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golinuxHow is that a Devuan support question?03:59
Weeezythat's an old picture of bieber04:39
Weeezyopenbox is a nice system tho04:39
Weeezynice de I should say04:40
brocashelmanyone know how to work with veracrypt and libpam-tmpdir? trying to configure veracrypt so it can see where my mounted files/partitions are stored10:44
brocashelmsince libpam-tmpdir mounts per-user, veracrypt can't see what's mounted (nor will it let you unmount, because there's "nothing" there)10:46
ham5urgIs there any USB-to-USB cable which will simulate two connected rs232-ports?15:27
ham5urgusb-a  <---> usb-a15:28
gnarfacethey definitely make usb to serial adapters15:31
gnarfacei don't know any reason why you wouldn't be able to use two as a pair15:31
MinceRi connected 2 usb-serial adapters with a null modem cable and it worked fine15:31
gnarfacethough maybe you can do it with a normal usb cable too if you have the right software?15:32
ham5urgI hope to circumvent the need for two cables.15:32
openbsdtai123it is a bit depressing that elvis is even not in the repositories. where is Unix ?  devuan is way too close to debian.15:33
ham5urgYes, maybe could the laptop simulate a serial-usb-cable if latpop and server are connected with a simple usb-cable15:33
openbsdtai123Once even less or cat will no longer be.15:33
yetiI've a cable that mimocs a usb-ethernet-interface on each side15:34
yetihas some stuff in the middle15:35
yetibut then you could use 2 standard usb eth adapters and a crossover cable between them15:36
MinceRi had one of those as well, but that is not rs232 :>15:36
MinceRalso, the null modem cable approach only requires 1 cable, unless your usb ports are obstructed15:36
yeti2 CP2102 adapters cost near to nothing15:36
yetidont get ch34015:37
yetias soon as you have many, you want serial numbers in them15:37
MinceRi even needed to modify a kernel module source so that the revision of the chip i had in my usb host-to-host networking cable would be recognized15:37
yetiand ch340s cannot do that15:37
ham5urgyeti, you mean to solder two cp2102 with a cable between them?15:38
yetirx/tx crossed and gnd15:38
yetialways have some at hand or if you dont car for fakes, ft232r modules15:40
yetibut they may be a problem with windows15:40
yetiif you get clones instead of the original stuff15:40
ham5urgI will order a couple and correspondent aluminium housings15:40
yetianf look for cp210x-cfg15:41
yetithat can change the eeproms of these chips15:42
yetiand if they are made different, udev rules can make different symlinks15:42
yetiso you can have like /dev/PI2-CONSOLE15:42
yetias symlinks to the real usb-serial15:43
ham5urgyeti, you mean if cp2102 comes non-original I can tweak it with cp210x-cfg to behave like original?15:43
yetiI never had a problem with cp2102ers15:44
yetiFT232r can be fakes15:44
yetisudo /opt/cp210x-cfg/bin/cp210x-cfg -S $(date +@%s)15:45
yetiI set the uxtime as serial#15:46
ham5urgIf cp2102 works out of the box, I guess I wouldn't need use of cp210x-cfg.15:46
openbsdtai123now. I need java... how to install java on ascii amd64? there is no java in the apt-cache.15:47
yetiif you dont want to be able to distunguish the adapters if you have more than one... ok15:47
openbsdtai123apt-get install devfaul-jdk?15:47
openbsdtai123hi yeti, I can see on netbsd as well, right?15:48
* yeti heisenbergs...15:48
ham5urgyeti, I see, if I plug multiple cp2102 into one machine, I would need to change their names.15:48
yetihaving a hint somwhere to cp210x-cfg's sources may save the day sometimes15:49
yetilrwxrwxrwx 1 root root      7 Apr 27 07:43 /dev/ARDUINO-NANO-3.0-3 -> ttyUSB015:50
yeticrw-rw---- 1 yeti yeti 188, 0 Apr 27 07:43 /dev/ttyUSB015:50
yetithats a minion with a ft232r15:50
yetift232r ™should™ come with random serial number15:51
yetiso far I never had to change one15:51
yetibut lots of cheap adapters use the fake chips and ch2102 adapters are even cheaper than thee china-ft232-clones15:52
openbsdtai123thank you16:06
openbsdtai123it seems to me that openrc is way faster than sysvinit.16:06
