freenode/#devuan/ Sunday, 2020-02-23

xrogaanbeen searching in my menu for a while for this software:
xrogaanbeen dropped.00:49
fsmithredspecimens should be kept in sealed containers00:52
cynicfmhey anybody using linux libre kernel on devuan??05:34
mike_yHello!  I installed Devuan 64bit in order to install VirtualBox for Whonix but I can't find it12:22
mike_yI have all the standard repositories deb and deb-src uncommented including backports, which is shown in package search12:23
mike_yI don't see anything Virtualbox related in the Synaptic Package Manager12:24
mike_yAlso: after install scripts report completion I had to login as root and use passwd on user account btw12:25
zatumil11 results for "virtualbox" in ascii12:41
Digithi chaps.  do you know /etc/os-release is saying ID=debian ?  chimaera/ceres.  meant to be like that?  or meant to be like other devuan releases and say devuan there?13:37
gnarfaceit is probably just an oversight, but you might want to file a bug report about it if you want it to be remembered13:44
onefangI think there was issues with grub2 needing that, or something.13:55
fsmithredID=debian is so that some third-party packages will recognize us. I'm not sure if that affects the grub-efi issue. (i.e. naming the bootloader directory)14:56
TwistedFatewish i know how to configure grub properly15:10
TwistedFatewhenever it messes up, i'm dead in the water :/15:10
clemens3lilo was so simple.. the good old days:)15:13
onefangI'm experimenting with switching to syslinux and friends.15:14
fsmithredswitching from grub to extlinux and back is easy15:16
fsmithredif you're talking about doing it with uefi, then I don't know anything.15:18
onefangI'm testing it on a VM first.15:24
fsmithredonefang, if you figure out uefi, please tell me about it.15:39
onefangI try to turn off UEFI on any computer I control.15:39
fsmithredor tell me about it even if you don't.15:39
fsmithredI understand.15:39
onefangI vaguely recall some mention of EUFI in the syslinux docs.15:40
fsmithredI have one set to uefi so I can test.15:40
fsmithredyeah, there are syslinux modules for uefi15:40
fsmithredI haven't seen a clear explanation of how to use them.15:40
fsmithredAlso haven't looked for said explanation recently.15:41
onefangI guess I should get EUFI working on Magic Pixie Dust some day, that's part of it's goals.  Gotta convert it to full syslinux to.15:41
fsmithredonefang, here's an explanation of syslinux-uefi:
fsmithredI'm doing a uefi install on usb stick right now. When I'm done I'll try to switch the bootloader to syslinux.16:23
onefangThat'll be my "vaguely recall some mention of EUFI in the syslinux docs".  B-)16:23
onefangWhen I need it, not now I'm too busy with other stuff, I'll go hunting.  Thanks.16:24
fsmithredif it works, I'll add it to my forum post16:43
lucie_owHi! Is there a way to grab a testing iso?19:03
gnarfacelucie_ow: there aren't any official ones.  you'd have to build it yourself, or get one from somebody who has23:48
gnarface(most people just upgrade from stable)23:48
fsmithredwe're getting close23:51

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