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iliaHello, I get problems with Bluman at Devuan 309:53
iliaam I not the only one?09:56
LicencodeIn the future, blueman will be available at Devuan 310:08
systemdleteWhen I attempt to install xfswitch-plugin, it wants to haul in almost 200 packages!10:23
systemdlete(xfce4 is already installed and working fine for montns)10:23
systemdleteincluding avahi!10:24
systemdleteis there a better way to support switching users from the desktop?  On other distros, I vaguely recall being able to select "Log Out" and getting a dialog, and one of the options is switch user.  But I forget which DE that was or which distro(s).10:25
systemdleteah.  xfce action buttons.  But the switch user item is disabled...10:56
systemdletewith zenity and dm-tool, I am slowly creating my own simple 2 or 3 liner to switch users without having to install all of gnomedom11:41
rad_Hi. Seems like the Chromium in the repos is old a bit buggy. Has anyone gotten newer version of it running? Or should install the spyware version from google? :-P11:55
gnarfacecheck to see if there is a newer one in backports11:56
rad_I've added the repo but Synaptic shows only two available versions, the stardard one and one from the "security" repo/namespace/whatyoucallit.11:57
rad_I have the one from security, which the latest of the two.11:57
xinomiloyou could upgrade to beowulf...11:57
rad_[ascii-security] chromium-73.0.3683.75-1~deb9u111:57
rad_I think that's the one I have.11:57
rad_oh beowulf has v80.11:58
rad_yeah maybe I'll try beowulf in the weekend then. I'll be doing a full backup so I can play around. I'm planning to see if FreeBSD runs on my laptop as well, so I can also play with other Devual versions. I'm thinking of going back to an XFCE install, I'm not very happy with MATE on Devuan. XFCE seemed to be working better.12:01
xinomiloMATE from beowulf or ceres, runs much better12:02
rad_It runs fine on ascii, in fact some bugs that exist on a newer MATE version on Linux Mint don't exist on this version on ascii. But like half the settings in the control center don't work! Mouse acceleration doesn't work (fixed that with your help here some weeks ago), subpixel smoothing doesn't work. And I think some other things behave as if they don't change anything.12:04
rad_XFCE also had issues with configuring mouse speed (but I know how to fix that now) but subpixel smoothing worked perfectly.12:05
rad_Also something unrelated, when I installed with the GUI installer of ascii, I was able to do full disk encryption, INCLUDING the boot partition (well boot and / was the same partition).12:06
rad_I didn't even know this was possible on linux. It was asking for password twice but I liked the idea of having no unencrypted partitions. I wasn't able to do the same with the netinst though. I went for the usual encrypted / unencryped /boot.12:07
rad_xinomilo, do you speak greek?12:26
rad_και εγώ. :-)12:27
xinomiloπαιζει να ναι και αλλ@ απο ελλαδισταν, αλλα ας μη σπαμαρουμε.. :)12:28
xinomiloοχι σε αυτο το καναλι τουλαχιστον... :)12:32
systemdleteMy user switcher is working, and I think it is pretty generic.  Just had to create a button for the script and pick an appropriate icon for it.
