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cehtehmhm migrating from debian/buster to devuan/beowulf complains that it cant update from the devuan repository because of missing pubkey00:17
cehtehapt-get update already, thus i cant install the keyring as done with jessie->ascii00:18
gnarfaceyou can just suppress the error or you can use apt-key to install the key manually00:21
gnarface(i assume)00:21
cehtehdunno how to supress the error    apt-get update --allow-unauthenticated   does not00:22
cehtehbut i import the key manually, still should be documented somehow00:22
cehteh  << worked fyi00:25
cehtehlolz ....00:26
cehteh5 upgraded, 1 newly installed, 7 to remove and 0 not upgraded.00:26
cehtehNeed to get 837 kB of archives.00:26
cehteh.. not much00:26
cehtehok but failed :/00:30
blebhow do you run a command on wakeup in devuan01:28
blebvoid has /etc/zzz.d/resume01:31
gnarfacei don't think you should have to run it manually, but i think it would be a script associated with acpid01:36
gnarfaceoh, i misread you bleb01:37
gnarfacelook in /etc/pm/01:37
gnarfacei think it runs scripts you place in there01:37
blebhm i tried making one but no luck01:42
blebnot sure where this pm stuff is documented01:42
fsmithredman pm-suspend has some pretty specific rules for hook scripts01:58
blebi read that paragraph and see no issues with what ive done02:02
blebbut it does say that there should be a /var/log/pm-suspend.log file, and there is not02:03
blebonly /var/log/pm-powersave.log02:03
fsmithredI've never had to mess with that02:03
fsmithredit suspends, it wakes up02:04
blebah it works if i user pm-suspend and resume by hitting the power button02:05
blebbut not if i close/open my laptop lid02:06
fsmithredyeah, I have to hit the power button on my toshiba if I close the lid and leave it for a long time02:06
fsmithredand it comes right up (wakes up, not boot up)02:06
blebmy x201 sleeps and wakes up on close/open02:07
blebbut its not running the resume hook02:07
fsmithredand I have a dell that does not sleep unless I use the command02:07
blebi guess it's not actually doing a pm-suspend but somehow it knows to turn off the screen and turn on the sleep indicator light02:08
fsmithredare there settings for that in the bios?02:08
blebnot sure what i'd look for02:09
blebfwiw i know the sleep/wake on lid up/down is OS dependent02:09
blebbecause systemd OS's fail at least ootb02:09
blebso some part of devuan is detecting the lid shut and deciding to go to sleep but not pm-suspend02:10
blebwell the defaults in logind.conf say HandleLidSwitch=suspend02:12
blebbut i guess that doesn't necessarily mean pm-suspend02:12
fsmithredoh, there's probably a consolekit command for that02:13
fsmithredmaybe other freedesktop commands02:13
blebmaybe i can get anacron to do it for me or something02:15
blebbut idk how anacron would run commands on lid open, its still just a program02:15
fsmithredthere's an old discussion about this at dev1galaxy.org02:16
fsmithredtime for food. bbiab02:17
blebso maybe this is a limitation of sysvinit02:20
gnarfacebleb: it is most likely something easily modifiable to work that simply has not been done for your particular laptop because the signal is different for every different model02:56
blebgnarface: but devuan is detecting lid events just fine02:57
blebim just trying to run an additional command when the lid comes up02:57
gnarfacein the old days, earlier laptops had vendor-specific packages you could install to add such hooks, but support has kinda fallen by the wayside for more recent laptops as the proliferation of hardware multiplies02:57
blebwell this is an x20102:58
blebi.e. not a recent laptop02:58
gnarfacebleb: and no, you don't know that it's detecting lid events just fine.  if all that happens is the backlight on the screen turns off, that could be a hardware feature entirely independent of the software.  it could just be physically wired to the lid switch02:58
