freenode/#devuan/ Wednesday, 2019-05-01

gnarfacejiefk: (you can do that from ssh if you properly set the DISPLAY environment variable)00:04
jiefkgnarface: fsmithred : sorry to have bothered you for some hours yesterday , my screen-off problem was in fact the backlight being to 0% :/17:38
jiefkI installed xbacklight and set it to 100% and I got my screen back.17:38
jiefkStill I don't know why the backlight suddently went 0% to begin with.17:39
jiefkNow, back to KDE/Plasma, everything working except the touchpad. For now, I plugged in an USB mouse17:40
Evilhamcrazy, mabye you unplugged the charger and it didn't go back on afterwards?17:41
jiefkEvilham: I swear the screen-off problem was when I still had my charger plugged-in. I plugged off the laptop to test to the HDMI TV screen just before going to bed yesterday17:44
Evilham:-D crazy17:45
Evilhamwell, I'm glad it's gone17:45
jiefkwhich ls{usb,pci,???} can give me insormation about the touchpad on a laptop ?17:51
jiefkoh, found `laptop-mode-tools` that allowed me to get back the mouse via gpm17:54
jiefkand got back mouse in X11 also :)17:55
gnarfacejiefk: well the important part is that you got it figured out20:02
jiefkgnarface: yes, figured it out with the sunny window next to me this afternoon : I was seing faint things moving on the laptop screen while on fluxbox, thanks to the bright grey wallpaper :)21:39

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