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nemoI do search for packages usually, but wasn't sure how reliable it was w/ stuff under development00:02
nemobut yes should have looked there00:02
TwistedFateanyone knows where would 'xorg.conf' be located if it's not in /etc/X11/xorg.conf?03:49
fsmithredmlocate might know03:52
fsmithredlocate xorg.conf03:53
nivirxIt might not exist iirc, xorg can do most of the configuration automaticlly03:57
bergix59An example of Buster Linux debian: # fdisk -l,  bash: fdisk: command not found.  ;) I cannot imagine to have a linux distro without fdisk.08:42
roo^yWicd Network Manager freezes on connection, with the animation near the bottom stuck at "Connecting", & below it "Disconnecting active connections..." My last upgrade didn't fix it. Just an annoyance of rebooting which may make it appear normally connecting several times before this freezing (it still connects online)08:48
roo^ynot wanting to reboot, i just quit it & restart when i want to make my next connection08:49
roo^yusing Refracta08:50
Centurion_Danroo^y: use network-manager.... much more reliable.  wicd is a total fail.08:53
roo^ythanks, that came up in my web search minutes before my comments. i used ubuntu 10.10 through to recently 12.04, so i'm very familiar with it08:55
MinceRNetworkManager is a total fail too08:55
roo^yi had some success with frisbee in puppylinux ..can't remember what i used in similar OS EasyOS09:05
gnarfacethe funny thing is, the text file is way easier to use than any of these programs09:06
bergix59Have you tried BSD guys, it runs faster than Linux even non-systemd systems?09:35
* r3boot runs OpenBSD, I can confirm that it is *not* faster by any stretch of imagination ;P09:36
* tarzeau is using Debian GNU/kFreeBSD09:36
r3bootBut it is predictable, and always works :P09:36
bergix59r3boot: openbsd is bit slower than netbsd, so said.09:37
tarzeauconsistency, a value i like (is getting beaten down by and systemd (redhat))09:37
r3bootyeah, same09:37
r3bootThe 6.6-current I run now still more or less works like the 2.7 I began with :) (openbsd)09:37
r3bootbergix59: no, just slow :)09:38
r3bootbut that doesnt matter really, since its consistently slow, and you know what to expect, and not a darn thing you can do about it except for upgrading your hardware :P09:38
tarzeauand they have xfs, right?09:39
r3bootjust UFS09:39
bergix59ffs zfs09:39
r3bootthat's probably my biggest gripe, I'd love to have zfs under OpenBSD09:40
r3bootbut that wont happen, evah09:40
golinuxPlease take non-support topics to #debianfork09:45
toproHi there, is there a beowulf release date/plan already? Especially interrested in when beowulf-backports are going to be available.11:23
bergix59Hello, what can be the reason that fsck.ext3 -r /dev/sda2 is block by some processes. Can it be that systemd is that much evil when the desktop (xfce) ask for automount?16:28
LtWorfit's probably mounted, look with mount or lsof16:30
EHeMApache2 amd64 has finally gotten updated, I'm glad it turned out to be a somewhat less urgent update, but the long time is distinctly concerning.18:48

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