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Pr0metheus I am trying to setup samba on my desktop computer following ( but when I try to connect with smbclient //myhost/myuser I get "Error NT_STATUS_IO_TIMEOUT". Any idea what could be wrong?01:39
gnarfacePr0metheus: try it by IP instead.01:45
gnarfaceif it's timing out it can't find it01:45
gnarfacethe usual problem is name resolution01:45
gnarface(it's probably worth mentioning that samba is fundamentally insecure yet paradoxically over-complex and a completely unnecessary punishment to visit upon yourself if you don't need to share data with Windows)01:51
Pr0metheustried IP the same, I want to share data with a qemu windows guest - didn't find another option01:54
Pr0metheusbut before sharing the data I am in the first stage of running the samba server:P01:55
buZzi usually just run a oneliner python webserver or something01:55
buZzto share data01:55
gnarfacewebserver isn't a bad call01:56
buZzif its just oneway, that is01:56
gnarfacei'm pretty sure you can just copy the data to the guest image manually too01:56
gnarfacesince it's a guest01:56
gnarfacebut i remember smbclient always being picky01:56
fsmithredthe goal is just to move some files to a windows guest?01:56
Pr0metheusneed two way:(01:56
Pr0metheusthe goal is to put some files inside windows guest and then back01:57
gnarfacePr0metheus: try this:  smbclient -I [guest IP] -L01:58
gnarfacePr0metheus: maybe it's still a networking issue01:59
Pr0metheusguest or host ip?02:00
Pr0metheusnow I am confused02:00
gnarfaceyou're not trying to connect to the guest?02:01
Pr0metheusno I am trying to verify my host installation, which is on devuan02:01
gnarfaceby connecting to YOURSELF?02:01
Pr0metheusthat's what it says in the instructions02:01
gnarfacealright, try both02:02
Pr0metheusnope I did it correct: Try locally first $ smbclient //ourmachine/me02:02
Pr0metheusfsmithred thought about sftp but the problem was the ip address to connect to02:03
Pr0metheustwo bad things happen with this error: no help in the log files and not clear what the problem is. One more thing I thought is maby something is broken by upgrading from stretch to devuan02:04
gnarfaceso can you get anything to list?02:05
gnarfaceyou running a firewall?02:05
gnarfaceis it a different error?02:05
Pr0metheusif I run your command I get nothing02:05
gnarfaceanothing at all?02:05
Pr0metheusbut I changed the host/username02:05
Pr0metheusyeap it just executes and then back to prompt02:05
gnarfaceor instantly nothing?02:05
Pr0metheusno message02:05
gnarfacetry that on the guest02:06
Pr0metheusguest has no smbclient command, it's windows02:06
gnarfaceno, i mean point it at the guest02:06
gnarfaceshare a folder on the guest02:06
Pr0metheusI tried to share a folder and access it from the guest and qemu freezes:P02:07
gnarface(make sure the guest isn't running a firewall too)02:07
Pr0metheusI just write the path and freezes02:07
Pr0metheus //
Pr0metheusI've been struggling the whole day:P02:08
gnarfacei might have the syntax wrong but you should look at the smbclient man page and try forming your queries like i did, with the separate options instead of the // / syntax02:08
Pr0metheusok let me take a look02:08
gnarfacemake sure you can get some sort of a response with the list command... that should work even if you don't have access02:08
gnarfaceif that doesn't work... eh, something is wrong besides just configuration, either with the command, the network, or the smb config or the install...02:10
gnarfaceis this all a stock devuan system?02:10
Pr0metheusnope it's a migration from stretch02:11
gnarfacewell, i've never tested it that way fyi, connecting to itself02:12
gnarfaceso i don't even know if it works02:12
gnarfacebut if that wiki says it should, then it should02:12
gnarfacebut there's also something i can't quite remember about user access... i don't think it should be giving you that error but make sure that if you haven't set it up to just use a regular shell user's authentication on the host, that both the smb user AND the linux user have access to the directory ...02:14
Pr0metheusshould ping to my host return correctly?02:15
gnarfacefrom a shell user on the host?02:15
gnarfaceyes you should be able to ping the host from a shell user on the host02:15
gnarfaceis that not working?/02:15
Pr0metheusok I can't:P02:15
gnarfaceare you sure you have the IP right???02:15
gnarfacemake sure networking is actually up...02:16
gnarfaceit is possible that it is not02:16
Pr0metheusuh networking should be up cause I can talk to you02:16
gnarfaceit's this machine... huh02:16
gnarfacemake sure you have the ip right02:16
