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fsmithredunlikely that a post got deleted.00:00
fsmithredI don't think it's ever happened.00:01
specingI guess it is possible that I was happy with the preview and forgot to submit00:01
fsmithredI hate when that happens.00:01
fsmithredor if you take too long and get logged out and didn't save it to clipboard first00:02
debdogforums are awfull00:02
specingfsmithred: heh, the box went through a full reboot since then00:05
fsmithredone fix for that is to use firefox-2.x and you can retrieve it from browser cache00:09
specingsounds old00:10
fsmithredit was old - it hung around for years00:10
fsmithredso how small did you get your basic install?00:10
specing0 bytes, because the virtual disk went bye bye in the reboot00:11
fsmithredoh, sorry to hear00:12
specingfsmithred: eh, I wasn't planning on saving that install anyway. It was just a test if I can make it through the install without murdering anyone00:13
specinggiven that it can put /boot on btrfs, I'll probably proceed by installing latest stable to a hard disk00:15
golinuxspecing: To avoid losing a post, check 'keep me logged in" when you come on the foru00:19
Xenguydebdog: You don't like forums?  Why not?01:24
debdogmost importantly, they usually have terrible search engines01:26
gnarfaceit's hard to write an actually good search that doesn't ransack your database with every single query01:27
XenguyIt's not the first complaint I've ever heard about web site search engines...01:27
XenguyWhich surprises me, cos you'd think The Smart People would have a handle on this (important) function by now.01:28
gnarfacethere's been a lot of 3rd party attempts to offload the work of doing it right but even the open source ones with the best street cred suck compared to just letting google cache the whole thing01:28
debdogalso usually, they are occupied by some more or less knowledgeable people who love to talk. this results in either bad info or good info buried in lengthy threads01:28
Xenguygnarface: Do you know if SOLR is still used at all?01:29
gnarfaceactually i've never heard of it01:30
gnarfacelast i was working in that sector everyone was using sphinx01:30
debdogfor chattin' forums are ok. but if you have to rely on one for documentation on something, well, you effed01:31
XenguyYeah it doesn't take the place of wikis/documentation, for sure01:32
va7lnxI need a power adapter to get to the 4pin power plug on a motherboard :\01:37
va7lnxone of those01:40
va7lnxwhy am I building computers again?01:40
ezcapeva7lnx: you love it :)01:48
va7lnxezcape: I guess01:49
va7lnxI have three here. one is supposed to be a file server01:49
ezcapeyep I hink so :)01:49
va7lnxI ripped my thinkcentre apart to take the RAM and CPU, then dropped those into a better mother board and put that into a different01:50
ezcapenice :)01:50
va7lnxthen I put the mother from the case I put the new stuff in, put that into the thinkcentre with a new power supply01:51
ezcapegot only one hand. been eating with the other01:51
va7lnxand finally, I'm working on this other machine that is going to be my file server01:51
va7lnxI got lots of movies01:51
ezcapeand it worked?01:51
va7lnxthe first two did01:52
va7lnxthe thinkcentre is a miniATX case01:52
va7lnxbut the PSU is non-standard01:52
va7lnxthe mobo is garbage01:52
va7lnxthis new mobo is far better.01:52
va7lnxthe old one would stall when copying stuff to USB.01:52
va7lnxthis one performs perfectly as far as I can tell01:52
va7lnx$150 later for mobo and 8GB of RAM01:52
ezcapelotsa movies I knoww all about. I need things to watch when in a care home ;)01:53
va7lnx12GB total now in an i5-250001:53
va7lnxI'm good01:53
va7lnxoh, and 6GB/s SATA into an SSD01:53
ezcapelots to thinker about I see :)01:53
va7lnxI'll use this non-standard PSU as a bench supply for my ham radios :)01:53
ezcapegotta wash my hands01:54
ezcapeham radios? you like the 70s? :)02:01
ezcapedont know nothing about that, but it seems old time :)02:02
ezcape2am here. I need sleep02:02
ezcapehave fun :) !gone!02:02
va7lnxnot old school though02:02
va7lnxdigital modes ar efun02:03
golinuxPlease take OT stuff to #debianfork02:18
ultrakaratetzarhi :)03:26
DocScrutinizer05I know I should take this to the other channel, which I'm not a user of. So sorry, I can'T help sharing:
redrick DocScrutinizer05:  /join #debianfork is your friend.08:46