systemdleteIt can probably use more refinements, but it works well enough for me.12:58
systemdleteThere's probably umpteen better ways to do it, I admit.12:59
fsmithredsystemdlete, I downloaded the debs for fwts(for 18.0?) and they install and run in beowulf with stock kernel. I did this in a booted live-iso in qemu. It seemed to all work ok, but no guarantees. (dpkg -i *.deb a couple of times, then apt-get -f install - or use gdebi)14:26
fsmithredor you could look at the git source and figure out what actual tests they're using. A lot of them are probably in the repo or installed already.14:27
fsmithredoh, this is an installed system in a VM, not a live-iso.14:31
fsmithredrad_, only the live installer (refractainstaller) does encryption that includes /boot.14:42
rad_fsmithred, I see. It's a very nice installer then. It seems like a bunch of scripts put together in a list with checkboxes but it's surprisingly capable! I've never seen a distro doing full disk encryption, including /boot.15:58
fsmithredglad you like it. :)15:58
fsmithredit's one (ugly) script that has grown over the years.15:59
rad_Se regarding beowulf, is it still beta or something?16:02
rad_And if so, how unstable/stable is it for you that have tried it?16:02
fsmithredthe installation media are all beta16:03
fsmithredmost people running beowulf report great stability16:03
fsmithred(me included)16:03
rad_Does Devuan in general provide an updater or should I just replace my repos and do a dist-upgrade? Actually never mind I'll just try it anyhow. :-P16:03
fsmithredare you running ascii?16:04
fsmithredif so, see the upgrade guide.16:04
fsmithredone sec16:04
fsmithred will become when beowulf is no longer beta16:05
fsmithredrad, what desktop do you use?16:06
rad_So beowulf is based on buster, so when buster becomes stable, beowulf will be stable (and that's what you mean out of beta I assume). And ceres is always based on sid like sid always stays sid?16:06
rad_I'm on MATE right now.16:06
rad_Coming from Linux Mint MATE, I really like MATE.16:07
fsmithredBuster became stable about a year ago. We are always behind debian on the release.16:07
rad_Ah that's why Raspbian is based on buster for some time then.16:08
rad_Thank you for the link to the guide btw. It has some extra steps that I didn't think about. :-)16:13
fsmithredyou can search the forum for upgrade reports16:13
nemohm. I wonder why devuan does not automatically delete the .deb cache when the filesystem runs out of space18:46
nemo(when the cache is on the same partition)18:46
fsmithredI thought the default was not to save the .debs18:51
fsmithrednemo, are you running pure devuan or one of the derivatives. I changed it in Refracta so that the packages are kept.18:52
bart80Hello, iam tring to install Devuan on my X250. Its really not my first Linux installation, but i dont get it running. I tried first the full ISO, copied to an USB stick with dd. When i trie to install in this way, the installer means that he cannot find the cd-rom. Then i tried the live installer. Used GParted to create the msdos partition table18:52
bart80and two partitions. boot and root. when i trie to install grub over the "copy files" function an error occured. secure boot and uefi is off!18:52
fsmithredwhat error, bart80?18:53
bart80:-D  Thats exact the problem18:53
bart80i did not found the logfile18:53
nemofsmithred: ummm it was an old ascii install of devuan18:53
nemofsmithred: just noticed it on my dev instance at work that was running out of space18:53
bart80yes ascii18:53
nemofsmithred: had 4 gigs of .debs18:53
bart80the installer is still running. In /target/home/devuan i found no log18:54
bart80any idea?18:54
fsmithrednemo, somewhere in man apt.conf or man apt_preferences you'll find a way to change that18:54
slvrwhat was the dd command used to write the stick?18:55
fsmithredbart80, yeah, that's my installer, so I might have lots of ideas18:55
nemofsmithred: kk thx18:55
bart80:-D  cool18:55
