freenode/#devuan/ Thursday, 2018-08-16

LiebachGoodmorning. So, I'm getting my new Dell XPS 15 today, I hope. It comes preinstalled with Windows, and I want to dual boot. It's been almost a decade since I last dual booted anything, so what's the cool kids using for a boot manager nowadays? How do I best resize the Windows partition to make room for Devuan?07:33
hollaLiebach: gparted, since win doesn't know how to - honestly, my new ultrabook came with preinstalled win10 and although it only consumed sth around 10gb win won't let me shrink the partition below 120gb07:39
hollaafterwards you can just install devuan - grub will detect your win and add it to the boot menu07:40
Liebachholla: Cool, that sounds pretty easy. Thanks.07:43
Pr0metheusafter migrating to devuan from debian stretch network-manager was removed and replaced by wicd. ifupdown package was removed so my loopback interface does not come up. I can bring it up manually with ip link set lo up. How is your loopback setup to come up on system boot?09:57
dethain /etc/interfaces there is:10:08
dethaauto lo10:08
dethaiface lo inet loopback10:08
Liebachholla: Windows 10 built-in Disk Management has the ability to shrink volume and extend volume. Probably safer to use a Windows 10 native tool than gparted.10:15
Pr0metheusdetha do you have ifupdown installed on your system?10:24
dethaPr0metheus: yes10:25
Pr0metheusok thank you10:25
baimafeimahello, will Devuan eventually be listed here?
debdogprobably never
debdogmainly section "Nonfree Firmware"13:16
cehtehmhm the mdadm --monitor starts to stick at 100% cpu here after it run for some time, anyone have a idea what can cause that?14:01
hoshinekohello, how viable is it to run devuan beowulf?, what are the things that don't work on it?20:40
gnarfacehoshineko: people are doing it but it's not advised unless you want to help test broken packages20:42
gnarfacei can't tell you for sure what's broken right now but the safest bets are on stuff that depended on systemd20:43
hoshinekoi see20:44
gnarfacethe truth is it's probably so broken right now you're better off running ceres instead20:45
gnarfacebut ymmv20:45
gnarfaceascii is very good and you should run that instead unless you have a very good reason20:45
gnarface(support for bleeding-edge hardware or commercial software are the typical exceptions)20:46
hoshinekohow is flatpak in devuan?, i only need flatpak for 1 package but last time i tried it on devuan it was broken, but that might've been something specific to that package (maybe it depended on systemd?)20:49
gnarfacesorry, i don't know anything about it, but if the problem was with systemd, then it should be fixed in ascii.  after ascii it's still up in the air as far as i know20:50
Centurion_Danhoshineko: 1, beowulf isn't receiving much love yet - not really enough there to run it.22:02
Centurion_Danhoshineko: 2, flatpack is a complete containerised app like docker..22:02
Centurion_Dandon't use them they are a security disaster waiting to happen...22:03
Centurion_Danso it seems that sysvinit is getting a new lease on life:
Centurion_Danapparently Jessie Smith of distrowatch has taken up maintainership.23:07

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