now im gonna start force myself to use open source software play only open source games i like the way that im going with computers, feeling like im coming back to 90s when i first started using PCs which is positive for me :)16:05
fsrfilipdevuan, if you use links2 browser on desktop, the internet will look like the 90's too, so you can have the full experience.16:15
filipdevuanyeah thanks for letting me know im just looking for nice browser that would block ads by default on certain websites16:15
gnarfacewell it will block javascript, at least16:17
fsrit does show static images, but I don't think anyone advertises that way now16:18
gnarfaceoh you'll still get them16:18
fsrI don't mind those so much16:18
gnarfacethey are less of a security risk16:19
fsrwhen they start blinking, I want to enter the coordinates for a missile strike16:19
filipdevuanyeah this browser is amazing thanks :)16:19
sixwheeledbeastor dillo16:25
filipdevuanim gonna download it as well :P16:35
M0E-lnxguys, I have a question about packaging...20:24
M0E-lnxsay I have foo_1.0 on the apt repos20:24
M0E-lnxbut I want to package a newer version from source20:24
M0E-lnxis there a way to get the build scripts that produced the 1.0 package and modify them to produce the newer version?20:25
debdogM0E-lnx: never done this but the source package might hold that info|(deb-src)#Why_looking_at_a_source_package_.3F21:05
M0E-lnxthere is plenty of docs out there, I just thought someone may have a QnD howto21:12
M0E-lnxfeels like debian has over-documented some things21:12
M0E-lnxdh unpatch21:17
M0E-lnxdh: Unknown sequence unpatch (choose from: binary binary-arch binary-indep build build-arch build-indep clean install install-arch install-indep)21:17
M0E-lnx^^ I get that from following the BuildingAPackage wiki21:17
M0E-lnxafter dpatch-edit-patch21:17
M0E-lnxthere are no patches there yet...21:17
phoggM0E-lnx: I am not an expert, but it seems to me that you should be able to copy the existing debian/ dir out of the source package for the version you have a .deb for and copy it to the new source tree, then follow to make the package. Of course you may need to make changes to things in the debian/ dir (maybe a little, maybe a lot).21:19
M0E-lnxok... let me tinker around with that21:21
M0E-lnxis there a quick way to fill the deps defined by a package's debian/ dir?21:23
phoggI don't think so, but again I don't make a lot of packages. You need to know what is required and how to describe that.21:23
M0E-lnxDo most people avoid packaging?21:25
golinuxM0E-lnx: Have you seen this?
M0E-lnxgolinux, have not... checking it out21:43
fsrM0E-lnx, do you have a particular package in mind?21:43
M0E-lnxI do have dh going21:43
M0E-lnxfsr, not really... I just learn a lot better by doing things21:43
M0E-lnxgolinux, I'm working with dh now21:44
M0E-lnxsimilar stuff?21:44
fsradd the deb-src line for whatever repo holds the version you want21:44
fsrapt-get update21:44
fsras user,make a new directory somewhere in your home21:45
fsrcd to that dir21:45
fsrapt-get source <package>21:45
fsrthen as root, apt-get build-dep <package>21:45
fsrit may or may not work21:45
fsrdepending on whether you can get the right versions of the build deps21:46
fsrif it works, add an entry to the changelog to change the version21:46
fsrmake any other changes21:46
fsrdpkg-buildpackage -us -uc -b21:46
fsroh wait, cd to the package-version directory first21:47
fsryou said you're working with dh or d1h?21:48
M0E-lnxI do have a dpkg-buildpackage21:48
fsryou're running ascii?21:49
fsrI wish I knew an easy package you could start with.21:52
M0E-lnxlet's just say i'm not the kind that is happy with 'fix it by doing apt-get install foo', so I know i'm gonna run into things where I need to peek under the hood21:53
fsrif you want to recompile an ascii package with different options, you will not have a problem with build-deps21:55