DocScrutinizer05I might even be banned there, no idea. If I'm not, I better should08:47
redrickThe channel admin said, just before your 'I know I should take this to the other channel' remark:  17:18 < golinux> Please take OT stuff to #debianfork08:51
DocScrutinizer05thanks, I got a local chanlog aka scrollback here too08:53
redrickIn that case:  Suggest you do as the channel admin said.  Quod erat demonstrandum.08:54
DocScrutinizer05it's quite funny actually how golinux makes her OT calls a half an hour after last post of any OT thread. Luckily she doesn't extend that to a 100 lines monologue anymore08:55
redrickAlmost like she doesn't work for you, right?  ;->08:56
DocScrutinizer05sidenote: you are also extending a one liner "OT" post into actually disturbing noise08:56
redrickI'll let you know if an inflamed conscience troubles me overly.08:57
DocScrutinizer05what's your problem dude?08:57
redrickI'd give you a list, but it'd be OT.08:58
DocScrutinizer05are you sure you aren't already? massively08:59
Latrinagood morning guys, a quick question09:07
Latrinais there a iso for ceres or the only way to get in ceres is to upgrade from ascii?09:08
DocScrutinizer05I guess there's at least no official ISO yet09:09
Latrinado you have the link to it by chance?09:10
golinuxLatrina: There is no iso for ceres.  Never has been.  How would that even be possible since ceres is so fluid?09:10
Latrinagolinux: was just wondering09:10
Latrinaso I will upgrade from ascii then09:10
golinuxYou can upgrafd to beowulf09:10
golinuxand also enable ceres and beowulf experimental repos09:11
golinuxYou should go through beowulf09:12
golinuxLatrina: ^^^09:12
Latrinaoh okay, I will beowful than09:14
LatrinaI love the name btw09:14
Latrinarunning to work.. bye now :)09:14
golinuxDo you like the look too?
golinuxOK.  Bye09:16
KatolaZgolinux: there is no need to use experimental repos09:17
KatolaZand/or to keep ceres repos active in beowulf09:17
KatolaZplease do not suggest it any more09:17
KatolaZespecially now that buster is getting close to freeze09:17
golinuxKatolaZ:  Ah.  OK. I was told to do that at one point.09:19
* golinux goes to tidy up sources.list09:20
nemoheh. one of our systemd systems has gone completely bonkers16:39
nemoand while I was browsing for tips on how to get it functioning again16:39
nemo"Linux used to enable network by default, and right after the boot, before any other stuff. Now that good ol' thing has gone the way of the pink elephants floating in a sea of lunacy, so, therefore"16:39
nemoI sympathise16:39
iovecnemo: if you want assistance and cannot migrate to a non systemd distribution just yet, #systemd would be happy to help (if you try to cooperate while they do that, as well)16:40
r3bootI bet that filesystems got mounted before network gets started ;) (unless you're on one of those nfs-root based setups)16:40
nemoI eventually got it working16:46
nemoas much as I'd love to blamce systemd, it was Cylance this time16:46
nemoI still blame systemd for my general debugging confusion 😉16:46
nemobut once I (eventually) realised that even gdb  --args /usr/sbin/sshd -t  was failing...16:46
ejrhi, i am running devuan ceres and today rxvt-unicode received an upgrade when I ran apt-get upgrade. Since then the cursor in urxvt does not show anymore. What could be the reason?20:02
jonadabUpdated defaults?  Dunno.20:26
jonadabCheck if there's an option for how the cursor should show.  Most modern terminals have an option for that.20:26
ejrjonadab: from all i could gather so far, the latest devuan upgrade broke urxvt23:33
jonadabNot impossible.23:34
jonadabIf you're on ceres, it's possible that library versions get out of sync with packages that depend on them and stuff.23:34
golinuxejr: We don't even have rxvt-unicode in ceres:
golinuxOops no oit is in there.  Comes directly from Debian23:39
golinuxSo go talk to them23:40
ejri think i will use this as a good reason to switch to st, which i wanted to do for a while anyways23:42
golinuxYour choice23:42
golinuxI couldn't be bothered to ask that question23:51
golinuxStar Trek"?23:52
ejrsuckless terminal :P23:52
fsmithredif it's from, then it probably works23:55
ejrexcept for transparency, i got everything working so far, yes. pretty neat too.23:56
MinceRscrollbackless terminal :>23:57

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