blebi know that its detected in software because ubuntu fails to properly wake up while devuan succeeds02:58
gnarface(lack of standardization on implementations of these types of features probably contributes to the lack of support)02:59
gnarfacebleb: "apt-cache search laptop"03:01
gnarfacesee if there's any packages that come up that might help you03:01
fsmithredor search thinkpad03:01
gnarfacethey might have removed the thinkpad-extras package03:02
gnarfacei can't find it03:02
fsmithredyeah, I don't see that one03:02
gnarfaceit did used to be there03:02
fsmithredthere's thinkfan03:02
gnarfacehmm.  i thought it was, maybe i'm thinking of a toshiba package...03:03
fsmithreddamn, I never thought to look for that03:04
fsmithredbut then, access to keys won't help, 'cause it doesn't have a keyboard03:04
gnarfacemaybe it's all in laptop-mode-tools now?03:05
gnarfaceoh hey, there's a task for that03:09
gnarfacebleb: try installing task-laptop03:09
gnarfacemy guess is that, worst case scenario, some hook script is missing or needs a trivial edit, but there's a good chance it's in a package still somewhere03:10
blebwhat hook script would i want?03:11
gnarfacei'm sure you'll know it when you find it03:11
gnarfacetry installing task-laptop and see what it pulls in, then check those packages for scripts03:11
blebah it was already installed by default03:12
fsmithredhow did you install?03:12
gnarfacehow about laptop-mode-tools, was it also installed?03:12
blebfsmithred: netinst usb stick03:12
bleblaptop-mode-tools isnt installed yet03:13
fsmithredlive or installer iso?03:13
blebhm laptop-mode-tools wants to install a bunch of graphical crap03:14
blebi dont think thats what i need03:14
gnarfaceit might be, because my quick google search on how to fix this in ubuntu shows you setting it in a gui menu...03:14
gnarfaceit also says to make sure pm-utils is installed03:14
blebyeah it is03:15
blebgnarface: the ubuntu solution is for pre-systemd days/03:15
gnarfacehad you made changes to logind.conf ?03:15
gnarfacedo you have a logind.conf?03:16
blebyeah but its just the default with everything commented out03:16
gnarfacecheck out the specific 3 lines he says to change here03:16
gnarfacei don't think it's systemd specific, because of the range of ubuntu versions he mentions, but it's not clear to me if it's gnome specific...03:17
gnarfaceit might be one of those things gnome provides a gui for, but could still work with elogind if you change this file manually03:19
blebit looks like the only thing he changes is HandleLidSwitchDocked=suspend03:20
blebtried that and restarted elogind, no luck03:20
gnarfacei also see HandleLidSwitch=suspend03:20
gnarfaceand HandleSuspendKey=suspend03:20
blebbut those are already the defaults03:21
gnarfaceare they commented?03:21
bleband it says "Entries in this file show the compile time defaults."03:22
gnarfacetry just uncommenting them anyway, even if they're supposed to be the default03:22
blebyeah i did, still doesnt help03:22
gnarfacebut i guess maybe that could mean this is the wrong approach03:22
blebmaybe i need to reboot03:22
gnarfacewell, try it03:22
gnarfacebut you might need to find an older solutino03:22
gnarfacesomething tied more directly to acpid or something03:23
blebyeah rebooting did not help03:24
gnarfacehmm. they seem to have really tried hard to absorb this functionality into systemd and then scrub their wiki of all evidence of the prior implementation...03:26
gnarfacesorry, everything i'm finding is stuff we've already tried03:27
gnarfaceoptions i915 i915_enable_rc6=7 i915_enable_fbc=1 lvds_downclock=103:27
gnarfacethough i did find this set of recommended module options to save power on the GPU while it's suspended03:28
gnarfaceit won't fix your problem03:28
blebmaybe we can crib from void's /etc/zzz.d03:28
blebhowever runit handles it03:28
gnarfacethough one would think this was in debian wheezy too03:28
