freenode/#devuan/ Friday, 2019-12-27

tuxd3veyalroz, I have a siglthly diferent setup, I don't even have nvcc.profile in /etc :D01:03
tuxd3vI believe that the maintainer is the one whocreated the package.. I haven't looked into it..01:05
tuxd3v whocreated ->  who created01:05
tuxd3vI just downloaded the instalation script from the cuda toolkit address and move on :)01:06
tuxd3vthe instalation I did is correctly in /usr/local01:06
tuxd3vsince comes not by packahge manager..01:07
tuxd3v package01:07
tuxd3vthat package can come from upstream, I don't really know :(01:08
tuxd3vsince it comes as a package I believe that /etc is a nice place for config files that come with packages.. ex: nvcc.profile.. what would be the place you sugest?01:09
tuxd3veyalroz, I only have 1 symlink :)01:14
tuxd3v/usr/local/cuda -> /usr/local/cuda-10.1/01:14
tuxd3vand I believe was created by me... lool :D01:15
eyalrozyour symlink is fine.01:15
eyalrozAlso, /etc/nvcc.profile is a reasonable choice, I suppose01:15
eyalrozthe problem is with the _contents_ of the file...01:15
eyalrozBut ok, I'll email them.01:15
tuxd3vyour file contents are wrong by what I understood? :(01:18
tuxd3vthis packages come always with some ester egg :D01:18
tuxd3vI install them by hand from the site, and I choose prefixś and so on01:19
tuxd3vmajority of time are packages that need to be made availlable to several distributions, and they try to share some parts between packages..01:20
tuxd3vand that lead to symlinks to /usr and other crazy stuff :)01:20
frabbithey. when i play a video with mpv i get this errors:
tuxd3vI check always after install, to see what if they are ok.. sometimes it his even the permissions of folders of files that come to lazy, prompting me to put more restrictions in the access01:21
frabbiti causes blur effects and broken sound01:22
tuxd3vfrabit, are your user in the group video ?01:22
tuxd3valso audio group01:22
frabbitsince when is this necessary? o0 in audio group i am01:23
frabbitok i need to log out to check if thats it...01:24
eyalroztuxd3v: Yes, the distribution-packaged contents of nvcc.profile is wrong.01:24
eyalrozWe're talking about the _Devuan_ package, not the _NVIDIA_ package her.01:25
frabbitlol that helped ^^01:25
frabbitbut weird on the last pc i was not in video group only cdrom and audio and i didnt had these errors...01:26
tuxd3vI don make myself shy with that.. :)01:27
tuxd3v I am in all groups the admin should be :D01:27
frabbittuxd3v: woh! thats not a good idea...01:28
tuxd3vvideo, audio,dialout,plugdev,netdev,scanner,lpadmin01:28
tuxd3vwell I understand :D01:28
tuxd3vI am in some groups, because I am the administrator of the machine, so I have a few more..01:29
frabbitmy user account is only in its own and the three i wrote before01:29
frabbitfor printing/scanning alos lpadmin is needed i think...01:29
frabbitok u mean root01:30
frabbittuxd3v: ?01:30
frabbithowever: thx tuxd3v =)01:34
tuxd3vno I mean id 100001:48
tuxd3vyou need to use serial port01:48
tuxd3vfor debug... you already need dialout01:48
tuxd3vas a user01:48
tuxd3vso its normal to have a set of standard groups that you belong too01:49
tuxd3vofcourse that are things that you shouldn't have01:49
tuxd3vI don't even have root login enabled01:49
tuxd3vto pass to root I use sudo su -01:49
tuxd3vfor example01:49
tuxd3vfrabiit, you welcome :)01:53
tuxd3vI don't know if there are other way01:53
tuxd3vusing video and audio without been in the groups..01:53
frabbiti see01:55
frabbiti do not use sudo01:55
frabbittuxd3v: yes its weird.. on t61 i was only in USER cdrom and audio...01:55
frabbitnow o T60 i need to be in videogroup... dunno why but it works now tahts what counts ^_^01:56
tuxd3vfrabbit. its the same driver on both machines?01:59
frabbitno for t61 i needed to install i96502:05
tuxd3vyeah, do a 'ls -l /dev/fb0'02:12
tuxd3von both02:12
tuxd3vthis is my devices:
frabbitthats the framebuffer? at t60 only root and videogroup have rights here02:25
frabbit_ah.. i had disconnect02:27
frabbit_at t60 i only have card0 and renderD12802:27
frabbit_i can not look at t61 atm02:28
tuxd3vyeah, I have 2 cards, I am in a desktop with a integrated intel card and a dgpu nvidia GTX1060 6GB( only for cuda stuff.. )02:31