gnarfaceit would be your LAN ip not the ip that "" tells you02:17
Pr0metheusok I did ip addr show: got a lan ip but nothing comes back from ping02:17
Pr0metheuspinging the router works02:18
gnarface /sbin/ifconfig -a02:18
gnarfaceand so if you `ping` it gives you... nothing?02:22
Pr0metheusjust waiting02:22
Pr0metheus--- ping statistics ---02:23
Pr0metheus3 packets transmitted, 0 received, 100% packet loss, time 35ms02:23
gnarfacesomething very wrong02:23
gnarfacewhat about if you ping
nacellesounds like iptables/ebtables configured to interfere02:24
gnarfaceyea, a firewall could do that02:24
Pr0metheusnever touched it but let me see, iptables exists02:24
Pr0metheusChain INPUT (policy ACCEPT)02:25
Pr0metheustarget     prot opt source               destination02:25
Pr0metheusChain FORWARD (policy ACCEPT)02:25
Pr0metheustarget     prot opt source               destination02:25
Pr0metheusChain OUTPUT (policy ACCEPT)02:25
Pr0metheustarget     prot opt source               destination02:25
gnarfacestock kernel, you said?02:26
Pr0metheusI don't see anything there02:26
gnarfacethe debian one?02:26
gnarfaceit used to work?02:26
Pr0metheusah you mean ping?02:26
Pr0metheusdon't remember trying it02:26
Pr0metheushmm, I guess network is messed up02:27
gnarfacewhat about the nat rules for the guest?02:30
Pr0metheusnat rules?02:31
gnarfaceiptables -L -v -t nat02:39
gnarfacei think02:39
Pr0metheusnothing there02:39
Pr0metheuswait I reached resolv.conf02:40
Pr0metheusshould lo (loopback) be up?02:48
gnarfaceyes, it should...03:03
BeerbelottHello everyone :)12:22
BeerbelottI am wondering why an ole kernel won't get autoremoved12:22
BeerbelottI checked /etc/kernel/postinst.d/apt-auto-removal which generated /etc/apt/apt.conf.d/01autoremove-kernels properly to keep latest & previous kernel versions12:23
BeerbelottThe thing is I got a previous-previous version (4.9.65-3+deb9u2) which is not part of the list12:23
BeerbelottHowever, running apt autoremove or (better) apt-get autoremove --purge does not show anything to be cleared12:24
BeerbelottWhat could be wrong there?12:24
g40can anyone help? $ uname -a Linux devuan 4.9.0-6-amd64 #1 SMP Debian 4.9.88-1+deb9u1 (2018-05-07) x86_64 GNU/Linux15:47
g40fresh clone of into ~/src/arm-sdk15:47
g40first build using the sunxi target worked after a few missing dependencies installed15:48
g40then added my own board file and appended its name to the board_map15:48
g40now when I run I get this:
g40removing the new board file etc. seems to make no difference. Any thoughts on what I have borked here?15:50
gnarfaceg40: looks like you have the wrong bash version?16:27
g40gnarface. hello and thanks. this is with a vanila install: bash --version GNU bash, version 4.4.12(1)-release (x86_64-pc-linux-gnu)16:28
macacaHi. Quick question (hopefully) for the queue: How long is the standard support lifetime for Devuan? 1.0.0 was LTS, and 2.0.0 isn't (that I know of), but I can't find any end of life dates for either on the website.16:31
gnarfacemacaca: i don't think it has been decided but it probably matters what debian does with upstream in regards to this16:32
macacaOk, thanks.16:34
g40gnarface: got it. I missed the `zsh -f` step. thank you.16:36
gnarfaceg40: ah! zsh, that explains it.  no problem16:37
gnarfacemacaca: (it's probably safe to assume "as long as is feasible with whatever volunteer manpower can be mustered")16:38
gnarfacemacaca: most of these guys are very much of the "if it's not broke don't try to fix it" mindset16:38
macacaIt's a good mindset in most cases :)  I was curious for similar reasons... I have Devuan Jessie boxes (LTS) that don't need fixing, and I'm not sure if it's worth upgrading to ASCII, or if support for that will end before Jessie's LTS.16:41
macacaLikewise, I'm not sure when Jessie's support will end, to know an upgrade should be done at x point in the future. I'm assuming some time around 2020 for Jessie based on Debian, but LTS is usually 5 years.16:42
fsmithredmacaca, here's the lts schedule:
macacaThanks. I was looking at that after gnarface's answer about it depending what debian do upstream. I guess it just depends how much the two projects diverge over time, how much the releases are in sync, etc.16:56
macaca(and how much volunteer manpower there is, of course)16:56
gnarfaceyes, debian could sabotage it by trying to run away from their baseline with a development arms-race16:57
gnarfaceso far they have shown casual signs of hostility in that regard but it's unclear if that really helps their agenda or not16:57
gnarfaceso maybe they won't screw with it more than they have to16:58