MinceRit probably runs rc scripts in parallel16:08
yeti 14:09:35 up 29 days, 12:37, 39 users,  load average: 0.06, 0.06, 0.2016:09
yetifaster boot wouldnt pay back for me16:09
yetias long as i dint need a video player to have some distracion while the system slooowly boots...16:11
ham5urgIs there a command to destroy all logical volumes, volume groups and physical volumes?18:05
ham5urgTo get rid of LVM18:05
ham5urglvscan | sed -n 's/.*\(\(\/dev\/[-_a-z0-9]\+\)\/[-_a-z0-9]\+\).*/\2/p'18:34
fsmithredham5urg, lvremove?19:01
fsmithred same for vg and pv19:02
ham5urgfsmithred, is there a way to nuke all LVMs, MDs and partitions?19:37
ham5urgdd if=/dev/zero of=/dev/sda is too slow19:38
MinceRyou could create a new partition table :>19:39
MinceR(but probably deactivate your LVM stuff first...)19:39
masonNew partition table won't work if it's the same partitions. The old metadata will still be found.19:39
masondd is really the right hammer for the job, unless you want to go through tool by tool erasing metadata19:40
WafficusHi there, question about adding PPA's in Devua19:41
WafficusI'm attempting to do the following command19:42
ham5urgmason, that's right. I hoped for somthing faster and equal easy19:42
Wafficussudo add-apt-repository ppa:morphis/anbox-support19:42
masonham5urg: If you use the right invocation for each tool that'd be faster, but a fair amount more work.19:42
Wafficusare ppa's in Devuan by default?19:42
masonWafficus: There's no out of the box support for PPAs, and most will link against Ubuntu libraries.19:43
masonDevuan follows Debian in that realm.19:43
ham5urgWafficus, you cn add a repo by hand.19:43
WafficusI got it, you can also install the necessary kernels for Anbox with the common utilities19:46
Wafficusmy related question is since they ask to install anbox via snap19:46
Wafficuswhat is the correct 'snap' based package from 'apt' on Devuan?19:46
WafficusI ask because 'snap' is some DNA nucleotide program, and snapcast appears to be some media based program19:46
ham5urgbefore you install anbox, try if the kernel creates the needed devs in /dev/19:46
Wafficusyeah I followed their instructions19:47
Wafficusit was present in that /dev/ folder19:47
Wafficusthanks mason19:47
Wafficusah 'snapd'19:47
Wafficusgot it19:47
masonWafficus: Ah, it won't work:
masonsystemd dependencies at a guess19:47
ham5urgYou don't want snapd I guess19:47
WafficusI wanted to run an emulator of Android19:47
Wafficuslong story short19:48
Wafficusthere's an authenticator app for work that we have to use for Microsoft Authenticator19:48
WafficusI've been moving all of my work inside of a Devuan VM inside Windows 1019:48
Wafficusthat way it would make IT for work happy19:48
Wafficusbut me happy as well19:48
Wafficussince I really hate Windows19:48
Wafficusanyway, but yeah I wanted to run that stupid authenticator app in its own Android instance so I wouldn't have to use an android every time for that purpose19:48
ham5urgIt's better to have a VM for building anbox and copy the stuff over to your working VM19:49
ham5urgAt least in my case19:49
Wafficusham5urg: but if Anbox won't work in Devuan because of itself, or Snapd then its probably not going to beneficial in my use-case19:52
Wafficusunless I have to spawn like a second VM just with anbox on it or something19:52
golinuxI thought that snap was banned on devuan19:52
WafficusAt that point, it would be better as a Docker instance or something to limit the amount of VM's present19:52
Wafficusgolinux: yeah that's what was pointed out earlier19:53
golinuxDidn't read too carefully :p19:53
golinuxppas are not a good idea.19:54
ham5urgYou can use if anbox is hardwired to snap and systemd.19:56
fsmithredRepeat the force option (-ff) to forcibly remove LVs in the VG without confirmation.20:00
fsmithredvgremove VG -ff20:00
brocashelmis there a way to make truecrypt/veracrypt mounting work with libpam-tmpdir?20:36
Wafficusham5surg: would you have to install that via wine though?21:59

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