tuxd3vthat s why you see 2 cards :)02:31
tuxd3vand exactly the video group is the last to have rw permissions :)02:32
frabbit_i see02:34
frabbit_good card that 106002:34
frabbit_what is cuda?02:34
tuxd3vis paralel processing on the Graphics card instead of been done in the CPU02:34
tuxd3vAMD and others have a openstadard opencl02:35
tuxd3vnvidia has cuda for that..02:35
frabbit_ah ok02:35
frabbiti bought a 103002:36
tuxd3vyeah the 1060 its a nice card, it play games nicelly, at least what I like.. but that can almost be played by the igpu i915 lol02:36
tuxd3vI use it for cuda programming..02:36
tuxd3vin my case its more to kid around :)02:37
tuxd3vthey are low power graphics cards yet, they deliver a good performance..02:37
agrisWhere can I find Devuan ASCII Power9 installers ISOs?02:56
fsmithredagris, if they exist, CenturianDan would have them02:59
agrisOr can you only install Devuan from a Debian debootsrap02:59
agrisfsmithred, thanks02:59
fsmithredI don't see him online, so he might be rebuilding his network setup in his new office in between changing diapers and feeding new baby.03:00
fsmithreddebootstrap might be faster03:00
fsmithredpretty sure we've never released any Power9 isos03:01
agrisIs it supported though right?03:01
agrisas in binary packages exist03:02
onefangOr he might be on holiday.03:02
fsmithredsome must exist somewhere, because Dan has been working on it. I don't know if he's made any packages available to others.03:02
fsmithredyeah, that too.03:03
frabbit_wheres the need 4 that power9 except 4 supercomputers_03:11
fsmithredI think one of the attractions is no meltdown, et. al.03:12
frabbit_yes thats of course... but it so costly...03:13
fsmithredno IME03:13
fsmithredhow much are they?03:13
frabbit_i have no me too =)03:13
frabbit_hm.. i bet not cheaper then these talos monster...03:13
frabbit_talos has power 8 i think..?03:14
frabbit_4 gettin rid off me there are cheaper ways03:14
TashtariDoes anyone have any advance knowledge about the likely outcome of the Debian vote on systemd?  I'm a bit nailbitey.03:35
frabbitTashtari: is there a vote?03:36
frabbiti think it will be a win for systemdeath and everyone from Proposal D on will change too devuan ^^03:45
tuxd3vF is gaining traction don't you think?04:17
masonThere are no results in yet as far as I can tell. Or is there something I've missed?04:18
tuxd3vtomorrow is the deadline04:20
masonRight. Bit less than 24 hours from now.04:20
masonBut with no results, it's not a race we can reasonably watch as it happens.04:20
tuxd3vsome strange events could happen in the middle course..on this votings..04:22
ScaredySquirrelwhy hasn't devuan been updated in a few months?04:52
golinuxScaredySquirrel: ???05:05
ScaredySquirrelit's just at Devuan ascii 2.105:06
ScaredySquirrelare packages still being updated?05:06
ScaredySquirrelI mean that's the release to install it05:06
ScaredySquirrelare the packages for installed systems kept updated?05:07
golinuxJust update and you will be at ascii 2.105:13
golinuxNo need to reinstall if that's what your asking.05:14
golinuxI meant update/upgrade05:14
golinuxof course05:15
TashtariI'd say to frabbit, but they seem to have left, that while I don't quite understand the circumstance myself, it sounds as if Devuan is highly dependent on Debian.05:40
golinuxTashtari: You are correct.05:52
TashtariIf the vote results in Debian dropping support for init systems other than systemd, unless it also causes a significant exodus of contributors who lend their efforts to Devuan, it could be an existential situation...05:55
golinuxWrong channel for this discussion.  Try #debianfork06:00
golinuxThis is a support channel06:01
TashtariFair enough.06:36
systemdlete2is pulseaudio required to use bluetooth now?  Seems the only solution to get bluetooth buds to work properly is to install a pulse module.  BUt I am using alsa not pulse.10:26
systemdlete2I can see it will connect for a second or two, then fail.  This happens if I go through the whole connect procedure from scratch (remove the device from the bt manager, etc)10:28
systemdlete2It's a NAXA headset -- I wonder if it is maybe not supported?10:28