gnarfacethey're a non-profit legal entity, but RedHat (who is funding all this) is a for-profit publicly traded company.  they do have a legal obligation to spend money on things that actually help their profitability16:59
macacaStill, it would be nice info to have on Devuan's website, even if just a best efforts estimate on expected lifetime.16:59
gnarfacethere is a shit ton of stuff from the debian wiki that really should be copied to Devuan's16:59
gnarfacethat hasn't been the highest priority yet17:00
gnarfaceproviding working builds has17:00
macacaYep, understandable.17:01
grayriderhello.  Who's the top-devuan dog here?20:51
Hurgotronwhy the HELL is pasting with the mouse into devuan ascii vim-basic broken?20:51
fsmithredgrayrider, I don't think there is one top person20:52
HurgotronI need to set mouse=r for pasting into vim now. default is mouse=a. And I can't even change the setting via vimrc.local. What is that insanity?20:53
grayriderLet me put it another way, who is the most prominent and worthy leader of the pack?20:54
gnarfacegrayrider: just ask your question and it'll get to the right person20:54
KatolaZHurgotron: set mouse-=a20:55
grayriderWho is the most involved in the finances of this operation?20:55
gnarfacegrayrider: (team list
KatolaZgrayrider: ?20:55
KatolaZHurgotron: the change comes from upstream20:56
fsmithreddoes the devuan-sanity package fix that?20:56
KatolaZfsmithred: don't remember, maybe20:57
grayriderIf I understand correctly, people?20:57
KatolaZbut it probably should20:57
KatolaZgrayrider: ask your question20:57
HurgotronKatolaZ: ok that works too, but only at runtime. I want to change a global config file for that, and I have no idea why it doesn't work in vimrc.local20:58
fsmithredbtw, I can paste with mouse or ctrl-insert in the default vi that gets installed20:58
KatolaZHurgotron: it should work in your .vimrc as well20:58
fsmithredor shift-insert. I forget which aI did.20:58
HurgotronKatolaZ: Yes but that's not a *global* config file.20:59
KatolaZHurgotron: /usr/share/vim/vimrc21:00
KatolaZman vim ;)21:00
KatolaZ(it actually points to /etc/vim/vimrc)21:00
HurgotronThat one gets overwritten with updates.21:00
Hurgotronvimrc.local would be the right one.21:00
KatolaZnothing gets overwritten with updates, unless you want so21:00
Hurgotronthat one gets sourced from /etc/vim/vimrc21:01
Hurgotronand it gets read, but *there* the mouse setting has no effect.21:01
HurgotronIf that kind of shit doesn't behave sanely, i could as well use windows.21:01
KatolaZHurgotron: sure, if you believe so :)21:02
fsmithredHurgotron, there's a package in experimental called devuan-sanity that might possibly fix that behavior. I know it changes some of the new debian defaults in vi21:03
fsmithredbut I don't know what things it changes. (I use nano)21:04
Hurgotronaccidentally I tried to paste some lines into sources.list when I stumbled over that insanity21:05
fsmithredyou're sure you were in insert mode?21:06
Hurgotronyes. I'm using vi(m) for 30 years I think21:06
fsmithredwhich vi/vim package did you install?21:06
fsmithredI can't find a package with that name21:08
fsmithredI have vim-common and vim-tiny installed21:08
Hurgotronroot@ascii:~# update-alternatives --config editor21:09
HurgotronThere is only one alternative in link group editor (providing /usr/bin/editor): /usr/bin/vim.basic21:09
HurgotronNothing to configure.21:09
Hurgotronroot@ascii:~# dpkg -l | grep vim21:09
Hurgotronii  vim                       2:8.0.0197-4+deb9u1   amd64        Vi IMproved - enhanced vi editor21:09
Hurgotronii  vim-common                2:8.0.0197-4+deb9u1   all          Vi IMproved - Common files21:09
Hurgotronii  vim-runtime               2:8.0.0197-4+deb9u1   all          Vi IMproved - Runtime files21:09
fsmithredok, I'll install and try that. couple minutes...21:10
Jjp137Hurgotron, set mouse=a is being done in /usr/share/vim/vim80/defaults.vim, and according to a comment in /etc/vimrc, if the user has no vimrc, $VIMRUNTIME/defaults.vim is loaded and will override any settings in /etc/vim/vimrc(.local)21:11
Jjp137er /etc/vim/vimrc21:11
Jjp137but there's a line you can uncomment in vimrc to disable that21:11
fsmithredok, in vim, if I right-click mouse, nothing comes up, but the footer toggles between INSERT to (visual)INSERT21:14
fsmithredmiddle-click does paster21:15
fsmithredas does shift-insert21:15
HurgotronJjp137: Thanks, that works. I wanted to avoid editing /etc/vim/vimrc because I thought that's what vimrc.local is for, but some vim devs seem to like their confuguration really convoluted and counterintuitive.21:17
Jjp137glad that worked and lol yea it can be confusing :\21:17

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