freenode/#devuan/ Monday, 2020-01-27

buZzmaemo leste might be getting a devuan beowulf based release really soon \o/00:00
specingI have a question01:23
specingThere is cramfsswap package01:23
specingbut there is no cramfsprogs (jessie has it) or cramfsLKM package01:23
metalagnarface: I've just installed alpine x86, successfully. The i586-gcc + distcc is still being compiled in a Docker.01:27
metalaI guess, I will leave taht Gentoo setup for another time.01:29
flingWhich package for memtest floppy?05:59
mrpfilserbuZz: do you have any devices running leste?  maybe droid 4?06:06
HumI tried to report the bug "In devuan install mini" is us.deb as default. In Bug 381 there is a bug that bugs are sent to Debian. 382 doesn07:41
Humdoesn't exit. Was my report lost?07:41
gnarfaceHum: i assume the answer is yes, but if you're patient enough someone will eventually be along that can check for sure08:57
GyrosGeier23:46 < gnu_srs1> fsmithred: GyrosGeier: Thanks :) I currently have these problems switching to sysvinit-core for a Buster installation: dbus, ssh, MTA hangs until timed-out.10:00
GyrosGeiergnu_srs1, that is a common problem: libnss-systemd is still installed10:00
gnu_srs1GyrosGeier: Yes, I saw that removing libnss-systemd solved the timeout problems. Thanks :)10:07
gnu_srs1I did not remove that package after installing sysvinit-core and rebooting.10:10
gnu_srs1It is all in the script by Mark though.10:12
buZzmrpfilser: i do have a Droid 413:03
buZzmrpfilser: beowulf for droid4 is taking some more time13:03
mrpfilsermake it so, number one!13:06
mrpfilserdroid 4 is happy keyboard phone. very nice.13:06
mrpfilser1.2ghz, i think.. 1GB ram.  Plenty computer.13:06
buZzyeah, about 2-3x faster then a pi-113:08
* DonkeyHotei migrating to newer keyboard phone13:27
mrpfilserfx pro?13:38
DonkeyHoteimrpfilser: less new than that13:38
mrpfilseri don't know in-between13:38
mrpfilserneat - i did not know about that13:40
buZz230 usd for a keyboard? O_o13:41
DonkeyHoteibuZz: wasn't me13:41
buZzbut does moto z run devuan yet?13:41
DonkeyHoteioh right, this isn't #debianfork13:42
buZzdoes it run debian then?13:42
DonkeyHoteiruns lineageos13:43
buZzthats still android :(13:43
mrpfilsersomeday i will have devuan phone13:43
DonkeyHoteimrpfilser: pinephone13:43
mrpfilserare there some productive people working on the os-side of that?13:44
buZzmaemo leste is targetting pinephone aswell13:45
buZzwhich is based on devuan13:45
buZzi got the droid4 as a gift to help out @ maemo leste13:46
buZzbut i also have a pile of n900's , which is also a supported device13:46
mrpfilseri need to learn the dark art of usb-port repair13:52
* Wizzup does have beowulf maemo leste on his n9000 now13:53
Wizzupn900* even13:54
mrpfilsernice to see n900 owners :)13:54
buZzmrpfilser: visit a local hackerspace ;) i'm sure they can help13:58
Wizzupmaybe, n900 usb port fixing is nontrivial14:01
buZzjust reminded me that someone is trying to organize getting hotair hw14:01

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