systemdlete2I have another headset...10:28
systemdlete2and a usb headset that I finally got working on my desktop, so I suppose it might work on my laptop also10:29
systemdlete2(only the laptop has a bt device)10:29
systemdlete2anyway, happy holidays to all10:30
Humpelstilzchensystemdlete2: you do know
systemdlete2Yeah, but I cannot get it from ascii repo10:59
systemdlete2would LOVE to have bluez-alsa10:59
systemdlete2ah, I think you mean to download, build it etc10:59
systemdlete2I think bluez-alsa will be in beowulf so I might just wait for it11:02
systemdlete2anyway, I got a different earbud set to connect.  But it won't play sound; it goes to my laptop speakers11:04
tuxd3vHumpelstilzchen, nice project11:08
tuxd3vvery usefull..11:08
Humpelstilzchensystemdlete2: yes, I build it11:10
Humpelstilzchentuxd3v: useful, unfortunately but last time I checked not very stable11:10
systemdlete2so it WILL be in beowulf then?11:10
systemdlete2or is it still undecided?11:11
eyalrozHow much time does it take for a Debian package bug reported, submitted by email, to appear on the website?11:29
plasma41The Debian init systems vote ends in just a few hours19:23
divansantanaanyone have kubernetes installed and working fine on devuan?19:24
plasma41divansantana: I'm pretty sure blinkdog did, but I haven't seen him on-line in ages.19:25
eipi10has anyone ever encountered a sitituation in which synaptic only gives a "short" description for a package in the description pane, as can be seen ....19:27
eipi10that solution didn't work.19:27
golinuxplasma41: He talked about it.  Can't remember whether he actually did it.19:29
plasma41eipi10: I've run into that before. I think it has something to do with how Devuan's amprolla merges repo information. I've not looked into it in any detail though.19:32
eipi10for replying19:33
morruthplasma41: and what is leading?19:49
plasma41morruth: It's a hidden-ballot vote until the end of voting. We'll know how everyone voted in a few hours.19:51
morruthbtw, there is missing option (drop systemd  support ;)19:54
plasma41morruth: That option already exists. It is Devuan.19:55
golinuxGR resolution chat should really move to #debianfork19:56
golinuxThis is a support channel19:56
plasma41Fair enough. To #debianfork!19:56
morruthdevuan <> debian ;)19:56
morruthgolinux:  opps19:56
morruthbtw about support19:57
morruthdoes anybody uses devuan pn dell inspiron 15 5575 laptop?19:57
morruthgolinux: what is GR?19:58
golinuxGeneral Resolution20:04
plasma41morruth: Can't say I do20:05
morruthi've some problems on startup with this laptop20:07
morruthseems legacy boot sometimes uncorrectly initializes hardware, and kernel 5.[2-3] seems hangs20:08
morruth4.19 boots, but sometime can't load gpu module correctly20:09
morruthif repeat rmmod amdgpu;modprobe amdgpu until it'll stop complains about errors(can't find BIOS) - all working OK20:11
morruthlegacy boot == BIOS boot20:12
eipi10thanks for the resourse, golinux.  I thought the prob was something I had done.20:35
frabbithey. the xrandr command in my .xinit (same that i ran before on other computer) isnt work anymore.. but if i do it in a terminal it works.. atm i have made a shortkey for it, but thats just a temp workarround.20:50
climbingturtlefrabbit: what exactly do you do with xrandr? Do you create a --newmode or just applying a resolution?20:58
frabbitxrandr --output LVDS1 --noprimary --off --output DVI1 --off --output TV1 --off --output VIRTUAL1 --off --output VGA1 --primary --mode 1280x1024 --pos 0x0 --rotate normal20:58
frabbitso just set resolution and disable the laptop display20:59
frabbitand enable external vga monitor only20:59
climbingturtleok, I was thinking the problem might be with the action it self, but as you say, you can pull it of from terminal. Do the .xinit have same permissions set on booth machines?21:05
frabbitclimbingturtle: yes and thats the weird one: the other commands in it work...21:09
frabbitlike windowmanger and program for using shortkeys..21:09
frabbitsetting backgroundimage21:09
frabbitheres my .xinit:
frabbiti just noticed that i have still an error when runnig mpv (i usually run it quiet), an opengl error, but i think this has nothing to do with this problem right?:
ScaredySquirrelum when I try to download the Devuan ascii 2.1 amd64 dvd-1 installer iso I only get 50KB/s down21:45
ScaredySquirrelitunes from the Microsoft Store downloads at 1MB/s21:45
buZzdid you use the torrent?21:45
frabbitanyone any ideas?21:46
buZzmaybe try
buZzfrabbit: to what question?21:46
frabbitxrand in .xinit and that mpv opengl error21:46
buZzfrabbit: seems perhaps a driver issue21:46
ScaredySquirrelok the FTP mirror at is much faster21:46
buZzwhich gpu and driver are you running?21:47
ScaredySquirreland the bittorrent fails to download at all21:47
buZzScaredySquirrel: cool, yeah mirrors have different speeds21:47
ScaredySquirrelwith no peers21:47
buZztorrent works fine here21:47
frabbitbuZz: yes but how can i find out what driver i need?21:47
buZzfrabbit: what GPU and driver are you running now?21:47
ScaredySquirrelguys how do I get the ath10k_pci driver working?21:47
buZzby loading it? :D21:47
buZzScaredySquirrel: what problem are you getting when you load it?21:48
ScaredySquirrelis there firmware?21:48
frabbitbuZz: Intel Graphics Media Accelerator 95021:48
buZzScaredySquirrel: sure, it exists21:48
frabbitdriver i dunno..21:48
buZzfrabbit: ok, so the opensource intel driver then21:48
frabbithow can i figure out?21:48
buZzits not really the best21:48
frabbitah ok..21:48
buZzbut should support opengl just fine, that mpv error is weird21:48
buZzfrabbit: maybe check /var/log/Xorg.0.log21:49
ScaredySquirrelbefore I burn this Devuan I want to know if there is firmware for a QCA937721:49
buZzScaredySquirrel: which firmware would that be?21:49
ScaredySquirrelFirmware 2 to 621:49
buZzthats no answer. but ok21:49
buZzi'll go google for you -_-21:49
buZzlazy buggers---21:49
ScaredySquirrelfirmware-2.bin to firmware-6.bin21:49
frabbiterm... thers no /var/log/X*21:49
buZzScaredySquirrel: apt install firmware-atheros21:50
buZzfirst google hit on 'qca9377 debian firmware'21:50
ScaredySquirrelbuZz: I can't if I have no wireless21:50
buZzfrabbit: are you even running X then?21:50
buZzopengl wont work without X21:50
frabbitbuZz: yes i do21:50
buZzScaredySquirrel: get a ethernet cable?21:50
buZzfrabbit: then you should have logs for it21:50
ScaredySquirrelI can't get an ethernet cable21:50
frabbitbuZz: but there are no logs...21:50
buZzfrabbit: then maybe you arent running it ;)21:51
buZzScaredySquirrel: come visit , i'll give you 10 of em for free21:51
buZzScaredySquirrel: use the cable thats in your TV :D21:51
frabbitbuZz: common im not stupid21:51
buZzfrabbit: 'wayland' is a alternative to X21:51
buZzyou could be running that?21:51
buZzhow did you start X ?21:51
ScaredySquirrelerr buZz it's a wireless TV not a router21:51
frabbitio have firefox here open and a video..21:52
frabbitrunning mpv21:52
frabbitand tbb21:52
buZzScaredySquirrel: you have -zero- networkcables? geez21:52
buZztime to nerd-up21:52
ScaredySquirrelnope I'm at zero21:52
ScaredySquirrelI actually have just one21:52
Jjp137frabbit, if you're using elogind it could be in ~/.local/share/xorg21:52
ScaredySquirrelbut it's at my house not here21:52
frabbitJjp137: sorry nothing there too =(21:53
buZzScaredySquirrel: there are -SOME- firmware files on the .iso21:53
buZzi have no clue if -those- are21:53
frabbitalso .xsession-errors is empty...21:53
buZzdownload it, loopback mount the iso , check /lib/firmware on it21:53
ScaredySquirrelwould you please check for me?21:54
ScaredySquirrelI'd need unsquashfs for windows for me to check21:54
frabbit.. oh sorry21:54
frabbitim deny i am a bit stupid XD21:55
frabbitdidnt run cat or vim just typed in /var/log so it only showed the dirs21:55
yetidownload the *.deb via windows, put in o a flash drive to transfer?21:55
buZzfrabbit: hehe21:56
buZzfrabbit: no worries21:56
frabbitbuZz: here it is:
ScaredySquirrelwhen I update devuan do I get Xfce 4.14?21:57
buZzon ascii? not sure21:58
buZzfrabbit: seems to load the intel driver just fine21:59
yeti4.12 iirc21:59
frabbiti do not understand the most of its content but it sais that two modules can not be loaded: (EE) Failed to load module "fbdev" (module does not exist, 0) and (EE) Failed to load module "vesa" (module does not exist, 0)22:02