gnarfacebleb: i dunno if it'll help, but i notice that there are some additional docs and howtos in /usr/share/doc/pm-utils03:38
gnarfacethey might constitute the missing documentation for this03:39
gnarfacelooks like it goes into detail of how /etc/pm/* is handled03:40
gnarfacebleb: sorry i can't help you more specifically.  lemme know what you find out though03:47
sleonhello everyone! I am currently on ascii! I am looking for devuan package for nvidia driver >=410. Do we have it? Are there any reposiories, which provide it?10:41
Evilhamsleon: ^^^^^10:45
sleonEvilham: thank you!10:47
sleonEvilham: I have added ascii-backports to the sources.list but the downloaded lists (after apt-get update) do not contain the package which were found on the page. Is this an issue with outdated mirror?11:15
sleondeb ascii-backports main non-free contrib <-- this is what I have used. After apt-get update; apt-cache showpkg nvidia-driver shows 390 and 384 as available versions. I am on amd64 system11:17
fsmithredsleon, change to and you'll see 41811:29
sleonfsmithred: cool! is this the main mirror?11:30
KatolaZ_sleon: since more than 1.5 years ago11:31
sleonthx, my knowledge is a bit outdated :D11:31
KatolaZall our knowledge is outdated ;)11:32
sleonhmm, what does nvidia-driver 418.56-2~bpo9+1 [non-free/x11 - optional]11:50
sleon[Origin: Debian - ascii-backports - non-free]11:50
sleondoes it mean that the package should be downloaded from debian repository?11:50
sleonafter changing to i am still not getting nvidia-driver in the version 418 :/11:50
debdogprolly means you have to add "backports" to your sources list and enable "non-free" for it11:51
debdoghmm, just don't ask me how11:53
debdogmaybe "deb ascii-backports main non-free11:56
Evilhamsleon: listen to debdog here :-D I was just typing that11:56
KatolaZsleon: the page on pkginfo tells you if the package has been modified by Devuan or not12:06
KatolaZpackages forked by Devuan have "Origin: Devuan"12:06
KatolaZsleon: you need to use only devuan repos12:06
sleonthx guys12:29
sleontrying out12:29
sleonyes! worked12:29
jaromilfirst interview published after our conference!
jaromilit's time to blush for fsmithred  :^D17:57
KatolaZthat's a good one fsmithred  ;P18:44
fsmithredKatolaZ, jaromil... what?19:53
jiefkGuys, I need your help again. My touchpad still does not work with kernel > (amd64)19:55
jiefkI found on internet'z that adding "psmouse.synaptics_intertouch=0" on cmdline might solve this issue (that was in 2017, 4.11-4.13 area)19:56
jiefkand indeed, that worked, my touchpas is working now !19:57
jiefktouchpad** . What is missing / has changed since  ? More generally, where do I report regression with random hardware ?19:59
jiefk (the solution to my problem is here : )20:00
unixmanWTF?! I upgrade to ascii and get pulseaudio back? Bleah! I thoght I had gotten rid of that mess. :(20:31
furrywolfit gets dragged in by a lot of crap20:32
furrywolfnothing seems to actually break if you remove it, though20:32
furrywolffun fact:  gimp, which has absolutely no concept of sound whatsoever, depends on libpulse.20:32
furrywolfbecause "dependencies gone mad" seems to be the current debian plan...20:32
unixmanSo, I can remove that. What are you using for sound, furrywolf?20:35
unixmanOkay, thanks. That's what I had before, I think. Putting that back.20:36
furrywolfthere's too many giant-monolithic-multifunction-blob-libraries, which depend on a zillion unrelated things for features that 99% of things depending on them will never use.20:36
furrywolfgimp drags in sdl which depends on pulse20:36
Wonkafurrywolf: well, Sound in Firefox and Chromium depends on pulseaudio nowadays :/20:50
KatolaZWonka: you can use apulse20:56
unixmanWonka, I'm running "Chromium Version 73.0.3683.103 (Official Build) (64-bit)" on FreeBSD. I have sound and no pulseaudio.21:01
furrywolfWonka:  debian has been building firefox with --enable-alsa.21:02

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