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OneManHateGroupHi everybody... I've been over and over the instructions on how to mount a usb drive rw, but can't do it03:33
OneManHateGroupall I want to do is copy files to my external hdd03:34
OneManHateGroupeverytime I chmod it copies files measured in kb/s03:35
OneManHateGroupThis is so annoying... Why can't I format a drive and have it be available to all users and not owned by root03:36
XenguyOneManHateGroup: I think you need to break down your questions some more (it's not clear to me what you're asking really)03:44
XenguyWhat DE are you using?03:44
XenguyWhat filesystem is on your external hard drive?03:45
gnarfaceOneManHateGroup: filesystems other than fat32 will hold the permissions you assign after mounting.  note that nothing will inherit the permissions of the mount point.  if you need fat32 filesystems to be not owned as root, you can change it to a different user with some mount options i can't remember.  also note that your apparent complaint about copy speeds is irrelevant to permissions; that's a different issue.03:58
OneManHateGroupThanks for the input...04:01
gnarfacei still have a feeling that neither of those things are his actual problem05:24
* gnarface sighs05:24
Syllinhey all...after some digging...looks like the audio devices on my machine had drivers added in linux 4.13, but the live installer landed me on linux 4.9. anyone know if i'll have luck compiling the 4.13 kernel? how would i even go about it?07:20
Syllini guess i would need the official .config file for building the kernel that devuan uses..? or at least it would help07:21
Syllinniceee :D07:25
Syllinanecdotally, do all of these seem to work? i may as well take the latest07:26
golinuxLooks like linux-image-4.19 is in ascii backports07:26
Syllinhow do i tap in to ascii backports? is that a repo that i need to add to my sources.d ?07:27
golinuxYou don't want to install everything from backports.  That could get you into into trouble.  Be selective.07:29
Syllinmakes sense, thanks :)07:30
golinuxHope that will solve you hardware issues07:31
Syllinhope so :). thanks07:31
Syllinafter i've installed the new linux can i comment out backports so i dont accidentally DL something else from there? or will that cause problems07:32
golinuxI comment backports.  Others pin it.07:33
Syllinhardware works now :D07:33
Syllinint his context, what does "pin" mean?07:34
Syllincan i configure it to only be the source of truth for that one package or something?07:34
golinuxI'm afraid I'm not that adventurous.07:35
golinuxBut yes, I think what you suggested can be done.07:35
golinuxThat's exactly what pinning is for.07:36
golinuxHang around here and eventually someone will pop in to fill in the details.07:36
SyllinSG, thanks a bunch!07:37
Syllinglad to have my sound card back07:37
Humpelstilzchenany idea why nvidia-driver-libs:amd64 in devuan ascii is version 390.116-1 but nvidia-driver-libs-i386:i386 is 390.87-8~deb9u1? (debian stretch has both 390.116-1)07:47
Humpelstilzchenany idea why nvidia-driver-libs:amd64 in devuan ascii is version 390.116-1 but nvidia-driver-libs-i386:i386 is 390.87-8~deb9u1? (debian stretch has both 390.116-1)19:45
gnarfacei vaguely recall there was a build error about it maybe?19:47
gnarfacethat doesn't seem right though, i'm not sure19:47
gnarfaceyou're sure you ran "apt-get update" first, right?19:47
Humpelstilzchengnarface: sure19:48
Jjp137I see the same thing in aptitude19:55
Jjp137can't really tell you why, though :\19:55
HumpelstilzchenTo be honest I already fetched them from debian19:57
jiefkGuys, need a bit on help again. My touchpad works with kernel, but not with How to debug this ?21:31
gnarfaceis one of those a backports kernel and the other one you built yourself?21:35
gnarfaceif so, you can find the stock configs in /boot and compare them to the one you're trying to build yourself21:36
gnarfaceif it's not a driver regression, maybe you just forgot to check a box21:36
jiefkhum no, it's the one from beowulf repository21:38
buZzdoes beowulf's intel gpu driver support vulkan?22:06
buZzah hmm 2~[beowulf] xserver-xorg-video-intel-2.99.917+git20180925-222:07
buZzah > WARNING: Ivy Bridge Vulkan support is incomplete22:08
gnarfacejiefk: you're probably gonna have to check the dmesg and xorg logs for errors then.  you might have to actually enable debugging in the relevant kernel module (this could require a rebuild, or maybe just adding a module option)22:46
Syllinanyone know why snapd isn't in the repos?22:52
Syllinmaybe it depends on systemd...?22:52
Jjp137that's correct22:52
Jjp137for reference, a list of packages that are not in Devuan repos for similar reasons can be found here:
Syllingotcha, thanks22:59
Syllinwhen i plug my laptop in to my HDMI monitor, i have to open xfce4-display-settings and enter my settings (extend displays, different resolutions). unplugging the HDMI does what i want (revert the one laptop screen to a resolution that i like). but subsequent connection to my big monitor makes the display settings not stick: the ones that i liked be23:15
Syllinfore are gone, and it's on "mirror displays"23:15
Syllinideally the settings would be stickier. barring that, i'd like to write a script i can invoke to automate the settings i know i like.23:16
Syllinanyone know the CLI programs that i can use to twiddle the settings that xfce4-display-settings does for me?23:16
golinuxMaybe xrandr or lxrandr?23:17
golinuxSyllin: ^^^23:17
Syllinlooks promising, thanks23:19
Syllinthis does exactly waht i want, thanks
golinuxSyllin: That's great news!23:46
golinuxTook you just a few minutes to figure it out.  Impressive.23:47
Syllinhelps to google up the right path ;)23:56

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