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systemdletehow to mount nfs fs from remote server?  I don't find mount.nfs and mount -t nfs won't work because it needs mount.nfs06:25
systemdletewhich package would have that program?06:26
systemdletenvm.  nfs-common06:26
OccupiedAnonHello! Is there anyone here who has any experience in fixing laptop lid recognition for Beowulf (with SysVInit as init)?08:54
OccupiedAnonI am running the xfce desktop environment, and it seems it's power manager didn't manage to change the lid settings correctly.08:57
OccupiedAnonIt's debugger does however say everything is enabled, so I am wondering if it's expecting systemd as init or the like. I am pretty clueless.08:58
OccupiedAnonThe sleep command does work although.09:08
OccupiedAnonHmm, it seems xfce does detect the lid, howver only the "lock screen" option works09:24
OccupiedAnonActually, hibernate works!09:25
OccupiedAnonThis is very odd.09:25
OccupiedAnonTime to check the BIOS.09:28
OccupiedAnonACIP - IO ACPI disabled, let's see what happens!09:31
OccupiedAnonYeah, that was an unrelated option.09:35
OccupiedAnonPolicyKit is most likely indicated09:36
OccupiedAnonVery, very odd.09:42
OccupiedAnonSomeone reported that the Lenovo T400 suspend on lid worked on the Ascii release09:46
OccupiedAnonupower --monitor-detail does detect the lid closing, however no suspension/sleeping is occuring09:56
OccupiedAnonYeah, I am stuck on trying to get "Laptop Lid Action: Suspend/Sleep" work.10:04
OccupiedAnonLet's see if adding some policy kit config lines fixed it.10:22
OccupiedAnonI solved it10:29
OccupiedAnonthanks to the arch forums.10:29
OccupiedAnonIt turns out that xfce4-power-manager defaults to letting logind handle suspension on lid10:30
OccupiedAnonThat's so dumb.10:30
OccupiedAnonAlright, now the only feature that doesn't work properly is the microphone button backlight.10:32
OccupiedAnonbut that's minor10:32
OccupiedAnonAnyway, cool distro so far!10:33
Xelraalol occupied anon be happy only that doesnt work consider netbsd: we have serial console working = 100% hardware support :D13:24
wikanis there any connection between USB and VGA socket?15:56
wikanwhen I move my USB mouse the screen waves (like CRT refreshing recorded on the tape)15:56
wikanit happens on two computers15:56
djphshouldn't be, no15:57
wikanmaybe driver's issue15:57
* kreyren just came to scream here, because he halted terminal working on devuan dockerimages
kreyrenIs it just me or is debootstrap for chimaera creating /proc files that `rm -rf ` can't remove?17:55
Pr0metheus Guys any idea why I get this: mount: /mnt/Other: WARNING: device write-protected, mounted read-only.     <---in debian website it points to kernel and there it says ufs2 supports r/w (
buZzweird, i still have libass9 from ascii, but trying to upgrade it keeps failing18:36
buZzlibass9 is already the newest version (2:0.13.7-dmo1).18:36
buZzlibass9/stable 1:0.14.0-2 i38618:37
buZzoh huh18:37
buZzweird, i guess my install is just a mess18:47
buZzi'll redo it soonish18:47

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