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gnarfaceroo^y: (that's expected behavior)02:01
Xenguyjosuah: Good man, you have the right idea, just keep it on the down-low03:39
XenguyHave a rationale/alibi ready of course, just in case03:40
XenguyRemember, embrace and extend 8 -D03:41
telmichgood morning11:16
telmichWe have just got a nice suprise: a friend of ungleich just sponsored a PPC G5 mac for Devuan builds11:16
telmichOur staff as I am writing on the way to pick it up and to bring it into the data center light so it will be available for building ppc packages next week11:17
Centurion_Dantelmich: wow that's good news - is that for ppc 32bit?11:17
gnarfaceG5 is 64-bit11:19
gnarfaceG4 and earlier were the 32-bit ones11:19
Wonkatelmich: cool11:20
Centurion_Dangnarface: Do you know if it's Big or Little Endian?11:21
Centurion_Danif it's little then ppc64el may work already.11:22
gnarfacei don't know, but i know they draw more power than a refrigerator11:22
gnarfacemy nickname for the G5 is "the circuit breaker"11:22
gnarface(seriously, don't put one on the same circuit as your refrigerator, coffee machine, or microwave.  you will regret it)11:23
Centurion_Danhmmm a 15 yr old machine... is it worth it.  I'm in the process of getting some more TalosII remote hosts to run as buildhosts.11:26
Centurion_Danand test hosts.11:27
jordiladear #devuan ers , how do you install devuan on a VPS ? ... is there any Hosting provider «devuan-friendly » so to speak ?11:32
gnarfacejordila: i doubt they could stop you from upgrading a debian install to devuan even if they wanted to11:33
gnarfacei'd frankly be surprised if they noticed11:33
telmichCenturion_Dan: 64 bit is correct, yes11:34
telmichjordila: we are running
Centurion_Dantelmich: you might want to try booting: - if that boots, we don't need it as a buildhost, but it would be good to know how Devuan runs on that h/w11:36
telmichCenturion_Dan: ack, will do. I have to find out whether we can put this on a usb stick (unlikely) or whether we actually need to find a real CD for it :-)11:40
Centurion_Dantelmich: circa 2003, I'd be betting on CD.  I had my hands on a G5 Xserve at one stage and that required cd booting - and that was a heavy and noisy beast.11:42
Centurion_Danactually, that was probably a G4 xserve based on a quick lookup...11:47
Centurion_DanUSB boot wasn't really a thing until ~200811:48
Centurion_Dananyway... bedtime o/11:51
telmichCenturion_Dan: thanks for the input - will keep you updated, when we have it11:54
specingtelmich: aren't you buying talos boards?13:25
gnarfacei don't mean to discredit the gift of a G5 though, i'm sure it is a good idea to have one around either way13:26
stefan_zalewskihi  anyone here residing in ireland?13:40
specing> gnarface | my nickname for the G5 is "the circuit breaker"13:44
specing110V mains?13:44
specingI guess we are lucky here in Europe to have went with 220VAC13:45
gnarfaceit could help, i don't know13:49
EdLinhello. Could you let me know what version of QEMU and the kernel are in the stable, testing, and sid?13:51
gnarfaceEdLin: the package search is here
gnarfaceno problem13:53
specinggnarface: only half the current is required at twice the voltage to sustain desired power levels14:16
specingI heard 110VAC systems have trouble now with induction cookers and EV charging14:16
buZzheh yep14:18
specingI think everyone should just switch to >500 VDC14:22
jordilaI'm wondering .... may i migrate my  Debian Stretch based VPS to Devuan Ascii à la without hiccups ?14:37
* jordila apt-get install sysvinit-core , traying to ... ^^ 14:43
Eaglet4Привет, друзья!19:43

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