buZzyou dont need it frabbit22:02
buZzboth vesa and fbdev drivers are a LOT slower then using the intel driver22:03
frabbitbuZz: ah ok22:04
frabbitthx 4 that indeo buZz =)22:04
buZzwelcome :)22:04
frabbitso where does that opengl error comes from?22:05
frabbitthe videos are running but i have some other weird stuff and maybe because of that opengl error: sometimes when i switch the worspace from where mpv runs a video to another and then switch back to where the video is running what i can see on this workspace is replaced by the last thing i have ssen on the otehr ws, only the sound is still there. the only way then is to kill mpv cause its also doesnt accept22:10
frabbitany command anymore...22:11
buZzfrabbit: imho, make sure you are running a WM that doesnt use compositing22:12
buZzKDE / gnome / etc, are all -way- too fancy and often ask a LOT from GPU22:13
buZzfluxbox , i3 , openbox , blackbox , etc  are all MUCH MUCH lighter22:13
frabbitbuZz: but exactly these u wrote are desktopenviroments. ;) i only use a minimal xserver and dwm22:14
buZzdid you try any alternative to dwm? it could be causing your 'can still see last thing'22:15
frabbitno but i really dont want to cause i like it very much and had never any problems with it. i dont think that this is caused by dwm.. the gpu more likely... before this t60 i used a t61 with the same setup and i never had these problems...22:16
frabbitits old.... maybe this is just the reason... =(22:17
frabbitmy first computer was a t60 too and at some day the gpu was broken without any warning or trouble before...22:18
buZzhmhm, gpu chips can get hot and then pull themselves away from motherboard22:18
frabbithm maybe that was the reason then, but probably not now, i use a graphic thermal pad in all my computers since this year22:19
frabbitin the past i used thermal paste22:19
frabbiti got higher degrees with it...22:20
buZzyou know, transfer of heat works better with -no- product between it :)22:20
buZzjust metal on metal22:20
buZzno paste or pad22:21
buZzthe paste or pad is just to fill in places where contact was impossible22:21
frabbittheres no metal on the chips =D22:21
buZzwell, there is22:21
frabbityes i know22:21
buZzits just hidden under a layer of plastic or ceramics22:21
frabbitthe last time i dissambled a t60 i forgot to tighten 2 srews of the fan, so tehre was a thin layer of air between cpu and fan it runned over 100°C XD22:22
frabbitwith the thermal pad i maximum get 60 degree22:23
frabbityes but so the metal can not get direct contact to the cooler22:23
frabbitmicro scratches in it...22:24
frabbitin that plastic i mean22:24
tuxd3vusually they are BGA sockets..22:24
tuxd3vwhich means a ball grid array behind..22:25
tuxd3vthis type of SoCs22:25
frabbitthe gpu yes22:25
tuxd3vocupy less space indeed22:25
frabbitbut not my cpu22:25
buZzfrabbit: you could lap the chip22:25
buZzwith sandpaper22:25
frabbitbuZz: =O22:25
buZzto make it as flat as possible22:25
frabbiti would never even try XD22:25
buZzquite advanced topic yeah22:25
buZznah, get another of those 10+ yr old laptops :)22:25
frabbit4 sure ;D22:25
tuxd3vbut have the problem of micromovements in the mainboard causes its ball grid array to separate from the main board..22:26
tuxd3vthen with time the contact will oxidate because its open22:26
tuxd3vand the problems begun..22:26
tuxd3vBGA Socs were first used By Nokia22:26
tuxd3vwere a revolution at the time22:26
frabbitbuZz: i always would as long as they are available and cheap22:26
frabbiti can libreboot them22:26
buZzyou can use a paintstripper to force it back onto the motherboard :P22:27
tuxd3vprocessors with lots of functionality in tynny packages..22:27
frabbitso cheap way to get rid of Intel ME and BIOS22:27
tuxd3vbut there are the drawbacks of them too22:27
tuxd3vI worked in Nokia Factory in German22:27
frabbittuxd3v: Bochum?22:27
tuxd3vthe biggest Nokia factory in the world.. I now the pros and cons of BGAs :)22:28
frabbityes its Bochum in the Ruhrgebiet22:28
tuxd3vits ~16 KM from Dusseldorf :)22:29
tuxd3vthe closest Airport22:29
frabbityes i know ;)22:30
tuxd3vit was a big problem for Germany, and even the Gobvernment was involved because the factory employed so many people..22:30