bart80dd if=ISOFILE of=/dev/sdx status=progress18:55
fsmithreddd if=file.iso of=/dev/whatever-but-it-better-be-the-right-one18:56
bart80when this would be wrong i could not write to you ;-)18:56
slvrI have had a lot of problems with dd writing into the buffer and not to the stick.18:56
fsmithredbart80, open another terminal and read /var/log/refractainstaller18:56
slvrtry conv=sync18:56
fsmithredwhen dd is done writing, run sync18:57
slvralso wipe the stick completely before writing to it. old partition tables at the end of the disk could cause problems.18:57
fsmithredbart80, go right to the end of the log for the grub errors18:57
slvrAdditionally, I like to wipe the stick in a different machine, or at the very least remove and plug the stick back in after a wipe to force the partition table for the device to be re-probed.18:58
fsmithredor run partprobe after writing partitions18:59
bart80(yad:4742): GLib-CRITICAL **: g_source_remove: assertion 'tag > 0' failed+ install_part=/dev/mapper/root_fs+ [[ '' != \y\e\s ]]+ mke2fs -t ext4 /dev/mapper/root_fsmke2fs 1.43.4 (31-Jan-2017)+ mount /dev/mapper/root_fs /target+ check_exit+ exit_code=0+ [[ 0 -ne 0 ]]+ [[ -n '' ]]+ [[ -n /dev/sda1 ]]+ mkdir /target_boot+ check_exit+ exit_code=0+ [[ 018:59
bart80-ne 0 ]]+ [[ '' != \y\e\s ]]+ mke2fs -t ext4 /dev/sda1mke2fs 1.43.4 (31-Jan-2017)+ mount /dev/sda1 /target_boot+ sep_boot_opt='--exclude=/boot/*'+ tee /dev/fd/63++ yad --progress --pulsate --width=350 --auto-close '--title=Copying system to new partition.'+ rsync -av / /target/ '--filter=P lost+found' '--filter=H lost+found'18:59
bart80--exclude-from=/usr/lib/refractainstaller/installer_exclude.list '--exclude=/boot/*' --delete-before --delete-excludedtee: 'standard output': Resource temporarily unavailable18:59
iv4nshm4k0vOr partx(8).18:59
bart80last entry in log18:59
slvrthat works usually but partprobe often fails for me.18:59
fsmithredcareful bart80 we have a sentry bot18:59
slvrtldr I no longer trust it18:59
fsmithredslvr, you don't need to read what bart posted - that's for me19:00
slvrno worries. Looks like regex soup.19:01
fsmithredmore like set -x soup19:01
bart80partprobe give me errors, but not on the install device. Only on the usb stick ...19:02
slvryeah, once it gets in a bad state, it's best to just no longer rely on it, in my experience.19:03
slvrDo the wipe, unplug/replug, confirm it is wiped, and then write with dd if=image of=device status=progress conv=sync bs=1M19:04
slvrThat works well on my beowulf desktop that is pesky with usb image writes.19:04
slvrI think my problems might be related to filesystems on the stick being automounted. running umount on them doesn't seem to always be enough to make the disk free for an image write. I wish I knew why.19:05
bart80sorry, i was in the wrong logfile. Last error message was from /target ...19:09
bart80here from /var/log...19:09
bart80Continue: will proceed whether or not you have installed a bootloader. If not,you will need to have another way to boot this installation.Abort: will exit the installer and abort the installation.' '--button=Copy files:4' --button=Abort:2 --button=Chroot:1 --button=Continue:0+ answer=4+ [[ 4 = 1 ]]+ [[ 4 = 2 ]]+ [[ 4 = 3 ]]+ [[ 4 = 4 ]]+19:09
bart80copy_grub_packages+ find '' -maxdepth 1 -name 'grub-pc*.deb' -exec cp '{}' /target ';'find: ‘’: No such file or directory+ [[ -n grub-pc*.deb ]]+ chroot /target /bin/bash -c 'dpkg -i grub-pc*.deb'[1mdpkg:[0m considering removing grub-efi-amd64 in favour of grub-pc ...[1mdpkg:[0m yes, will remove grub-efi-amd64 in favour of grub-pcInstalling19:09
bart80for i386-pc platform.grub-install: error: attempt to install to encrypted disk without cryptodisk enabled. Set `GRUB_ENABLE_CRYPTODISK=y' in file `/etc/default/grub'.Installing for i386-pc platform.grub-install: error: attempt to install to encrypted disk without cryptodisk enabled. Set `GRUB_ENABLE_CRYPTODISK=y' in file19:09