filipdevuanhey any open source e-mail clients that you would recommend to me? :)\22:22
filipdevuanok thx22:23
filipdevuangetting it ;p22:23
fsrclaws if you want something with gui22:23
unixman+1 for claws22:24
golinuxclaws ftw22:24
filipdevuanokay gotta download it too cheers ;)22:24
fsrthunderbird if you want a hungry beast that occasionally runs into trees and knocks itself out22:24
golinuxEeeeeewwwwww . .22:25
fsrI think it doesn't like imap22:25
M0E-lnxpretty accurate though22:25
unixmanI see that in the 10 years since I last used it Thunderbird the software is about as good as Thunderbird the drink still. :)22:26
unixman <- The drink.22:27
fsrI forgot about that.22:27
unmyhello, I didn't have deb line with "ascii-updates" in "/etc/apt/sources.list", is it normal?22:29
unmyafter fresh install from final ascii netinstall iso22:29
fsryes, that's normal22:31
fsrif you do one of the expert installs, you will be asked about which lines to include22:31
fsryou should have ascii and ascii-security22:31
fsrascii-updates is optional and often has the same stuff as ascii-security22:32
unmyyep, got them both, just didn't have "updates" after when added them got extra 2 packages to update22:32
fsrcool, do you remember which packages?22:32
unmylibsystemd0 and tzdata22:32
unmythat is why I was curious about "missing" updates repository22:33
fsrI guess they got updates that were not for security. Maybe bugfixes.22:34
fsractually, I'm not sure - they might appear in -security later22:34
unmyok, I will keep in mind to add it after any other installation or use expert mode, thank you for clearing it out fsr :)22:35
dinkydooHey guys wanted to see if something is possible. Can I run this OS as light as possible with docker images of apps I want to run.  I would like each app to have it own set of connection points. I could run a firewall distro in a container as well and point the app at that container only this would allow me to proxy some apps, send some over tor and others over a vpn connection.22:50
unmydinkydoo, everything is possible :) Don't see problem to set all this up since as a app you mean the service with own individual port22:55
dinkydoounmy, my idea is similar to qubes but it is a heavy OS.  I would rather do it with containers and make it work for just my use cases.22:58
dinkydooI spoke with them they said 16 GB of ram is needed to run it well I only have 8. So looking to create my own solution.22:58
unmyfirst time hear about Qubes and can't blame them for that 16 GB ram usage, it's based on Xen as I see23:02
unmymuch better isolation but for your type of use containers fit much better I think23:03
M0E-lnxgolinux, d1h is saying syntax error at line 1 ... when running 'd1h cache'23:15
M0E-lnxthe post you linked says it will download from, but that link says that's deprecated23:15
fsrM0E-lnx, can you paste your sources.list? (not here)23:17
M0E-lnxdoes d1h use those?23:19
fsrnot sure23:19
fsrthat looks ok23:20
fsrdoes it say which file?23:20
fsrum, ok23:20
M0E-lnxI'm thinking the parse_alioth reference in d1h is failing23:21
M0E-lnxbut i'm not sure where that function comes from23:21
M0E-lnxThis is the entire output of the command23:22
fsrok, the file is not on your system23:24
fsrI just got the same error23:24
M0E-lnxI know23:24
M0E-lnxit's trying to download
M0E-lnxor a list from there23:25
M0E-lnxwhich is now returning a 40423:25
M0E-lnxso, the d1h program is failing23:25
M0E-lnxand not handling the error I might add23:25
fsrKatolaZ, will have to look at it ^^^23:25
fsr The service is discontinued. Its replacement is a GitLab instance at
fsrMigration documentation is available on the wiki, and an archive of VCS repositories can be found on
M0E-lnxcurl "${CFIG_URL}" | parse_alioth >> "${CACHE_FILE}"23:26
M0E-lnxgotta go... .talk to you all on Thursday23:29
M0E-lnxenjoy the hump-day weekend23:29
fsrthanks, bye23:30

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