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golinuxenyc: Here's the list of banned packages
golinuxSo that's not an issue. But depending on your usecase, there could be some bugs not systemd related.00:10
fsmithredenyc, did you try the upgrade yet?00:13
drawkula$ ncomm packages.destiny packages.devuan3-amd64 packages.devuan3-i386 | fgrep -i systemd | wc -l00:33
drawkula2 VMs and one netbook... with XFCE and no systemd found in their packages lists00:34
drawkula(here VMs are named after the OS+arch, real hardware has real names...)00:35
gmcastiljust reinstalled the latest version of devuan ascii - in addition to ascii, ascii-updates, and ascii-security what other repos should i add as well?01:18
gmcastilis there a commonly used repo for things like chrome?01:21
fsmithredgmcastil, that covers it unless you need something from backports01:22
fsmithredchromium is in main, chrome I guess you would get from google.01:22
gmcastilwhen i first used devuan a couple years ago, i seem to remember having to add other stuff01:22
gmcastilbut we dont include the debian repos right?01:22
fsmithredmaybe had to remove some stuff too01:22
fsmithredno, just use devuan. amprolla will merge the stuff from debian01:23
fsmithredthrough a filter that's not shaped like a D01:23
gmcastilweird....the devuan installer blew away my entries in /boot that lets me dual boot the machine04:21
plasma41gmcastil: Was this the debian-installer from the install iso or the refracta-installer from the live iso?04:33
gmcastilthe refracta-installer04:35
gmcastilit only took a couple minutes to fix04:36
gmcastilbut still, i was a bit surprised that it didnt preserve the existing windows 7 menuentry04:36
plasma41fsmithred: gmcastil had an issue with your installer ^04:38
fsmithredwhat's up?04:39
fsmithredgmcastil, did you select a separate boot partition?04:39
fsmithredit only does things to partitions you select04:41
gmcastili previously installed jessie and replaced it with a live install of ascii04:41
fsmithredbut if you let it install the bootloader to mbr, it will replace whatever is there04:41
gmcastilwhen it configures grub, does it look in the previous grub.cfg for the existence of other entries?04:42
fsmithredit just does the normal update-grub04:42
fsmithredso it should make entries for all the installed systems04:42
fsmithredactually, it might look at any grub.cfg it finds. How it finds things is a mystery.04:43
gmcastilhuh, well it missed muy existing entry for windows 704:43
gmcastilnbd, i fixed it04:43
gmcastili was just surprised that was the behavior04:44
enycfsmithred: yes12:08
enycfsmithred: I had issues relating to locally installed old packages or held packages12:08
enycfsmithred: therefore, couldn't really come to too many conclusions about upgradability of  ascii-native install12:09
fsmithredenyc, did you install a full desktop from an installer iso?12:09
enycfsmithred:  did a lot of  apt-get --purge autoremove   and   deborphan | xargs dpkg -P12:09
fsmithredif so, you might have a problem with task-whatever-desktop12:09
enycfsmithred: not sure,  if I did was ages ago,  before upgrade and upgrade-again12:09
enycfsmithred: I do NOW have task-mate-desktop  installed  and working12:10
fsmithreddpkg -l |grep task-12:10
fsmithredwill show you12:10
enycyes indeed i know12:10
enycalso can run 'tasksel'12:10
enycin any case, I can say I have jessie->ascii->beowulf  working via upgrade route12:11
fsmithredyeah, but you're better off without the task- packages right now12:11
enyci actually removed the task-mate-desktop and  removed lots of xfce4 and mate  stuff before upgrading12:11
enycand various older things and so on12:11
enycthen upgraded12:11
enycthen re-instated task-mate-desktop12:11
fsmithredthe beowulf version might not be ready12:12
enycright yes12:12
fsmithredmight have some wrong deps12:12
enycthough, it SEEMSN to be working12:12
enycis all i'm saying12:12
* enyc checks some auto-mointing ...12:12
enycth'ts behaving...12:14
enycused to have problems there12:14
enycdeps-wise, I'd check on things like  reminders about elogind vs polkit and whatever else12:14
* fsmithred hates pokit12:15
enycbut there will be people who have it12:15
enycand so on12:15
fsmithredI have it12:15
onefangHate it so much you can't even type it.12:16
enycyes, mee to =)12:16
omnioguys, when I install devuan using the livecd (refracta installed) and I log in on tty1 (no X), the drawed lines in mc look odd, they have strange characters15:41
omnioI can overcome this by using "mc -a" but I was wondering what's the cause, maybe some env variable?15:41
omnioI mean refracta installer (not installed)15:41
fsmithredomnio, install libgtk3-perl15:41
fsmithredI think that's the right package - let me check15:41
fsmithredyeah, that's the right package15:43
omniofsmithred, thanks a lot15:43
fsmithredomnio, that's the wrong fix15:44
fsmithredthat's for graphical debconf windows instead of ncurses15:44
omniooh ok15:45
fsmithredrun 'dpg-reconfigure console-setup' and change "Fixed" font to "VGA"15:45
fsmithredthat might not be right, but it's closer15:45
fsmithredneed more coffee here15:45
omniohehe. thank you very much15:46
fsmithredok, it's either VGA or selecting UTF-8 that fixes is15:46
fsmithredI think it's UTF-815:46
fsmithredor set CHARMAP="UTF-8" in /etc/default/console-setup15:47
fsmithredand then restart console-setup (dpkg-reconfigure does this automatically)15:47
gnarfacedpkg-reconfigure locales15:49
omnioI'll try these things. Thanks guys, this is useful on my old machines15:51
fsmithredit's console-setup. It'll be fixed in the point-release.15:53
concatimeHi folks. Why am I getting couldnt look up for your hostname.22:51
concatimeFreenode works22:52
concatimeLOL, sorry22:57
concatimeWrong channel22:57

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