frabbitbuZz: do u have an idea for my xrand <-> .xinit problem?22:30
frabbittuxd3v: and then they moved to romania and many people in germany lost their jobs...22:31
tuxd3vfrabiit,  a LOT of people lost their Jobs, me included22:32
frabbitnot cool....22:32
tuxd3vit was a big crisis event in Germany and it Afected Europe as a hole in smartphones technology22:32
frabbityes i know22:33
tuxd3vsorry from bringing here this subject.. I saw you guys talking about BGAs...and my head travelled back in time..22:36
tuxd3vit was aEuropean Invented Technology!!22:36
tuxd3vNow used largelly by anyone in the world22:36
frabbitthere are many technologies that were inveted here and then outsourced to china etc.22:37
buZzmaybe .xinit isnt being executed?22:39
tuxd3vfrabbit, very true..22:39
buZzyou could try a 'echo POOP > /tmp/itran' in it22:39
frabbitbuZz: of course it is ;) the other commands in it are working...22:40
buZzfrabbit: heh ok22:41
buZzfrabbit: maybe add a '> /tmp/xrandroutput' to it?22:41
buZzso you can see the output22:41
frabbitok i will try22:42
rrqfrabbit: that requested modeline, 1280x1024@60.0, isn't reported in the log; do you create that manually?22:42
frabbitrrq: sorry what do u mean?22:43
rrqthe xrandr command requests that mode of VGA122:44
frabbitrrq: err.. thats the maximum resolution for VGA122:44
buZzmaybe remove the @60.022:45
buZzit should automagically grab the highest22:45
frabbithu? in my xrand command? theres no @60.022:46
buZzah ok22:46
frabbitmy command is just: xrandr --output LVDS1 --noprimary --off --output DVI1 --off --output TV1 --off --output VIRTUAL1 --off --output VGA1 --primary --mode 1280x1024 --pos 0x0 --rotate normal22:46
rrqlines 382-385 suggests "1024x768" to be max, and as per line 167, VG1 is set up to 1024x768@75.022:46
frabbitmaximum 4 VGA1 is 1280x102422:48
frabbitthat 1024x768 is the display of the laptop probably22:48
rrqah the log reports the lvds1 modelines only?22:49
frabbiti dunno22:50
frabbitoh no!22:50
frabbitline 124: [   339.884] (--) intel(0): Output VGA1 using initial mode 1024x768 on pipe 022:51
frabbitill test now this: 22:41 < buZz> frabbit: maybe add a '> /tmp/xrandroutput' to it?22:52
frabbitit doesnt has any output22:53
frabbitcreates just an emtpy file22:54
buZzok, so no errors22:55
buZzmaybe dwm or xorg is resetting the videomodes after running .xinit22:55
frabbitwait the Xorg.0.log is only from last boot on right?22:56
frabbitor from last startx?22:56
frabbitcause if so: i comment the xrandr line out in .xinitrc yesterday as it doesnt work22:57
frabbitso maybe i clear the log, enabel that line and run startx again?22:58
buZzsounds good22:58
frabbitok =D22:58
buZzit should be the log of current running Xorg22:58
frabbitit would be easier to runn irssi on another tty i think XD23:01
frabbitok here it is:
frabbithmm.. but cant find any 1280...23:02
buZzits only saying what initial mode it picked23:05
rrqadding a preceding xrandr to declare the desired modeline might help; or a monitor section to xorg.conf23:07
rrqit looks like the card only remembers the edid of the lvds1, and that that is used on startup for any monitor23:09
buZzfrabbit: doesnt dwm have some 'startup commands' gizmo?23:10
buZzyou could just plonk that xrandr command in that, if it exists23:10
frabbitbuZz: startup commands?23:10
frabbitno XD23:10
frabbitits tiny23:10
frabbiteven if u edit the config u need to recompile it ;)23:10
frabbityes thats the patches23:11
frabbitbut i use stock dwm23:11
buZzwould need to run custom then yeah23:11
frabbitand seriously: xrand works just not in my xinitrc XD23:11
frabbitrrq: and why does it taht? or how can i told the card to use the vga (too)?23:12
rrqit might be just a race; that VGA1 is too slow at responding to edid, so your xrandr is executed before the response.. and at that time only the lvds1 modelines are available to it23:14
frabbitrrq: hm.. maybe.. ive had something similar before (the background image were set before xrandr set the solution so i had to write xsetbg to the last line before dwm)23:23
rrqa "sleep 3" at the top of .xinitrc could make a difference23:24

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