bart80`/etc/default/grub'.Installing for i386-pc platform.grub-install: error: attempt to install to encrypted disk without cryptodisk enabled. Set `GRUB_ENABLE_CRYPTODISK=y' in file `/etc/default/grub'.Installing for i386-pc platform.grub-install: error: attempt to install to encrypted disk without cryptodisk enabled. Set `GRUB_ENABLE_CRYPTODISK=y' in19:09
bart80file `/etc/default/grub'.Installing for i386-pc platform.grub-install: error: attempt to install to encrypted disk without cryptodisk enabled. Set `GRUB_ENABLE_CRYPTODISK=y' in file `/etc/default/grub'.Installing for i386-pc platform.grub-install: error: attempt to install to encrypted disk without cryptodisk enabled. Set `GRUB_ENABLE_CRYPTODISK=y'19:09
bart80in file `/etc/default/grub'.+ [[ grub-pc*.deb =~ grub-pc ]]+ grubversion=grub-pc+ [[ grub-pc*.deb =~ grub-efi ]]+ install_grub+ echo 'Setting up grub bootloader.. Please wait..'+ [[ -n /dev/sda1 ]]+ chroot /target mount /dev/sda1 /boot+ [[ -n '' ]]+ [[ '' = \e\f\i ]]+ [[ -n '' ]]+ chroot /target update-grub/usr/sbin/grub-mkconfig: 253:19:09
bart80/usr/sbin/grub-mkconfig: cannot create /boot/grub/ Directory nonexistent+ check_exit+ exit_code=2+ [[ 2 -ne 0 ]]+ yad --question --title=Error --window-icon=error --center --borders=10 --button=Continue:0 '--button=Exit now:1' '--text=Error detected: 2  \nSee /var/log/refractainstaller.log for details. \n\nThis may not be fatal.. Press19:09
bart80"Continue" to proceed anyway'19:09
bart80it seems that he can`t handle the encrypted partition19:09
fsmithredhang on19:10
slvrreally should paste this stuff outside the chat and link to it19:11
fsmithredyou really should paste that stuff somewhere like debian's paste bin19:11
fsmithredyou might get bounced out of here by the bot19:11
bart80yes, got the warning message19:11
bart80sorry, paste the next somewhere outside19:12
fsmithredI read it quickly. You set up a separate partition for /boot, but did you check the box in the options window to use a separate partition for /boot?19:12
fsmithredactually, you had to have done that19:13
bart80yes, there was the option create new boot ... i selected it. Then the installer asked for the right partition and i gave him sda119:14
bart80sda2 as root19:14
bart80all ext419:14
fsmithredok, so right now sda2 should be mounted to /target19:15
fsmithredsda1 should be mounted to /target/boot (maybe to /target_boot19:15
fsmithredopen a terminal and get root19:15
fsmithreddf -h19:16
bart80still have19:16
fsmithredcheck the mounts for the target system19:16
bart80its over19:16
fsmithredyou quit?19:17
bart80pushed the wrong button AAARRRRGGGGHHHHH19:17
fsmithredI hate when I do that19:17
fsmithredbut it's possible that starting over will be faster19:17
bart80But now i can try it to mount in chroot and install grub manually19:17
fsmithredyeah, I was gonna take you there19:18
fsmithredbind-mount /dev /dev/pts /proc /sys19:18
fsmithredcreate /run/udev in the target system and bind-mount /run/udev from the host system19:18
fsmithredthen 'dpkg -i /grub-pc*.deb'19:19
fsmithredinside the chroot19:19
bart80ok, thanks for the help!19:20
fsmithredafter the installer handles the bootloader, it goes through changing username, hostname and passwords. You can do the same all manually, or you can boot into the new system, drop to console and login as root, kill the display manger and run 'change-username'19:28
bart80ok thx19:29
mrbitternessHow painless is going from ASCII to beowulf these days? Last time I just let it run I ended up with a busted system19:34
fsmithredmrbitterness, check the upgrade guides:
fsmithredthere are a couple of non-intuitive points19:39
fsmithredback in a few minutes...19:39
mrbitternessAh, I had only seen the guide from 2018 on the forums19:40
golinuxmrbitterness: Note to use the beta site is at the top of the index page of the ascii site19:52
frabbithi. apt was vulnearble again... maybe a good reason to reinstall the system...23:58

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